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Teaching Moments: Everything is Okay

There was this moment yesterday when I caught myself scolding some students for playing the dot game wrong. (You know, that game where you try to connect dots on a piece of paper into squares, whoever finishes the square gets to claim it?) Some of my students had not understood my explanation and had incorporated rock-paper-scissors into the game play. 771 more words


My Great Idea: Sunday Stations

“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do on Sunday.” We have all heard it from our children at some point. My youngest daughter is famous for this refrain. 46 more words

A Home.....

Greenwood Explosion

In early March we awoke to the news of an explosion in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Greenwood is the neighborhood we used to live in, still not far from where we currently live. 460 more words


Father, You Are Good

I found a little treasure when I was out shopping yesterday. A tiny book entitled “Pocket Prayers” by Max Lucado. I was drawn to this book because I don’t know about you, but often times I feel stymied by what I think prayer is… 508 more words


Autism Awareness-A Call To Action!

As some of you know, that have been reading my blog for awhile, I am a special education teacher. I am also a consultant and advocate. 567 more words

How Is Easter Real To You?

I found this post that I previously wrote about Easter. It is just as true today, as the day that I first wrote it. I needed to read it again…..maybe you will too? 256 more words