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The Iceberg Illusion - Gema Marquez Hernandez

As part of independent learning, I found this Iceberg Illusion picture which helped the students realise that success comes at a price. It is a good a good way of representing the growth mind-set approach. 35 more words

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Webinar Nov 28th: Using technologies in the co-creation of assessment

This interactive presentation seeks to show how students and academics alike can empower their practice through the use of technologies in co-creative assessment.

Over the past few decades, Higher Education Institutions have been making concerted efforts and building detailed strategies to empower the student body to have a louder, more potent, voice in order to influence and impact all areas of student life. 168 more words

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Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us in the United States, it’s traditional for people to give thanks for their blessings.  Rather than outline my gratitude for the joys I’ve experienced, I thought I’d use this week’s post to give thanks for some of the lessons I’ve learned recently. 363 more words

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Mastering the Logistics Game

The watchword for UK educators, nowadays, is employability. We need to ensure that our students have better prospects as a result of the time they spent with us (not least because of debts that they commonly acquire during their studies) but how do you prepare a student for a career as a supply chain professional? 2,919 more words


TEACHING AND LEARNING ‘Will you be quiet and let me think?’


‘Will you be quiet and let me think?’

I’ve always needed silence to think productively. Background music always seemed to disrupt my train of thought; In my teens, I escaped to my grandparents’ place in the Welsh countryside to revise for my A-levels, and my current home office is in our converted attic, away from the albeit adorable chatter of my excitable 2 and 4 year old kids!   1,303 more words

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Our Grade 3 students have been engaged in the Unit of Inquiry on community, which is under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Organize Ourselves. As the central idea of ccommunities provide services to meet people’s need, our third graders started the journey by watching a video about community. 230 more words

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“Well begun is half-done”- Aristotle.

As the beginning of our first unit for the very first term, “Who We Are” it was time to know each other & also have an interesting prior knowledge to take the first step to drive into the IB inquiry path. 172 more words

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