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New voyages into the past: join me at ThatHistoryGuy and my new Twitch channel!

Hello, friends! It’s been an unusually long time since I’ve posted here on the main site, and I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to lately. 506 more words


What would Lucy Calkins do?

An example anchor chart from our friends in Portland

Are you one of those teachers who asks yourself WWLCD? (What would Lucy Calkins do?) Or are you one of those teachers who feels if Lucy said run out of a burning building, you would run back in? 912 more words


A Wrinkle in Time : Part Two

So the last time we talked I mentioned “Time Scripts.” I like this idea. It’s a story where you can pick out the connections, the causes and effects of different events. 646 more words

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Presentism

I’m trained as an early American historian, so I never anticipated that one day I’d teach a current-events course. And yet, in Fall 2017, I debuted a course called “Learning from the Past: Early America in the 21st Century.” New to my department, I had to market an early American studies course that would draw enrollments, and the best method I could think of was to convince students that the early American past had relevance to their lives. 669 more words


'Excuse me, Mr. Burnzy!'

Last night I attended a parents’ information session with the other teachers. And I was interested in meeting the parents, I found, as I gazed across each classroom. 700 more words


Fall 2017 Student Blog: Teaching History

This is the ninth in a series of Tuesday re-blogs of my student work from our HIST395 course. Please enjoy these blogs written by… 90 more words

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