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Using Video: The Video Assignment

Using video in the classroom doesn’t have to be a push scenario only.  Using videos creation for students as an alternative to writing a paper may be a way to help some of your more creative students excel in the class. 191 more words

Teaching Strategies

#Research: Using Google Forms To Promote Inquiry Skills

It only took me 4 years(ish), but I finally got around to utilizing #Google Forms as a teaching tool.  This past week, I placed a Google Form activity on my website.   515 more words


How About Letting The #Padawan Be The #Jedi For A While

I would never let the Padawan take the lead for too long for the simple reason that they are too inexperienced (can you say, “Darth Vader”…HELLLOOOOO!), but I see no harm in letting them lead a “minor mission” on occasion so that they can gain a better understanding of the Force.   404 more words


Tattling vs. Reporting: Two Scenarios to Show the Difference

By Allison Wedell Schumacher

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a parent running a play group, you don’t have time (or, if you’re like me, the patience) to listen to tattling. 677 more words

Teaching Strategies

5 Things You Must Do When Parents are Upset!

Wow!  It was a long week.  We had state testing all week.  I got pink eye, had to have a tough conversation with one of my students’ parents, and this parent pretty much told me I had no business in any classroom!!! 1,175 more words

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Individualised Bloody Suffering

I have been pondering this post for many months; recent experience has persuaded me to highlight this much misunderstood issue, and the wider dilemma it raises for schools. 854 more words

HearMeSpeak celebrates Mother’s Day!

As a parent of a young hearing-impaired child, you are always looking for special days to celebrate and various opportunities to enrich their speech and language skills. 122 more words

Teaching Strategies