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Warrior Bride Of The Most High

For He has made me
Into a mighty warrior
The LORD is my strength and my shield
My heart only trusts in Him 1,007 more words
God Head Disciple

Reality beyond words

That is a tree.

When teaching a child, don’t say “That is.” Instead say “That is called.”

That is called a tree.

When you say “that is” you confuse the word with the reality, which is infinitely deeper. 332 more words

Being a hijabi teacher part 1: UK edition

Hello and welcome to my blog, today’s post came as a result of several emails and direct messages I had received on my Instagram from new trainee teachers and those who wish to change their career into teaching about being a hijabi teacher. 4,802 more words


January 21, 2017

Running changes everything. Even as I’m running, I feel happier, more powerful, less worried about what I say or do. I feel more than normal when I’ve made myself get up and go out with the group for even the shortest distance of 3 miles. 484 more words


Teaching Tuck Everlasting

One of my favorite things about teaching is getting kids excited about reading. I’ll never forget my own eighth and ninth grade English teachers, who I credit with turning my love of reading into a love of literary analysis, much less the elementary school teachers who nurtured that love of reading in the first place. 171 more words

Children's Literature

Mathematical Reasoning Cannot Be Taught: A Cautionary Tale

“How idiotic to require education students to take this class!” spat professor Guerzhoy, “This type of reasoning cannot be taught. Either you are a mathematician or you aren’t.” The four other education majors in the class seemed to shrink further into themselves, a pitiful island of students huddled against the far left wall of the classroom. 1,383 more words


Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine, Michael Shannon Audition For Dolly Parton's '9 To 5' Role

One of the most famous scenes in iconic 1980 comedy “9 to 5” involves Dolly Parton’s character, secretary Doralee Rhodes, discovering her sleazy boss (Dabney Coleman) has been bragging to other men in the office that he’s been sleeping with her — a lie — and angrily confronting him. 163 more words