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On being a wizard

Salvete, readers!

I didn’t last long as a teacher, for a few reasons. Long hours, lousy work-life balance, low pay. It wasn’t doing good things for my family. 446 more words


Beating the Imposture Syndrome

If you haven’t heard of the “Imposture Syndrome” read this article by the amazing Megan Allen. She talks about the terrible truth that is the imposter syndrome. 478 more words


He is the way, the only way, praise God, He is the way!  He is the way to salvation, our only hope!  Therefore we must love Him, obey Him, praise Him, serve Him and share Him.  517 more words


Social Story #1: Sharing

Hello everyone!

This week, I wanted to share with you a social story I made and some tips on how to effectively use social stories with your kiddo. 576 more words


Bad Day

I really wanted to keep this kind of upbeat, but I don’t want to forget this part, either. So sorry in advance, but this wasn’t a fun day. 410 more words

First Days

Unit 1 Planning: Get them engaged on Day One!

(8/21) I will have my first day with my Algebra 2 students on Thursday (8/24). Here I sit, thinking about what to start with. Last year, we learned how to write numbers in different bases. 431 more words