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Hidden Figures Made Me Want to Spit Nails!

Yesterday I saw the movie “Hidden Figures’ which was an excellent portrayal of 3 black women who changed the outcome of NASA’s space program through their intelligence, their work and their amazing abilities. 710 more words

Straight Talk From Pam

366 Days: Compelling Stories From World History by Scott Allsop

So, my old University mucker Scott  – Mr Allsop to you and I – has written a book. Scott has dedicated his career as an award-winning history teacher to engaging the young ‘uns in history, to spread the nerdy joy of history (so much nerdy joy!) and equip the next generation with the historian’s ability to interpret evidence and formulate a coherent argument – an important life skill. 498 more words

Book Review

Life Interrupted: History and the Possibility of Life Lessons

The other day, I was working with students to analyze a series of primary historical documents. It’s something we do often in history classes, but as we were discussing Jewish responses to the Holocaust at the end of the war, a different conversation started up inside my head. 757 more words

Teaching History

Children and "The Star Spangled Banner"

Bringing our National Anthem to Life

Few books have the power to move young students and make a difference; this one does. Whenever I sing our National Anthem with children, I pull out my well-loved and very worn book, … 635 more words

John D. Imperial

Accomplished elementary and middle school math and science teacher with a clear and consistent record of delivering quality instruction to students in the nation’s third largest school district. 62 more words

Teacher Mission Statement

The Role of Uncertainty in Historical Thinking

I read a really interesting article today on Aeon from Stanford University history professor Caroline Winterer about the American Revolution, the creation of the U.S. Constitution, and enlightenment ideals. 634 more words


NBC's new time travel show; Memorable VP debate moments; Infamous San Fran murder; Something really scary in the classroom

NBC has a new show premiering tonight which involves a team of time travelers chasing an evil dude throughout time and setting things right that he messes up. 296 more words