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I needed That!

Today was one of those days that as a mom you are crying on the inside because your toddler is teething and nothing; I mean nothing is going to console her. 640 more words


A Slippery Slope

So, here we are sitting at the edge of this slippery slope into moral morass. Pondering where the latest “supreme” Court ruling will lead us as a nation. 350 more words

God And Me

Talking to boys about talking to girls about body image!

It’s the end of the year and I’m handing out twenty dollar bills like it’s my job.  Mom, I need lunch money for this field trip or I’m going here and can I get a treat or it’s orange day and do you think we have one single orange article of clothing in this house?   829 more words

Never Static


Max: What are you doing?

Daddy: I’m wrestling with orangutans.

Max: No, you’re not! What you doing?

Daddy: I’m braiding snakes.

Max: No you’re not! What you doing? 55 more words


Because of MERS, I have not had to go into work for the past two weeks. Sounds like a good thing, but while I have appreciated the extra time to do things like realize I misplaced several pairs of shoes when I moved 8 months ago and go on an extensive hunt for them (shoes: successfully FOUND!), I am now more than ready to go back to work. 156 more words

Day To Day Life

Rules of China: The Important Ones

Hello, All! After living here for three months – almost four! – it’s finally time to post this, and it works out well that this is post number 50 (have I really written that much?!). 1,293 more words

The Little Things In Life