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How to Just Become...BETTER.

So if you have read my blog at all, ((I realize there is no one out there, but I feel like that phrase is something you have to write as a blogger)) you will know that I am starting my 4th year of teaching this year. 813 more words


What will you do with what you have learned?

At the end of last week’s nearly 60 hours of intensive coursework, one of our University of Pennsylvania professors put these questions to us: What will you do now? 421 more words

Front Lines

Online Interaction and Collaboration

While working with faculty and distance learning at UNO, one of the most frequent questions that the API (Academic Partnership for Instruction) team and I hear from faculty is, “How do I ensure and / or improve interaction with my online students?”  The answer, as usual, is “It depends…” 256 more words

Teaching Strategies

Feedback in the Classroom

Currently at my school, we are taking the Professional Learning Commitee approach to professional development.

When looking at what I wanted to focus on in terms of my own professional development, I had a couple of areas I wanted to look at. 298 more words

Teaching Ideas

Not Trying to Manipulate Anyone.

We often see math manipulatives in classrooms and ready for use. When I was in school, I did not see it that way; I saw another thing to play with. 290 more words


More on Engaged Learning

I’m not really happy with my last post- Active Learning. I don’t like how I just listed 5 categories for active learning but didn’t develop it. 777 more words


I Do, We Do, You Do

“Mama! Remember… You cannot say stupid”. My 4-year old daughter does not let me forget that she is watching and learning from the way I behave, what I say and how I relate to others. 843 more words