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my son (he is 11yrs old) is learning how to use my Nikon D90. He took my camera from me & wandered around the restaurant shooting the mums. this one is my favorite.


Teaching Photography

Teaching Photography by Philip Perkis

As I started to take photos as a hobby, I’ve got to think how I understand photographs and in what way I express my intents rather than technical skills on photo-taking. 480 more words

Philip Perkis

Combine Two Objects in the Classroom, But Don't Show the Classroom

One of the hardest and ongoing lessons is teaching composition and students needing to take multiple shots of a subject.

So often they are satisfied with the first image they shoot. 182 more words


Using the Museum's Collections to Teach Photography

The Photography Collection at the Museum of the City of New York is an incredible resource for anyone interested in photography, architecture, social history, New York City, and any number of other topics. 563 more words

Photography Collection

New look on the website

Now that I will be teaching workshops at schools and give talk at photography conferences and convention I needed to add a tab on my website for that. 36 more words


Camera Envy

“The camera is nothing, a mere implement like a painters brush.

It is the soul of the person who manipulates it that gives every picture its secured value.” 7 more words