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Culture in the Classroom

Culture is critical to language instruction; language is culture.  Also of critical importance in the language classroom, is encouraging respect for the diverse cultures represented in the classroom. 219 more words

Classroom Activites

"The Island of Jiji" by Shyam Sharma

Join Shyam Sharma as he takes us on a riveting journey through the Ocean of Cross-Cultural Perspectives to the Island of Jiji!

The first semester of my teaching in the United States, about a decade ago in Kentucky, one student wrote an essay arguing, essentially, that the United Nations is an inefficient organization run by corrupt foreigners. 1,624 more words

Teaching Writing

Talking Politics in the Classroom 

Discussing politics or controversial social issues with students can be challenging. Educators want to engage students in these “hot button” topics but can find themselves walking a fine line, particularly when their school system opposes these types of conversations in the classroom. 290 more words

K-12 Education

Learning Styles: An On-Going Debate

In my experience, adult learners tend to have a preferred learning style.  My students often tell me they learn better when I write more on the board (visual learners) or if we bring more physical activity into our learning (kinesthetic learners). 216 more words

Teaching Methods

My Classroom Culture Is Shifting

Well, it looks like the past six weeks of having students sit in groups and emphasizing that they work together is possibly paying off. Today, instead of hearing, “I have a question…” I heard “We have a question…” 426 more words

The Ups and Downs of Teaching

This week definitely had its ups and downs!

On Monday, I had to investigate concerns about my students smoking Smarties!  This would be the candy. 266 more words

Teaching Methods