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My new crush is a Team Effort

I make no secret that I am a technology fan: OneNote has been an integral part of my classroom for four years. It is the best tool I have to grade, share material, and demonstrate good writing.   725 more words


Transitional Kindergarten Aids ELL Students

EdSource is reporting that transitional kindergarten is aiding ELL students. See their article here.

In recent years California has started a transitional kindergarten for 4 year olds with birthdays just before the age cutoff for kindergarten enrollment first attend transitional kindergarten and then kindergarten in the following year. 36 more words

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My Classes are Pointless

Really, they are. But the purpose of this post is not to tell my colleagues what to do or argue that what I do is better—I have no empirical evidence to support it nor am I interested in doing a controlled study. 2,556 more words

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Unit 1 Planning: Get them engaged on Day One!

(8/21) I will have my first day with my Algebra 2 students on Thursday (8/24). Here I sit, thinking about what to start with. Last year, we learned how to write numbers in different bases. 431 more words

Why Greek?

Some of you might be wondering why the story has Classical Greek in it. In fact, this kind of Greek is used in Homer’s Iliad… 234 more words

What to Really Do for the First Day Of School: a List for the Practical Teacher

Every teacher I know is playing their first day out- whether with the experience of last year fresh in mind or the optimism of the very first year ahead.   1,690 more words

Introducing Donna Malone, author of Classroom Boredom Busters

“I really enjoyed working with Dana and found her to be easily accessible. She sent frequent emails and was always prompt to answer any from me. 387 more words

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