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I have learned many lessons, and here are just a few.

I have learned I am a mercy-shower. Yet, to shower mercy one must have experienced it. 364 more words

Character Study

Back to work

Thank god for inset days. Absolutely no work happened over Easter, with weddings, family gatherings and a huge attempt to travel very little planning and prep got done. 77 more words


3 -

Singularized, finally.  but I have that cleaning to do.  Starting with this laptop, then moving to the actual tangible pieces around me in this what-used-to-be home office. 300 more words


Height and Length...Width and Length...Height and Width?

I’ve actually had this conversation with a few previous colleagues. It arose due to the wording in some questions in a maths text book and some of the terminology I heard kids using when talking about measuring area/perimeter of 2D shapes (predominantly quadrilaterals. 955 more words


Celtic Thought: Are We There Yet? [Connectedness In A 'Disconnected' World]

I’m sure you asked the same or similar question when you were a child. Maybe, like me, you were in the back of the car, drifting in and out of sleep, journeying back home, and during those waking moments you would ask nearest adult, probably several times, the question, ‘Are we there, yet?’. 616 more words


What my students taught me

In the past academic year a lot has conspired, as I went from being a struggling student, who passed my bachelors with (surprisingly) great grades, to becoming a teacher and telling students how it is okay to not be great at studies. 534 more words


Mental Health Education and Way of Life Education

Last week, I (Clive) talked about the connection between general way of life education and career education. I believe there is a similar link with mental health education, which Ontario teachers today are strongly encouraged to engage in. 293 more words