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SOL 17 & It's Monday! What Are You Reading?: See You in the Cosmos


Over two hundred years ago, William Wordsworth advised writers and artists to “fill your page with the breathings of your heart.” And while I doubt Wordsworth imagined that rockets would one day send those breathings into the cosmos, there’s no question that Jack Cheng’s new middle grade novel, See You in The Cosmos (Dial Books, 2017), is full of heart. 315 more words

Slice Of Life

There are moments

There are moments in life when you discover what is important and what is not. I have lived in Italy for 1 year now and I miss my home. 759 more words

Gospels in 40 Days - March 27

Welcome to our study of the gospels during the Lenten season. Lent is the Christian tradition of preparing for the resurrection of Jesus by taking intentional steps to grow closer to God during the 40 days before Easter.  664 more words

A Conversation about Teaching Early Canadian History in the United States, Part 1: Cross-border Academic Biographies

About a year ago, Christopher Parsons suggested the idea that Borealia host an online conversation about being “early Canadianists” in the United States. He observed that there are a growing number of such cross-border historians, and still more Canadian PhDs are looking for jobs at American schools. 2,827 more words

Early Canadian History

Workshops for nursing students

It is that time of the year again – oh, yeah! Bachelor`s mania. It is stressful for us, for the students and for the guidance counsellors, but it is also fun to work with the students on their theses. 432 more words

O. Henry

Fall comes early in Asheville, North Carolina. The air is chilly when I get out of the car at the cemetery to visit the grave. I think of winter coming, of Christmas, of this writer’s most famous work. 583 more words

Fran Haley

Testing to the Classroom

I don’t remember much about elementary and middle school. I tend to block out those awkward years of my life. However, I do remember having to take the STAR test in 5th grade. 769 more words