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Hands-On History: Timelines

Teaching world history in a single year provides me with some exceptional challenges.  We cover so much content in such a short time that I really have to remain on track and make tough decisions about what we can and can’t cover.  488 more words

Middle School

#VietnamWarPBS: Thoughts on "Riding The Tiger" - Episode 2

As a child of the 1970s and 1980s, the word I most associated with the Vietnam War was “quagmire.” In my adolescent mental catalogue of terms, it existed next to quicksand, swamp, and mud. 688 more words


Hey! Hey! Hey!

This blog is four years old today!

In honour of the occasion, and to serve as an introduction for those who are new to Time Travelling With Kids, some re-posts from the first month. 213 more words


My Raw Reaction to Go Set a Watchman

On Saturday my husband agreed to go to the bookstore with me, and unsurprisingly we didn’t come home empty-handed. We picked up Harper Lee’s now old-news… 1,197 more words

Harper Lee

Making History Come Alive

I was visiting family in Italy a few years ago when we decided to go for a short outing. Driving through the area, which quickly turns from urban to farmland and back, we noticed a small canyon that seemed to abruptly cut the landscape in two. 398 more words


Clank! And 101st Anniversary

A Game That Does It Right

Clank! A Deck Building Adventure has been getting a lot of plays since I acquired it last December (2016). For a game that uses many common mechanics it just works well. 345 more words


What Can We Learn About the Way We Teach History?

Guest Post by Carla of rightsideoftruth

Unfortunately, if you were to ask your average middle or high school student what their favorite subject in school is, it is likely very few would mention history. 1,363 more words