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Mutants Must Force Change | Building a Magneto, Realist Team - 17/18 Modern

Title Characters have been quite the rage in Heroclix, and not more than a couple weeks ago, I covered two of the recent additions. Now we have two more characters to cover and for today’s article, it’s all about the master of magnetism. 2,427 more words

Team Build

The Longest Road Trip | Building An Old Man Logan Team

Let’s kick off our Xavier’s School content with a fresh new team build. Old Man Logan is a big fan favorite and we finally have a version that isn’t a convention exclusive. 2,383 more words

Team Build

No Harm, No Foul: Building a Professor X Team - 17/18 Modern

Greetings Heroclix fans! X-Men: Xavier’s School has released and for the first article involving this glorious set, I’m building around the top brass, the guy who puts master in headmaster, the man who started it all! 3,184 more words

Team Build

Easy Release Versioning for .Net Projects using VSTS and TFS

Versioning. Here we are. Again.

Over the years I have always worked hard to make versioning a foundational piece of every CI / CD solution I’ve setup. 655 more words


Pick A Card | Building A Modern Limited Title Joker Team

The recent Harley Quinn set gave us two title characters, and while I covered the namesake Harley last week on Clix Fix, today I want to talk about her puddin’. 2,045 more words

Team Build

Maid of Mischief: Building a Title Harley Team - 17/18 Modern

Hey there Clix Fix’ers, I’m back with another team build for ya! For today’s menu, I figured it would be fun to talk about the star of the recent Harley set as we’re quickly approaching yet another set release. 2,523 more words

Team Build

We Can Do It!: Building Modern DC Bombshell Teams - 17/18 Modern LIMITED

Greetings Clix fans, and welcome back to our regularly scheduled program! For the first team build of 2018, I wanted to do something a little different. 2,866 more words

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