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What did you wish you knew when you started out as an assistant professor?

Answer by James Fisher:

I wish I had taken Clint Eastwood’s cautionary advice to heart: “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

In retrospect, I think I overestimated my ability to teach others.

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Saint Louis University

Socratic Seminars: How to Run One

If you have not read Socratic Seminars: How to Prepare–do it! It’s a precursor to this one.

So now that you have prepared your students for the S.S., what do you do? 713 more words

Curriculum And Instruction

ENG 12 Unit 2.2 The English Renaissance: Drama

Warm-up: Read together, “A Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekov.

Review of common dramatic terms, the history of theater, and its evolution to contemporary theater. 2,847 more words


3 Personalization Myths

Paul France , Teacher | Writer | Learner

Posted 06/19/2015 11:12AM

Personalization is all-the-rage across the country, and it’s no small wonder. Until recently, personalizing student learning felt like a dream, but now, in an age where user-driven practices are the standard and where technology helps us function more effectively than ever before, personalization is feeling less and less like a dream, and more like a blissful reality. 66 more words

Educational Reform

Why I'm Staying with EPIK and in Korea

Following the lead of some of my friends who have written posts about why they are leaving I will try to sum up why chose to renew my contract with EPIK and Stay in Korea. 1,188 more words


Monday Monday

Hello hello!
I am burnt from laying on the beach and stupidly tired but I am still happy to be here!
Our washing machine broke and wouldn’t let us get our washing out for ages meaning it was stweing in dirty water for ages so I’ve just spent I don’t know how long washing everything by hand (including four big towels…). 160 more words


A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: step


On occasion a friend or relative who’s got schoolkids asks me how horrified I am by some bit of Common Core mathematics. This is a good chance for me to disappoint the friend or relative. 1,154 more words