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4 Valuable Articles For Expanding And Shifting How You Teach

Sometimes we all need to change the way we approach topics, lessons, or units. Here are some refreshing (and inspiring!) ideas from fellow educators to hopefully motivate you to change things up. 208 more words

Teacher Tips

What I Do - Part 1 - Online Courses - A Brief History of My Own Teaching

These days, I teach classes in two ways — online courses and hybrid courses. Part 1 of the “What I Do” series will look at how I teach online courses. 1,048 more words


Understanding by Design

Hertz-Newman, Jenny


Bowen, Ryan S., (2017). Understanding by Design. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved May 2018 from https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/understanding-by-design/.

This is almost like a mini-class in the backwards design model for constructing courses and units of study.   76 more words


Subjective and Objective (judging your breath meditation)

This is not an article bashing the age of objective reasoning it is also not an article lauding the wonders of subjective reasoning. It is just a flashlight, pointing quickly in the direction of each. 1,312 more words


Linguistic Economics

For the last year, I have been working on a theory of Linguistic Economics. This theory is my way of putting to page an analytical system that can be applied in and out of the the classroom in order to review works spanning theoretically any genre. 130 more words


Medium Genre Blogging

I’ve been working on an assignment to create a blogging system for my students to use in the classroom. The concept is to aid students in building a portfolio based on skills they have or want to learn about. 292 more words


Rhetoric, Reflection, and Scholarly Titles: How Taking a History (and Poetry) Course Can Remap Your Courses

I firmly believe that in every teacher, there is a student eager to return to the classroom.  I see in my colleagues the same eagerness in choosing their PD (professional development) as I feel when taking a new class.  757 more words