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3 Tips for Combatting Cyberbullying Through Empathy

The cyberbully is one who can attack anywhere, anytime and with complete anonymity. These bullies are not restricted to school playgrounds or back allies. One can be attacked anywhere they access their technology, even in the safety of their own home. 717 more words


Does making math fun produce better results?

By Brandon Koebel

A traditional recipe for math education

The traditional math classroom can be summarized using a simple recipe:

  1. Teacher-centred lesson
  2. Worksheet
  3. Repeat

This repetitive cycle has resulted in disengagement, a lack of interest, and a negative connotation around math education. 532 more words


Sharing Culture Through Story

I am Métis. I come from a long line of incredible Métis people; including being a cousin of Louis Riel. I have always been proud of my Métis heritage – even during the time when some would be afraid to align themselves with the Métis culture. 624 more words

Classroom Strategies

Avoid Randomness: Three Other Ways of Grouping Students.

A few weeks ago I wrote this summary about what an ideal cooperative language classroom would look like and the strengths of adopting such a model. 899 more words

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How to help organise brain development in adolescents

Brain Development and Adolescent Growth Spurts

FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Judy Willis MD

Neurologist/Teacher/Grad School Ed faculty/Author/Guest Blogger

As your students move through adolescence, their brains are going through a dynamic change from chaos to clarity. 786 more words

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