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More Like a Personal Tank: Building a Modern LIMITED Hammer Team

Deadpool can wait as I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of builds I’ll develop. Instead, I’m bumping my plans to talk about Hammer thanks to a rules clarification and a surprisingly large upswing to his kit. 2,879 more words

Team Build

MyPayingAds is a Marathon and not a Sprint

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Welcome to the first edition of  my journey into the MyPayingAds life changing program. Have a good read.

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If Looks Could Kill: Building a Modern Cable & Deadpool Team

Listen up, kiddies! Today I’m not talking about a chase or super rare that tickles my fancy. Nope, today is all about my favorite bosom buddies and bestest friends Cable & Deadpool. 2,688 more words

Team Build

Touch of Death: Building a Modern Mistress Death Teams

I don’t think Wade will mind if we take a day to talk about his one true love, the being Thanos cursed him with Immortality over. 3,075 more words

Team Build

Building a 300pt team around The Flash

Hello and welcome to my first team build article.  The purpose of this site, as you may have read on the first page, is to give me experience in building teams (instead of “netdecking” teams). 429 more words

Team Building

I Am The Ultimate Distraction: Building a Modern Deadpool Title Character Team

Welcome to the first of MANY Deadpool team builds coming up here on Clix Fix! I thought I’d start things off with a bang and build around the new incredibly powerful Super Rare that introduces us to a brand new mechanic. 2,907 more words

Team Build

NOT THE BEES! Building a Modern Swarm Team

I know, I know, I should be starting off Deadpool builds with the man himself. However, we’re still awaiting the dials to be added in the Units section on the Realms, so for today I’m looking at one of the first previews: Swarm! 2,468 more words

Team Build