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Of Elephants & Stink Bugs

I lost them.

It’s Thursday. I’m asking questions about the homework. My students are looking back at me with blank faces. No one is volunteering. I’m starting to feel some frustration. 594 more words


Thinking Space: Connecting Art & Math in the Museum

Written by Rebecca Mitchell and Andrea Kantrowitz

Focus for a moment on an object in front of you. How do you understand its shape? How would you represent it by drawing it? 1,543 more words

Spotlight On Practice

Holistic Approach to Teaching Senior Science: An in-depth look into the methodology and pedagogy necessary to teach senior science courses

Author: Antik Dey

Having experience in teaching all three specific disciplines, I will argue that the distinctions between them, although artificial, are necessary. I will also rationalize the need for a holistic approach to teaching senior science courses. 769 more words

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry