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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s been another week and another opportunity for me to gather some terrific thoughts from the keyboards of Ontario Edubloggers.  Please read on and catch some of what I found and enjoyed. 1,003 more words


4 tips for getting started on Twitter

I first joined Twitter in 2013 mainly as a support for teaching in remote communities. It connected me to educators around Australia and allowed me to access professional learning in my specialist areas. 950 more words


The Killer and the Killed

Thursday the 23rd of February started for me like any other day. I woke up at 6, got dressed and headed down for breakfast – only to find out there was none. 981 more words


Teaching: Preschoolers & Lesson Plans

I have been a teacher for a preschool held in my high school and my eyes opened on not only my future career, but what the world is like for other people. 227 more words

High School

Another Textbook Issue

If you are reading this post and my blog in general, you are likely a teacher. Odds are English is not your first language. The chances that you are a Russian English teacher, or have experienced learning English within the Russian education system, are slimmer but still exist. 1,015 more words


Interview with Vanetta Spence, Assistant Vice Principal of Fairfield High School

We hear a lot about how tough teaching can be. But 14 years into her career at Fairfield High School, Assistant Vice Principal Vanetta Spence says there is no job in the world she’d rather be doing. 1,124 more words


My vision and mission in education

This morning, after the undergraduate class, one student asked me, out of the blue, what my vision and mission in education is.


I wasn’t prepared for the question, so I blurted out, which probably captured my deepest belief, “That teachers will enjoy teaching, and students will enjoy learning.” The next moment, I realised that this was neither revolutionary nor groundbreaking. 63 more words