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A Spin on Energy

Last week I ran a pretty straightforward lab:

  1. Put 120cm of hot wheel track into a design of your choosing
  2. Run a ball down the track…
  3. 504 more words
Teaching Methods

English ABC Assessment

A successful phonics program is one where teachers themselves are aware of which letter sounds their Latino students from Spanish speaking homes already know. These students will learn to recognize both letter sounds and their particular individual letter figures, A,B, C etc. 289 more words

Latino Literacy

What can 'iballisticsquid' tell us about teaching writing?

It once seemed obvious to me that feedback on writing was less useful when it was too context specific.

So I’d try to avoid writing a comment such as: 833 more words

Teaching Methods

Radical Renovations: The iOLab

I visited my alma mater today. The entirety of Green Street on campus is closed to traffic due to all of the construction. Buildings have gone down and come up and I half expected time to still be frozen in the year 1967 in the physics building. 636 more words

Teaching Methods

Slicing a Cylinder for Moment of Inertia Integration

Guys….we’re in the throws of rotation. And at least one of my poor students has calculus immediately preceding AP Physics C. I feel so bad for her. 376 more words

Teaching Methods

Pumpkin Projectiles

You can smash your Halloween pumpkins! Each year at our science center, Discovery Center Museum, they will launch your pumpkins (up to 8kg) with their 10 ft trebuchet which is loaded with 400 lbs. 290 more words

Teaching Methods

Teaching with the rise of smartphones and Facebook, how to keep students engaged?

Although the debate on higher education in the future is very broad, one issue comes up every single time: the impact of internet! There are lots of different approaches to take, for example what does it bring when it comes to teaching methods? 476 more words