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Survival tips for first-year teachers

It’s fun to see colleagues around the country sharing their “teacher stats” as this school year kicks off. Here are a few of mine:

Teaching Strategies

First Day Analysis

Let me just say this…The first few days of school are certainly not my favorite as a teacher. I really love teaching students, keyword teaching. The first three days seem to be talking at people who do not know me about things I will not remember. 457 more words


Replace teachers? I've heard that one before

Last week, Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson riled a lot of teachers by suggesting that students learn more from Ken Burns documentaries than they do in history class. 450 more words

Front Lines

The Dog Ate My Homework: How to Handle Students’ Excuses

By Shannon Anderson, author of Coasting Casey

“I’m sorry, but my uncle’s roommate’s brother’s fish died and I was too upset by the tragedy to do my homework.” 781 more words

Free Spirit Author

N-n-n-n-nervous about day one? Check out 14 fun activities for that first day of class.

Whether you’re a first-time teacher or a seasoned educator, getting the year off on the right foot is certainly something to shoot for.
Day one often sets the tone for things to come, so it makes sense to kick-off the year right with entertaining and suitable activities. 487 more words

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Lego robotics

One morning during our summer numeracy camp, we had a special visitor from the board who led the Mathletes in an exploration of lego robotics. These are my three main take-aways from observing this experience: 123 more words


Don't scoff at the need to change

This Faculty Meeting Bingo card (from weareteachers.org) showed up on my Facebook feed last week, one of many ironic commentaries on back-to-school season.

It’s funny, of course, and I could easily fill it in during our first all-staff meeting later this month. 498 more words

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