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Student Centered Instructional Methods

I’m a teacher. Now what do I do?

There are several ways to engage learners in the classroom. Here are a few ideas if you get stuck. 34 more words

Teacher Infographics

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Another one of Mia Macmeekin's great infographics. This one offers inspiration to teachers with a range of 28 different ideas for promoting active learning in the classroom situation. These suggestions are general in nature so they can be applied to various types of lessons and learning areas. There are brief statements included to give starters to teachers for planning lessons. Students are the focus in in the learning processes mentioned here. They involve individual learning methods, group work and communication between students and some include using various technologies. This is a great overview different methodologies that could make any classroom management more inclusive and welcoming to all students.

The pseudo-expert

A week or so after our first child’s birth we met our health visitor, Penny. She was possibly in her early sixties and had worked with babies all her life. 563 more words

Teaching Methods

Evaluating In-Class Debates

Cultivating a collaborative learning environment (or community) and promoting active learning are now recognized in pedagogical scholarship as important factors in determining student success. A litany of student engagement techniques and exercises can be found in a number of instructor handbooks and articles that purport to advance student learning in a meaningful way. 874 more words

Teaching Tactics

Grit Ladders: A Simple Strategy to Fuel Motivation

I celebrate D-minuses. I celebrate class averages that are just barely above passing. Sometimes I even celebrate a kid just turning in a paper. Not because I have low standards. 821 more words


Do Students Look up to Your Assignments?

Assignments are usually dreaded by students, be it at the primary school level or during postgraduation. Few teachers manage to make their assignments interesting enough for students. 661 more words

School Life

Task-Based Language Teaching

Task-base language teaching (TBLT) is an approach to language teaching that involves giving students functional task to complete that develops their ability to use the language in authentic situations. 426 more words

Teaching Methods

Managing Humanitarian Emergencies – EADA Business School

For one week in March, EADA Business School’s campus in Collbato transforms into a model refugee camp. Here participants from different programmes at EADA meet to take part in an innovative elective offered on Managing Humanitarian Emergencies. 704 more words