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Spelling perfection, or This week I burnt the beans

This week I burnt the beans.

This is what happens when you try to play a spirited game of badminton in the driveway with your child while cooking supper. 100 more words


When The Shaking Started (Again)

At this point, I’m seriously considering renaming this blog “Earthquake Watch 2017.”

You know that feeling when your ears are filled with a terrifying rattling sound, you hear people screaming, and the ground seems to fold beneath you? 943 more words

Estado De Méxcio

Friday Tired

“It’s Monday, and I’m Friday tired.

–my roommate and best friend, a fellow grad student and educator, during the five minutes we were home together before we sank into our respective beds for the night. 326 more words

Behind the Mask

I’m feeling pretty lost and broken today and have been for a while, so I want to reflect on a time that I didn’t feel that way. 350 more words

Losing the Pencil War

Is it just me, or are pencils getting worse?  They break so easily, at least in the hands of my second graders.  Last year and this, it seems like I sharpen a bunch of pencils and ten minutes later, they’re all broken.  479 more words


Writing about writing about a class

The Fall term here will start next week, and I’m once again teaching Physics of Energy and the Environment, a course for non-science-majors, that I’ve written about a few times before. 1,033 more words


I Quit.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

The long hours, the weekends spent lesson planning, the afternoons spent crying, were all too much for me. I became a compassionate, tired robot. 765 more words