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Music & Motion: Rocketeers Use Chants to Achieve

by Chioma Umunakwe
Assistant Principal, Rocketship Spark Academy

At Rocketship, we are continually seeking new ways to engage our students and our campus community.

One tool I have utilized in my classroom is chanting, a mnemonic strategy to help teach key concepts. 296 more words

Rethinking Elementary School

May 29th - Force "Make a Copy"

In the previous two post, I’ve talked about an assessment I gave to the students and they had to “Make a Copy” to share with me as they turned it in.   214 more words

Teaching Strategies

Titles should mean something

If you spend much time around kids, you know what “nose goes” means. You’re looking for a volunteer, and suddenly everyone touches a finger to their nose to signify “not me!” 641 more words

Front Lines

Finish the Year with Gratitude

The days are getting longer, the weather is warmer… summer is almost here! For students, this means a few more weeks wrapping up final projects and for teachers, battling to keep students engaged while trying to finish… 446 more words


Inextricably Linked: Self-Esteem and Academic Performance

By Allison Wedell Schumacher

If you didn’t experience it in school, you’ve surely felt it in another aspect of your life: the awful, sinking sensation called “I can’t.” Even if you’ve practiced. 713 more words

Teaching Strategies

No right answers here

There are few things hard-working high school students dislike more than ambiguity. We’ve taught them to master “right” answers, and it frustrates them terribly when there isn’t one. 453 more words

Front Lines

Summer Reading ABCs: Assessment, Becoming [fill-in-the-blank], and Cognition

With spring grading and graduation out of the way, the pace of life and work shifts into summer mode where you may find yourself with opportunities to explore ideas for the classroom and for your own professional development. 674 more words

Teaching Strategies