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I’m always comparing school and sports, and the school year is a very long, sometimes grueling season. There are things I think of doing during the school year that I know won’t get done until the summer, when the offseason starts and I have a chance to rest, recuperate, and focus on getting better for next year. 467 more words


A Possible Reason for Low Latino Literacy Achievement

Attempting to fit Latinos from Spanish speaking homes into English-only Cinderella shoes (T is for TREE/arbol) is a losing proposition. A much easier fit would be the use of English-Spanish examples (T is for TURTLE/tortuga). 78 more words



Parents are usually impressed to see the matching skills in their 2-year-old child. However, not many understand what all the brouhaha is about! Well, these skills are an extremely important milestone for your toddler. 464 more words

Repetitive Cycle of Remediation

Much of public schools’ instructional practices are designed to rehab or repair a student’s learning deficit. These remediation and corrective methods help resolve a student’s skills gap quickly and effectively. 302 more words

K-12 Education

Self Awareness and Delusion

A few years ago, I had the misfortune to have to train a new employee to do my job.  I was working part time until they found someone to replace me and was consulted during the interview process.  984 more words


TPR and reflections from a learner's perspective

Language teaching and learning has seen a variety of methods and techniques since the The Grammar-Translation Method. There are so many methodologies and innovations to language teaching and learning. 668 more words

The curator of memories (and other metaphors)

Teaching is a complex job. As an experienced teacher walks out of a classroom their mind subconsciously assesses a 3D mental map the lesson has just created. 1,970 more words

Teaching Methods