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New Course: Race and Urban Inequality in 21st Century America

Below is the description for a course I will teach this winter: Race and Urban Inequality in 21st Century America.

As a historian who studies the past, I use its injustices to challenge the present. 287 more words


History Through a Child’s Eyes

History defines as “chronological record of events, as of the life or development of a people or institution, often including an explanation of or commentary on those events.” ( 1,027 more words


“Why do I have to learn about the Goldrush?”

Naturally, at Sovereign Hill we think everyone should learn about the Ballarat Goldrush. Why is it such an important period in Australian history you ask? 1,302 more words

History Teaching

The Lecture

As a Harkness teacher, I do believe that students must be asked to struggle with their thoughts, readings, and ideas. They need to engage in thoughtful conversations with peers and teachers in order to hone various ideas. 72 more words


Teaching Imperialism through Gaming

European Imperialism is an important but difficult topic. Important because it has had an enormous impact on history. Difficult because it deals with some incredibly heinous acts that still reverberate throughout our collective consciousness (how else can you explain the volume of angry blog posts on Columbus day?). 540 more words

High School

How do we go on?

As I follow the amazingly raw, and heart wrenching work being done by Brandon Stanton in documenting the lives of Syrian Refugees Humans of New York… 617 more words


~ Are You Freaking Kidding Me??!! ~

“Lest We Ever Forget” has already been forgotten in many places across the nation.

“Are you freaking kidding me?”  You ask, having been watching several news clips about September 11th. 594 more words

Fire And Rescue