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"Flipping the theatre" is the future of drama

For thousands of years the orthodox dogmas in the world of theatre have given actors and directors a privileged position, able to impose their own interpretations on the material. 422 more words


Don't fence me in

Do you know why I love this job? Because I’m stretched every day, yet I don’t seem to break or snap as often. I guess I’m made of tougher sinew now, comparing myself to the twenty-eight-year old who carried so much strain and stress and insecurity that first year of teaching, took everything personally, always felt inadequate. 1,274 more words


Thanks Giving

My students at a secondary technical school in Gisenyi, Rwanda love to give gifts, even though they have little to give. As a result, I am given a constant influx of flowers, sticks, and chalk, even though those things (technically) belong to the sisters, not the students. 126 more words

Thoughts on Graduation

As I walked to class today I passed a group of a few hundred students in the rose garden dressed in their grad gowns and caps, taking photos with their families and classmates.  431 more words

Young Adulthood

[room 113a] ring around the pole

I hate recess time. Yuck! Thank goodness there’s no recess today – Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Recess is just such a disaster right now because there are too many kids crammed into too small a space with not enough stuff to really entertain them. 72 more words


Reduce reuse recycle

So I have a few blogs left with photos! So I thought I’d take advantage and show you some of my daily life. Enjoy. It’s so interesting, I know.  501 more words


today is...

…the first snow. Snow! In Daegu! I honestly hadn’t expected to see snow much at all this winter, much less in November. But in the middle of a class, one of the kids yelled, “Teacher, snowing!” And we all cheered and clapped and dashed to the windows and opened them and had a mini celebration for the snow. 473 more words

Life In Korea