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Teaching: Faith with Doubt.

We live in an era that encourages us to question all things. Faith is considered by some to be a luxury of they who are sheltered from the hardship of the world. 131 more words

Community Discussion

Pretense -- Is it practiced by people in their approach to God?

I need to be careful. It is one thing to be a hypocrite. It is another to be pretentious.

Pretense is the purposeful deception of others… 311 more words


Evil -- What is it? Why does God oppose it?

I need to know about evil. I need to know how to recognize it. Jesus challenges me to recognize it in my own life. Really? 935 more words


Wisdom -- Was it foretold of Jesus? Is it recognized in Jesus?

I start with Jesus. I must. That is where wisdom starts.

The fear of the MASTER is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

430 more words

This helps your flock?

Obviously Rev. Spencer is not a veteran, and he apparently doesn’t know any.  I know hundreds,  and all of them find Colin Kaepernick a disrespectful,  ungrateful lout who has risked nothing and displayed little beyond a loud mouth and juvenile petulance.  72 more words

Good works -- Is there evidence of a radical change of thinking and action?

Goodness is virtue and holiness in action. Jesus calls on me to radically change how I think and do good. This is essential to being a disciple of King Jesus. 478 more words



Maskarram 10, Tishre 11, Thursday, September 20, 2018, פרשת האזונ Parashat (in Diaspora)



Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose