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Let’s Go to the Movies! Using Film to Teach Leadership

By Mariam G. MacGregor, author of  Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens

Movies are engaging tools for introducing and discussing leadership concepts. Dozens of movies—both classic and contemporary—portray strong leadership themes. 670 more words

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Maverick Jones and the Adventures of Teaching with Technology

Avoid the perils and pitfalls that can plague your first experiences with teaching online. The Academic Partnership for Instruction (API), a division of Information Services (IS), is offering a series of sessions to prepare faculty for a successful teaching with technology experience.

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Teaching Strategies

ESL Teaching: Tips From a Teacher to Personnel

From one of my students:

Our first tip of the week! We hope to have the Program Service Plans up and running as soon as possible so that teachers can view the accommodations for each ELL student they have in their classes. 421 more words

*PSP (Personal Education Plan)

Effective Classroom Management: Dealing with Difficult Students

There’s one (or several) in every class: Difficult students who refuse to play by classroom rules, are argumentative, noisy and disruptive, or just too preoccupied with their smartphones to pay attention in class. 375 more words

Explicit Instruction on Effort-EDU 6526

I really appreciate the take on emphasizing effort’s effect on performance as outlined by Dean, Hubbell, Pitler and Stone (2012). The most interesting and perhaps most convicting part of the reading was the need to explicitly teach students what effort means and requires to succeed in a classroom (or any other arena for that matter). 469 more words

NBC Learn on Blackboard - Adding a Media Rich Resource to Your Courses

One of the best things about the connectedness of the web space is the ability to find media rich content to supplement or enhance course activities and materials. 519 more words