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Nordic Migration to the U.S. – Interactive Map

(Screen Shot: ThorNews/ Expedia)

On 5 July 1825 the first emigrants left Norway and Stavanger in a sloop to start a new and better life in the US. 221 more words


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This article from the ThorNews blog is really quite interesting. It's the history of Nordic immigration to the United States, in one handy map! I love technology because it allows us to find new dimensions on the teaching and understanding of history, as this map illustrates. Good job ThorNews, as always.

Preparing for teacher training - a pre-reading list

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Introductory reading: part one

As I discussed in a previous post, one of my routes into preparing for my upcoming PGDipEd course was to look at the Cambridge PGCE pre-reading list. 591 more words


Teacher training preparation - initial impressions

I’m now in the twilight of my publishing career, and on the verge of heading off for the summer before starting something new. I’ve had a three day induction for next year – two days at the training centre for my programme, and one day in-school. 235 more words


Choosing a career in teaching: part two

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TCU|Week One Down|2015

I arrived in Ft. Worth on June 28th; I am here until July 10 leading an AP history institute. Week one was a blast, with another week left. 97 more words


Carl Degler, historian and teacher

I read my journals. I participate in the online discussion forums with other teachers and historians. I attend the conferences. Yet, I just learned today that one of the giants in the field, Carl Degler, passed away. 78 more words