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How Long Do You Wait For That Special Someone "Human-Led-Thinking Vs. Spirit-Led-Thinking"

Lately, I’ve had a lot of people ask me: “How long is too long to wait for that special someone?” What do you think? Do you compromise? 957 more words


Tibetan Tribute: Rebuilding

Bedrooms where orphaned young monks sleep in the monastery high above Pema, the village where Lama Karwang lived…and the first of Vic’s rebuilding efforts.



Have you ever thought about the price of anger? I don’t mean a dollar amount, but in your life and the lives around you. Anger is often the result of your dwelling on something someone did to you. 695 more words


Plug In To Your Passion

I watched a video I made just a few minutes ago. A video compiled from the clips of three movies, if memory serves. A video that required me to learn two programs; Audacity and Adobe Audition, as well as the processes of video editing. 1,491 more words


Orang kaya sukar masuk sorga, mengapa? Bag2.

Bagaimana dengan orang miskin?

Di bagian 1, kita belajar bahwa Yesus berkata sukar bagi orang kaya untuk masuk kerajaan sorga. Sekarang kita coba pelajari, apakah orang miskin memang lebih mudah masuk kerajaanNya. 194 more words


Thoughts to Ponder – April 16, 2015

“When our energy feels drained,
we have allowed others to plug into us,
without taking the time needed for oursel(ves),
to recharge.”
Window of Wisdom* 475 more words

Thoughts To Ponder

The How Is Not Your Business!

Just something that came to me, watching one of the Law of Attraction In Action workshops that Esther and Jerry Hicks do.

At the end of this video, a lady comes up and she talks about how she has reinvented herself many times. 1,337 more words