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Teaching Practicum: First round of observation


The lecturer that observed me was very tolerable, and alhamdulillah he even asked for my permission before the observations were done! :)  Dr.Syed was a very polite man and has interesting views on psychology and education. 1,261 more words

Teaching Practicum

The challenges of dealing with humans


I’ve been thinking of posting this on last week, but due to slow internet connection, everything was delayed :(

Since it’s school holiday, I am posting this ! 866 more words

Teaching Practicum

Day 20 (Teaching Practicum)

When I planned this project about 4 months ago, I kept time in the Timeline for three participants to do their practicums again. So, Muhammad Abdul Matin… 174 more words

Teaching Practicum

Day 19 (Teaching Practicum)

Muhammad Ohiduzzaman did his practicum today. He teaches Arabic Grammar, and today, he taught “Tajweed” to the largest class of the madrasah consisting of 60 students. 232 more words

Teaching Practicum

Day 18 (Teaching Practicum)

It was time for Abdullah Al Nahid to do his practicum today. As mentioned in the “Participants” page, he is one of the English teachers of the Madrasah. 208 more words

Teaching Practicum

Day 17 (Teaching Practicum)

Today, Shaikh Mostofa Kamal Salafi did his practicum. He taught a class of 9th graders “Knowledge of Hadith”. He actually had to make another lesson plan as I couldn’t go to the venue on the 19th due to very bad weather. 147 more words

Teaching Practicum

Day 16 (Teaching Practicum)

Mawlana Muhammad Zakir Hossen did his practicum today. He taught a class of 6th graders Arabic grammar.

He made an excellent lesson plan today. He successfully included all of the parts of an ideal lesson plan except one important one: warm-up. 173 more words

Teaching Practicum