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Why We Teach

This morning I woke up feeling a little down and discouraged about teaching. I have a friend whose sister is a nurse that just received a job making almost six figures in the birth and delivery department at a well known hospital. 689 more words


The Bleak Mid-Winter...

I know that us Brits are really unaware of what a real winter is like. We have no appreciation of the accumulation of day upon day of snow and falling temperatures. 382 more words


The summer sun has kissed our shoulders and bleached our hair. We have sipped on gin and tonics, laughed with friends and splashed in the waves. 154 more words


Update! 1/21/18

Hello dear readers,

‘tis now the time for my weekly update.  The biggest thing to happen this week is that I began my tutoring.  I’ve already said my piece on that, so I won’t restate that which I’ve already… stated… 413 more words



I’m back.

It’s been 3 years since I last posted on here. I completed my teaching program. My lips got better but now my eyes are suffering. 132 more words


No Urban Art today – Karys has cancelled all the optional subjects this afternoon in favour of formal year-level assemblies; the whole shebang. Meanwhile, we (myself, Zion, Slade and Carlos) are going to try fly under the radar, and hold a ‘special assembly’ of our own. 823 more words


Reflection: our most powerful tool and how it can stop us from being idiots (hose, in different area codes.)

During the summer holidays I was fortunate enough to stay in a friend of a friends villa in the south of France. What was lovely about it was that I was in a genuine environment and not the cold veneer of comfort which hotels often smack of. 592 more words