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 Funny anecdote, when I moved to New York from Canada I thought that overnight I had lost my ability to spell.  When I began working as a Learning Specialist here in Manhattan, every report and learning document I created came back hacked up from the editors. 583 more words


Word Families and Spelling

In my last post, I wrote about some of the reasons English spelling is so weird. Interesting, sure, but what do we actually do to help children learn to spell? 487 more words


How much does spelling matter, anyway?

Right from the outset I need to make a confession. I am a spelling snob. I could always count on the Spelling Test, that was worth as many marks as the Maths or English Tests, to help pull my marks up. 575 more words

Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic

I never did understand how that was supposed to be the three R’s. They say you can’t teach spelling – or at least, not in English, the most rule-breaking language on the planet. 440 more words


Teaching Language Arts


“”Homo” means “same” and “nym” means “name.”  Blah blah blah. .

Then we proceeded to go through examples that were difficult for them and some mnemonic devices.   189 more words

Teaching Spelling with Entertaining Games

Spelling games are an excellent way to teach the basics of spelling. What child would not prefer to play a game over “learning a lesson?” Of course, the key is spelling games are both instructional and fun. 523 more words


On Excellence and Good Spelling

    By Renee Miller

Spelling does matter. It is a discipline our children should be expected to learn from a young age. Charlotte Mason says that if a young child spells a word incorrectly, cover it up. 557 more words

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