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What is high challenge teaching?

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“A question for you: What does high challenge teaching look like?”

“Oh, easy answer: make the work harder” 664 more words

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A Seven Step Process For Learning

Here is the picture, you have been going to Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes for awhile. You are starting to build some skills and are comfortable doing some of the things that you have learned on your own in class. 1,482 more words

Daily Practice

Update on Community Collaborative Impact

A few months ago I wrote a short blog post about “Community Collaborative Science” as a model for impactful teaching and research in UK universities. As I mentioned back then, this kind of “service learning” is a core part of the curriculum in many US universities, but has not taken off in quite the same way in the UK. 86 more words


Cognitive Researchers: 'Learning Styles' Like Auditory, Visual, And Kinesthetic Are Bunk

For some time cognitive research has consistently found that the teaching fad of prescribing a variety of “learning styles” to students based on various senses — visual, auditory, and kinesthetic are the most prominent — is hogwash. 422 more words

Progressive Education

The 'quite tidy garden' ...or why level descriptors aren't very helpful.

Dear Josh,

Thank you for agreeing to sort out our garden over your long holiday. As we’ll be away all summer here is a guide that tells you all you need to know to get… 581 more words

Teaching Methods

In what ways are teacher candidates being prepared to teach about the environment?

In what ways are teacher candidates being prepared to teach about the environment? A case study from Wisconsin

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Scott Ashmann & Rebecca L. 186 more words


Book Review: How to teach

As a newbie to the teaching scene, I didn’t really know much about Phil Beadle. It was only through my pre-course reading, I was recommended to read his ultimate… 482 more words