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Teaching Tips: Planning

Good planning: 

  • Is only effective if it actually works for the individual teacher within his or her own classroom.
  • It leads to a high quality lesson, in which effective learning takes place.
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Teaching Survival Tips

Ideas summarised from ‘How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching’ by Sue Cowley

The First Lesson Teaching Tips:

  • You are the mystery teacher
  • They’re more scared of you…
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School Appropriate Vandalism

Smart boards and white boards and whiteboard paint, oh my! I don’t have any of those things. I (and I’m assuming a lot of other teachers reading this) still have a chalkboard in my room. 807 more words


Growing Together: Classroom Experiment


  • I write this post in context of year 1 and year 2 students (I do not necessarily apply these thoughts to other grades)
  • I do not know if this experiment, thought, or theme already existed/exists in classrooms – but this is just something I came up with from various places of inspiration (explained below).
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Some Basic Etiquette for New Students

Over the years we have seen a lot of new students that come through the doors of the school. Let’s face it; it is a little uneasy for both the new student as well as the teacher because of the vast array of information each person brings with them into the situation. 874 more words

Daily Practice

Planning Groupwork in the ESL Classroom

In teaching, as a teacher gives autonomy over to the students it often requires an increase in the preparation of the teacher. This is due to the unpredictable nature of entrusting students with the freedom to complete a task on their own. 471 more words

Teaching Methods

Critiques of Groupwork in ESL Classrooms

Many ESL teachers adhere to the principles of Communicative Language Teaching which includes such characteristics as cooperative language learning and groupwork. However, not everyone has embraced the emphasis on groupwork in modern language classrooms. 412 more words

Teaching Methods