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Teaching Plans: Small Forms of Resistance #2

I have heard from people who teach that they are being asked to produce lesson plans. These include learning objectives, an idea of teaching methods and so on. 102 more words



How often to people do something just to elicit a response? Some people do it and get paid for it — like journalists, comedians, politicians, teachers, ministers/preachers, parents… It can be a useful tool if the goal is to elicit a positive response, encourage reflection, supply a reality check. 373 more words


Are exams effective in measuring knowledge?

Think about that feeling over the Christmas holidays when you finally have to accept that the fun is over and you must put all your energy into revision for your January exams. 241 more words

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The Ultimate “Malquestion”: Online or Face-to-Face Classes?

I am currently enrolled in the on-campus MSLIS program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My initial plan was to do their online Leep program… 664 more words

Education & Curriculum

Teacher bust size and academic achievement in adolescent male students.

After much pain and deliberation, I can gladly boast that I have found a topic to discuss that is pertinent to the application of psychology in the educational setting.  1,022 more words

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Constructivist teaching methods and cognitive load theory

In this week’s blog I would like to discuss Diana Laufenberg’s (2010) TED talk, in which she set out to inspire the teaching community with narratives fit for the content of a Hollywood film, and I would like to accomplish this within the context of the ‘Cognitive Load Theory’. 771 more words

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Metacognition & "Clickers"

In a previous blog titled “How do I know what I know? – The Role of Metamemory” (18th February, 2013), the discussion centred on the accuracy of metamemory in the context of student test performance.  645 more words

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