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Teach Math Like Its Never Been Taught Before

When you begin teaching your 5th or 6th Grade Math class, you often start with a high dose of ego.

You tell yourself that you can easily set any struggling student right by carefully and clearly explaining the skills and processes involved. 812 more words


Accents and Skype protocols

The Cohort 1 students are currently taking a course on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As a technical course, it has posed some unique challenges.  For one, students lack access to critical software as well as a physical GIS device, and often have to make do with hand-drawn or printed maps. 227 more words

Simplifying Early Latino Literacy

“Early-Childhood Research Is Out of Touch”—that is the problem or so the aforementioned title in the Education Week article states. What is the answer? PHONICS FOR LATINOS – ABCs in COMMON is interested to know more about this and help solve this problem. 131 more words


what are the challenges for first-year core science courses?

This is another post based on a talk at FYSEC2017, & which I’ve also published on my bioblog.

Prof Karen Burke da Silva was the keynote speaker at Day 1 of the… 1,722 more words


PTH 14 Feb 2018 - Teaching Students with Dyslexia

In today’s #pianoteachershour we were sharing our tips and questions about teaching students with dyslexia. For more information on music & dyslexia visit the BDA page… 647 more words

Passive vs Active Learning

Passive and active learning are two extremes in the world of teaching. Traditionally, learning has been mostly passive in nature. However, in the last 2-3 decades, there has been a push, particularly in the United States to encourage active learning in the classroom. 503 more words

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