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Year Three Down

Teaching at a year-round school has its advantages. Having November and March off was fantastic! But having a ten-day turnaround between school years is proving to be painful. 1,072 more words

Learning and Mentors

It’s often suggested that when you start a new endeavor or begin in a field you’re not familiar with that you find a mentor. The point of this is to learn from them as you learn the ropes. 281 more words


Discipline, Systems and Consequences: The School to Prison Pipeline

We know as educators that our jobs are more than checking off a list of state standards and grading papers. We wear many hats throughout the day ranging from social worker to nurse to custodian to secretary. 451 more words

Social Justice

Lessons from the #Digital Classroom | MIT Technology Review #data #education #tech

In four small schools scattered across San Francisco, a data experiment is under way. That is where AltSchool is testing how technology can help teachers maximize their students’ learning.  149 more words


The one where I'm doing what I love...

“And fuck the rest.”

Some of you may know that line from “Little Miss Sunshine”. Some of you may live under a rock and have never heard of it. 669 more words

EDTC 6431 ISTE Standard 4 Reflection

My question was; how can students use technology for problem-solving activities?

The ability to problem solve effectively has been, and continues to be a crucial life skill.  254 more words


We see together

I’ll hold this end. You can hold the other.


The boardroom table is oak; it’s cherry oak. It’s about 12 feet long, with a sharp curvature giving it the appearance of a flattened souvenier penny. 752 more words