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Faith vs Fear and the Duality of God

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I want us to consider something about fear. What does fear lead us to? Where does it come from? 935 more words


#THEUMAWAY Shedding Lights On The Business Of Photography

Hey dear.. welcome to a new blog post,

How is your week going, hope you didnt drag yourself to work today like i did.. i had a beautiful weekend, and didnt want the fun to stop.. 486 more words


Mantra practice according to Muz Murray

The teaching of Muz Murray – Mantra Master

“For many, mantra causes joyous feelings or profound meditative ecstasy. And it usually develops a slow, steady deepening of soul experience. 39 more words



Mpendwa msomaji  wiki iliyopita nilianza kukueleza jambo la kwanza ambalo ni muhimu kuliko pesa. Nilieleza jinsi ambavyo jinsi ambavyo jina jema lina thamani kuliko fedha kwa sababu ntu aliyeamua kulinda jina lake hata iwe pesa kiasi gani haiwezi kumbadilisha. 583 more words


Chicoine's True Teachings

This will be a short entry: someday I’ll write a short leaflet describing what I’ve come to understand as Chicoine/Shiva/Kalki’s true teachings, the horrid shit that you’ll only learn thru third parties because they are based not in the bullshit that Chicoine says with such ease but the things he does, most of the times in… 149 more words

Has the Church Become Empty Salt Shakers - Part 2

By Patrick Hawthorne

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should become-tasteless, with what will it be salted? It no longer has strength for anything except, having been thrown outside, to be trampled-underfoot by people. 373 more words


Actual Death Experience - The Dancing Demons Of The Evil Mind.

I think it is a fair comment to make that notorious paedophile and child killer Ian Brady remained without empathy and human decency right up to the moment he took his last breath. 1,190 more words