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Young Learners, lexical chunk games and the Lexical Approach

Learning Language 

When very small children first start learning language, be it their mother tongue or a second language such as English, they do not always understand the collection of sounds they hear and then ‘parrot’. 920 more words

Getting and Keeping Student Attention

Getting students to focus and pay attention is a major problem in education. Fortunately, there are several strategies that a teacher can use to help students to pay attention. 434 more words

Teaching Methods

Why OneNote makes my (snow)day

It’s day five of the snow apocalypse in Northern Virginia.  Snow days can be a teacher’s wish come true and their worst nightmare all in one.   301 more words

Herman Melville, Lincoln's Inn and Serendipity

One of the things I love doing as a teacher is creating opportunities to become a student again. It renews the love of learning that is at the heart of my profession but sometimes gets lost under the mind-numbing bureaucratic tasks and pointless political pandering that has become so much a part of what it means to be an educator. 936 more words

Higher Education

The Gatsby Game and VSTE (finally)

I tried to write a post all about VSTE, and well, it just made me want to write about what I presented at VSTE (The Virginia Society of Technology in Education).   1,468 more words

Keeping them engaged - tech solutions for in-class quizzes

When I joined my current institution in 2012, I was offered the role of “Blended Learning Champion” – basically I had to promote a combination of the best pedagogical tools, including in-person techniques and digital technology. 786 more words


Questions to Improve Your Teaching Performance

Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com:

  • What gets you excited about going to work at school every day?
  • How do you question old educational standards?
  • How do you make changes based on your educational beliefs?
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