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Random Adventure: Out To Get A Popsicle

Remember when I said that at any point in time, popsicles are a pretty good choice for a snack? Last night (5/20), I was in my room, hankering for a popsicle cause it’s been a bit hot these past couple of weeks (been about 80’s here. 735 more words

Nerdy References

American International Academy Intramural Olympics

This field trip was one of the greatest moments at AIA.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope that this does continue on into next year like we hope (with a few changes, of course, but it was pretty spectacular the way it was set up already). 1,799 more words


Introverts Need People Too

As an introvert, it is sometimes a struggle to motivate myself to pursue relationships and make time for people. When I get busy, the first thing I toss out the window is socializing. 444 more words


Another Day9 Day

There are no bad days. There are just good days, and good stories. ~Day9 

I had another post planned for today, but this past day’s events takes precedence. 1,222 more words


See You Guys Tomorrow

I finally told my student yesterday that he shouldn’t repeat me verbatim when I say goodbye at the end of class. (For months, he has been telling me, “See you guys tomorrow,” and then running off, leaving me to laugh to myself and hope he doesn’t say that to anyone else.) Glad I finally cleared that one up. 226 more words

Teaching Moments

Quick Thought: Accidentally Teaching

I absolutely love teaching, especially when I think up phenomenal ideas (or at least I think they are) on what to teach next. There are moments, though, when I forget that my students are still kids sometimes even though they’re the oldest in the school, and pick up on everything . 108 more words


Teaching Lesson 45 - Personalize the Suggestion

(Originally written 25 January 2015, but this is an expanded version)

The very funny Liam O’Mahony and the very German Keefer Robert Langner, my two wonderful students… 1,128 more words