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What it's like to be a kid with OCD (and what teachers can do to help)

One of my greatest thrills is helping my students share their experiences, their passions, and their lessons in writing.  So, I’m geeked to share the following post my student, Bailee Rieman, wrote for… 1,190 more words


IELTS: Academic collocations game for teachers and students

Below are a number of quizlet sets made from the academic word list. These are collocations that you will need to know to produce accurate and natural writing / speech during the IELTS exam. 215 more words


Thoughts to share.


Doing more with less

Generally speaking, budget stringencies are asking school principals and educational leaders to be like Moses in ancient times. 593 more words


Leichte Schläge auf den Hinterkopf erhöhen das Denkvermögen – Light knocks on the head enhance your thinking powers

After class there is the obligatory glass of tea in Salah’s room. It’s cramped with Salah, Mahmoud, Ahmed, Nour, Yasmin, me, and Malik who has to clear away his toys, the animals from his farmyard set. 254 more words


TEBM15 - more of what I learnt

I’ve been thinking about TEBM15 lately and how I can use what I’ve learnt in practice. The first thing I aim to do is to rewrite all my lesson plans for database refresher training sessions (due to the changes to Clinicians Health Channel, I have to do this anyway). 211 more words


TEBM15 - what I learnt

It has been awhile since I returned from the UK and I have been meaning to write about the experience and what I learnt for awhile now. 819 more words



Each yoga teacher has their own unique style- I get that- but just like any other profession, there are things you just shouldn’t do.

The yoga teacher for the class I was in tonight let us be reminded that we should be thankful to be lying in “corpse pose”, alive, because “so many people weren’t able to get up this morning.” I’m all for peaceful meditation, but during my shavasna, I would like to rest and not all of a sudden be sad because I am reminded that there are family members and friends who are no longer with me or have the sudden realization that some people didn’t wake up this morning. 377 more words