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I Hope You Dance

This is one of my favorite multi-media journal pages. At the time I created this page, I wasn’t intentionally thinking about the song, “I Hope You Dance”, but since then it has sort of stuck with me. 237 more words

Teaching Moments

Love People

I have always been a writer ever since I was a little girl. Diaries. Journals. Notebooks. Scraps of paper. Lists. Poems. Stories. Reading and writing, have always been “my thing”. 413 more words


Zip It!

So, I am currently in a Women’s Bible study group. We are reading through Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman. The book is good, in the sense that it causes me to think, consider, and well…..learn to keep my mouth shut. 228 more words


Why not Philip?

DISCLOSURE: This is a long post. You might want to get your brewed coffee.

I’m a storyteller.

That means my imagination runs wild and the muse shows up at any time, and even at Bible study.

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Daily Living

Teachable Moments

Today is my last day at my current school. I have been here for the last two and a half years and this is the place that has truly made me into the teacher, and person, that I now am. 788 more words

South African Teaching

Grandpa Knows Best

My Father:  Harrison!  Harrison, come in here.  I’ve gathered some reading material for you.  Get your parents in here, too, they should also be prepared for what you may come into contact with now that you’ve started Kindergarten… 23 more words


Summer movies and philosophy 2016

Summer movie blockbusters are usually big budget, big action, and big special effects extravaganzas. Sometimes you just want to be entertained by a movie, instead of being challenged or working hard to understand the motivations and consequences of the characters’ choices. 988 more words