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 “Jesus wept” is an ever popular preaching verse, known as the shortest verse in the Bible.  There is disagreement on why Jesus was weeping.  How about we take a look ourselves?  424 more words


I Second That Emotion!

Have you ever thought about how much we are influenced by our emotions? Now, we (particularly men) would like to think that we live our lives in a logical or orderly way based on good sound reasoning, but often that is not the case. 584 more words


Not Another Prosperity Message (Insert the Whine!)

By Patrick Hawthorne

I’m a Charismatic.  I know I’ve started the last couple of posts with this statement, but I do not want there to be any misunderstandings.  578 more words


Chart on the NWO

The Illuminati is basically fools that promote their false ideas and opinions in our school systems and government. They create laws that enslave and stunt spiritual growth for the believers that know this life is more than what we see around us. 64 more words

Church Clone

They want to win you over to their idea of church using gifts, food, to keep you trusting them for spiritual food and trust in them rather than Jesus Christ! 116 more words

Why People Perish (Even) With A Vision

The first part of the KJV’s (King James Version) rendition of Proverbs 29:18 is often cited as a proof-text for the vision statements of individuals, corporations, and even some churches and other religious organizations. 1,019 more words


Outdated teachings

Because you can only give who you ARE, unless you ARE love, there is no love to give.

We are taught to believe that we can give love without BEING it, as when we can give money to someone when we “get it.” 712 more words