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Nitrogen Cycle Game - submitted by Laura Wodlinger, YRDSB

Is your passport up to date? Travel the world as a Nitrogen compound going through the Nitrogen Cycle Game.

Teaching cycles of matter in grade 9 ecology can be boring and hard to visualize for students. 115 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

Teaching writing is everyone's job

Nothing is more difficult to teach — at least at the K-12 level — than writing.

You can teach kids vocabulary terms and math formulas and scientific principles all sorts of ways, both good and bad. 554 more words

Front Lines

Accommodation Readiness Spiral

Many people grow up in one specific culture. This is particularly true if you’ve never moved across the world, across the country, or even down the street. 117 more words

Teaching Strategies

Types of ELL Program Models

As the number of CLD students continues to rise in the United States, we as a nation have decided that we must provide accommodations to students whose first language is not English. 62 more words

Teaching Strategies

English-Language Learners and Academic Language

Edutopia is a great resource for any teacher, but this article discusses several strategies for teaching academic language that are specific to CLD students. It also includes a short video to give an example of giving words context and multiple ways you can do that. 151 more words

Teaching Strategies

STEM Activities and Success in the Program for Gifted Learners - submitted by Chuck Cohen

at St. Brother Andre in the Ottawa Catholic School Board

  • As part of the OCSB’s deep learning initiative, learning opportunities in the Program for Gifted Learners (PGL) are planned with an eye to developing 6 Global Competency skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, character and citizenship.
  • 533 more words
Teaching Strategies

How I Plan My Lessons (And My Life)

I don’t know about you, but whenever someone posts a picture of a planner on Instagram, I am always ZOOMIN’ in to creep on the plans/planners. 1,278 more words

Teaching Strategies