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Life has it’s own way of dealing you. It hits you hard on your face when you try to escape it. The more you will try, the harder it will hit. 194 more words


Rationalism, Logic, and Reality

Many people believe that everything can be explained. I reject that idea. I am willing to accept that all mechanical processes can ultimately be explained – but how much of life is mechanical? 143 more words


A Photographer- Before & After

Before, After and Afterwards. Dreams VS Reality

Before getting into photography

Why photography?

– Photography is cool and photographers are most sought after people

– Want to be in a creative field, enough of my boring job in engineering or finance. 576 more words


What is the language of Aaiyyanism?

Dravidian Aaiyyanism is expressed in the language of the ancients, of the Gods and of Brahman. It is expressed in the language of Dravidian Aaiyyani. This is the sacred script used to write the inscriptions that have the power to open the many Lokas and Talas to link with Brahman. 518 more words


Please! Don't Take Me With You!

I am deeply disturbed by the recent rash of murder-suicides happening all around the country with couples. I am trying to wrap my head around it. 375 more words


Question: How to make thoughts, words and deeds to be the same?

“I need your help to explain us two of the very beneficial teachings which I still have not been able to implement 100%, but want to as they are required to keep the flow of my life smoother.

672 more words