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It’s that lovely time of year again when us teachers get some down time. My school elected for 1 week at Easter and 2 weeks now, so here I am with 2 weeks off and I’m sure there’s loads of things I can fill my time with! 549 more words

Because of this, we can do that

If you’re like me, you use Google Maps.  And, probably for a lot of things other than just drawing a map.  You might explore new places, get driving directions, look for traffic problems on highways, get a visual of construction sites to ignore, and much more. 257 more words


Torso sculpture - consideration of anatomy and armature

I was approached to run a course on modelling the torso in clay. I try to keep away from armature use wherever possible just because of the freedom it removes from the sculptor. 459 more words


Dear Parents, I am your new friend to help you understand new age learning.

As an Early Years teacher, i have been working with little ones for quite some time now. I chose the teaching profession because i loved working children and so i have loved each day of my job. 281 more words


20 years after the "end" of corporal punishment

Corporal punishment refers to the act of inflicting deliberate pain or discomfort in response to undesired behavior by students in schools. Although it is seen by many people as an archaic form of punishment the reality of corporal punishment is a lot more personal than expected. 778 more words


TeachMeet Streatham 2017

This year’s TeachMeet Streatham took ‘creativity’ as its theme. At the end of tiring half-term where exam classes are finally sent off to face their fate , most teachers are feeling anything but creative.   471 more words

Expanding horizons

Oregon Project Uses Holograms To Transform The Classroom

A virtual trip to the pyramids? An interactive hologram of the universe? Virtual and augmented reality has the potential to transform the classroom and how we learn everything from history to astronomy to engineering. 60 more words

Virtual Reality