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But why teach History?

We were set this as an assignment for my post-graduate studies in education. We were told to answer the question: why teach History? I could feel the clichés creeping in and the cheesiness seeping through but, nonetheless, I think this fairly represents why I want to teach History and why I think anyone should. 1,358 more words


Takeaways from TEDxADMU (Part 2)

The second speaker for this year’s TEDxADMU was Paul Rivera, the founder and CEO of Kalibrr. Kalibrr is a job portal that aims to more accurately match job applicants and employers based mainly on skills. 826 more words


Droopy eyelids and other problems

This has to be my sleepiest day yet. I had never actually been in danger of falling asleep at my desk in the last 7 weeks, but here we are in the midst of midterm week and I have done the jerk-awake-without-realizing-I-was-falling-asleep thing at least three times. 165 more words

Life In Korea

The One Where I Try To Organise Myself

Welcome to my afternoon plans…#teacherlife #lessonplans bring it on

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The holidays went by rather quickly and, although I did a lot of prep work during the break I still started the term feeling a little lost.

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New horizons. 

I’m about to embark on an international classroom collaboration with my Year 10 History class and some students who attend the school where my cousin teaches in Detroit, USA. 202 more words


Monday (월요병)

End of the Weekend

The weekend is over…and today is Monday. Well, actually, I started this post on Monday, but now that I’m finishing it…it’s currently Tuesday haha. 912 more words

The Grant Year

Thankfulness Challenge {Day 26}

I do not know what to write. I hardly know how to write. I babble. I ramble. I get sidetracted and off task. And yet something pulls me back into focus. 756 more words

Thankfulness Challenge