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Serve with Devotion

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We tend to dismiss the mystical beings like any other human beings with earthly failings! Little realising that they make great efforts at hiding from their earthly sojourn. 93 more words


Ops Mic


(Miguel Zacarias Bustos)

Build creative homes, yet once cut off $ he had to make them HALF the size. I saw them WITHOUT knowing it was him having build them! 22 more words


How To Pray: 95% Christians Pray Wrongly Due to Lack of Understanding

Prayer is the staff and ultimate way of communication between a Christian and God. It is believed that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian, and so Christians have cultivated the act and art of praying in several ways. 595 more words


Heart -- Assurance Through Inward Experiences of the Renewed Heart

Jesus calls on me to be pure of heart. I need need His regenerating Spirit and the blood of His sacrifice to even have a chance. 458 more words


The Lies About Holy Spirit In Churches of Today

Today, many Christians misunderstand and misinterpret the evidence of Holy Spirit in them and other people. Most Christians and Christian leaders believe the evidence of Holy Spirit is only when you speak in tongues. 436 more words


Fools -- The World Regards Disciples of Jesus as Fools

This turns something I think I know on it’s head. Jesus, my Master, teaches me that the first will be last and the last will be first. 224 more words