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3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Preschooler for College

When is the best time to prepare your child for college?


If you are parenting young children, you have an incredible gift: time. There is still time to read. 642 more words


Mindfulness in the Classroom - The Importance of Science Based Research

Mindfulness, in my opinion, is one of the most effective things I have added to my classroom.  After teaching for more than 20 years, I have been to countless PD workshops on many topics, but nothing has done more for my students than this.   707 more words



I frequently hear Christians say; “I do not have faith to raise a person up from a wheelchair, for the blind to get their eyesight back, or for a body part to recover and even grow out” etc. 178 more words


Trust in a fake news world

“Fake news” defined an election, and continues to play a prominent role in the presidency of the candidate that most benefited from all of its forms. 1,273 more words


Ten books every teacher should read

I was asked to write a piece for the Guardian Teacher network on what books teachers should read. You can read it here.

Conversation in my head: Between Anthony and Richard

The words are distinct in my head. Sometimes the two characters change places- its like the flights, the rise and falls of an angel. There are two distinct personalities. 839 more words