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Teaching Practicum

Day 74: Teaching sisters-to-be

I miss the Thursday escapades in Bethany Special School. Since we’ve completed our planned two month stint there, we moved to a different assignment and as my luck would have it, we’re off to teach Computer literacy to a group of Sisters and nuns in training. 284 more words


Day 68: Punctuation

Our next series of teaching practicum is with a bunch of girls “learning” to be sisters and nuns. We’re specifically teaching them computer literary, because it’s a critical skill for them to be successful as sisters of God in the future. 294 more words


Teaching Practicum

Studying itself is tough, but being able to put into practice of what we have learnt from the book is the real challenge. Teaching practicum is the subject whereby it requires all fourth-year students who major in Bachelor of Education to experience teaching in real class setting at Institute of Foreign Languages of year one students starting from 4 May to 10 June 2017. 547 more words

Day 16: Of minorities and handicap

It is really disheartening to see people use their religion and religious choices as a handicap, a crutch to rest on and derive benefits from. When getting admitted into a Christian university, I anticipated some amount of bias towards those of a similar religious affiliation. 141 more words


Day 4: Of special children 

Teaching practicum today was a revelation. We visited a special school in the city and spent two hours learning about the various roles the teachers play, the challenges that they face and what makes them do it day over day. 498 more words


Here are the rules for teaching

The other day I had a brief but frank discussion with one of the preservice teachers in our primary education program. She is a student in the final year of the program, and is committed to additional practicum service/internship in a local state (public) school. 781 more words