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a girl with a plan

I went into university wanting to be a journalist. I came out not knowing what to do. I graduated in 2014, and I still haven’t found a job that sticks. 529 more words


You're Grounded


They don’t make a person very popular when they’re being doled out.

That’s why people avoid them. But, seriously, some kids crave them.

My son gets grounded a lot. 489 more words

Do you recognize these ELT brands

There are many brands in the ELT universe.

We got to wondering how well people actually recognize their logos, how well they’ve penetrated into the mindscape of teachers out there. 70 more words


THE ANSWER (...to almost every question)

Paul gives us the answer for almost every question that could be posed to us in reference to religion.
Why do you go to Church? 32 more words


Freedman, "Show and Tell? The Role of Explicit Teaching in the Learning of new Genres"

Freedman, Aviva. “Show and Tell? The Role of Explicit Teaching in the Learning of New Genres.” PDF

Freedman is writing within lines of recent (of 1993) lines of research that reconceptualized genre, pointing particularly at Miller’s idea that genres are “typified rhetorical actions based on recurrent situations” (159, Freedman 222). 513 more words


See What I Have Seen Part II

As the first week of February comes to a close, I recognise that I’m nearly at the halfway mark of my voluntary service here in Austria. 444 more words


87% Oppose #EBacc

What are policymakers discussing and what decisions are they making that will influence education? This transcript is from the House…

Source: 87% Oppose #EBacc