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Python Cheat Sheet-Basics

I have been working on a Python cheat sheet to boil down the basics about what I’ve learned about defining procedures, loops, and strings so far. 10 more words


Breaking Down Complex Problems

Working on Udacity lesson 2.5 “How to Solve Problems” this week, which encourages taking a systematic approach to solving complex problems. The sample problem discussed throughout the lesson is to return the number of days old someone is, using their birthday and today’s date (or any other date, actually.) My first attempt mainly included frustrated stabbing in the dark with solutions that quickly became overcomplicated when I realized I needed to take in leap years, etc. 84 more words


Podcast: Developer Tea

This morning I listened to Developer Tea, which describes itself as “a podcast for web and software developers hosted by a developer that you can listen to in less than 10 minutes.” Though it didn’t live up to its under ten minutes promise (the host, Jonathan Cutrell, seems to have gravitated towards longer episodes over time,) it’s the best programming podcast I’ve found so far. 105 more words


Using Udacity

Started the first lesson of Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science course, which is by far the best teaching tool I’ve come across by far. There’s a combination of videos, quizzes, and code writing that succinctly conveys basic programming concepts and how to get started coding Python. 18 more words


Python and Introduction to CS

Today I began the Python exercises on Codecademy. So far the exercises focus on learning the syntax without much context, but I did like the building a tip calculator lesson. 59 more words


What is GitHub?

That’s my question of the day.

How Github‘s own website describes it: “powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects.” 241 more words