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Charismatic Christianity FAQ 4: "Do Charismatics Teach that You Have to Speak in Tongues to be Saved?"

Charismatic Christianity FAQs is a series of posts that attempt to answer questions, objections, and misunderstandings that are commonly raised in response to certain beliefs and practices held by Charismatic believers. 783 more words


Luke: 10 NIV

Who is my neighbor? How may I help?

Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two

1) After this the Lord appointed seventy-twoa others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. 938 more words


It is Well with My Soul

By Patrick Hawthorne

Stepping onto the gang plank, a fresh wave of sorrow washed over him.  So much grief; so much sorrow.  How much can one man endure? 404 more words


January 7 - 28, 2015 ~ Summary of Weekly Meetings

After the Christmas break we began our regular weekly meetings on Wednesday, January 7th with a recorded talk by Ajahn Jayasaro on  Dukkha As a Noble Teaching… 35 more words


C.S. Lewis on the Importance of Reading Christian Classics

The moral and religious milieu of the West has for a long time been drifting away from biblical standards. The chasm has grown so large that it seems impassable, with many who claim to be Christian unable to articulate what the Bible actually says about major matters of faith and doctrine, much less able to identify the minor scriptural allusion I included in this sentence. 423 more words


The Greatest Gift of All

Image: Kim Sung Jin

“Human beings do not like being pushed about by Gods. They may seem to, on the surface, but somewhere on the inside, underneath it all, they sense it, and they resent it.” 486 more words