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"The Kids Are All Right (How Are You?)"

Kids like
To tell you all the things
That your name,
Blood type
Reminds them of, like someone
Else they know
Who shares the same traits… 521 more words

Reading Student Writing

I’ve read three essays on how to read and correct student writing. The most helpful, in terms of learning how to teach: Rather than “correct” mistakes, … 721 more words


Role Playing in the Classroom: A New Technique to Teaching

It’s 8 a.m. and you’re teaching to a room packed with 60 students. Most of them are hiding in the back with slumped bodies and eyes that you still haven’t made contact with because they’re nearly closed. 82 more words


Teaching Spanish: Part 4

One great resource I’ve mentioned here before is Duolingo.  This introduces game based learning into the foreign language classroom, and is by no means only limited to Spanish.   53 more words


Confidence and how I don't have a clue how to teach it...

I’ve explained before that the students I work with are quite low academically. They are also sheltered in their community which is threaded with negativity and lives that are ‘good enough.’ It’s not very often I hear an adult motivating a child to be whatever they want, or to travel anywhere outside of the province, or to truly succeed. 1,003 more words

Tadhg's Journal: A Treasure In The Darkness?

My thoughts are racing right now, careering from acceptance, stillness and peace to fear, uncertainty, confusion and stressful worry – such are some of the emotions in dealing with someone so close and so dear to me who is now receiving palliative care. 536 more words

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