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Point Break - A Whole Other Level

One of surfing’s classics is making a come back: Point Break. And it’s coming back with the most realistic take on surfing that Hollywood has spent its money on. 154 more words


SlowMo Done Right....Stunning GoPro Footage From Teahupoo At The Perfect Speed

What a difference slowmo makes on this drop in. Amazing stuff.

…nice little cameo from Kelly Slater.

Here is another ride from Aritz Aranburu at Teahupoo


Jamie O'Brien on fire (not literally)

Everyone is talking about crazy Jamie O’Brien riding Teahupoo while on fire, but we can’t help but think: “Who the hell cares?”. Has surfing gotten so boring that we need to light ourselves on fire to make it interesting again? 125 more words


Kelia Moniz stylish as usual

Kelia Moniz has always been one of the surfers just oozing style. We think her world titles agree. In her newest piece called roam Kelia is showcasing more of that style while also charging Teahupoo on her longboard. 24 more words


GORGEOUS VIDEO: Teahupo'o From A New Perspective

It seems to me that one of the most filmed breaks in the world has never had a proper aerial treatment…that is until now.  When… 34 more words