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I've Rigged The Place To Blow: Building a Modern Anarky Team

One of the pieces I really like from Joker’s Wild is the common prime, Anarky. I want to take a look at what we can do with this guy as I know he can be a total pain the ass and seems like he’s super fun to play. 1,854 more words

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Install TFS 2015 Build Agent on Premises

In the previous article, I showed how to install and configure Maven on the TFS Build server to build Java applications. This article however applies to either Java or .NET applications. 315 more words


Configure a TFS 2015 Build Server for Java


TFS 2015 comes with a new build engine. It supports building many programming languages such as .NET, Java, Xcode, Android and other languages. You can even have a build agent on Linux. 384 more words


The Killing Joke! Building a Modern Joker (059) Team

Yes, the title is a little odd, but with 6 Jokers in the new Joker’s Wild set, I had to clarify which one! Heck, we even have two Killing Joke Jokers! 2,252 more words

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SPOTLIGHT: Building Around Green Lantern in Modern

So you like a character, but don’t like the particular piece I focused on? I hear ya! Spotlight is a variant of my Team Build article series focused on building around a particular  2,120 more words

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The 5 ‘C’S of Winning Teams

The 5 ‘C’s – The often-quoted local acronym that jokingly describes what a Singaporean woman frequently looks for in a male partner. From cash to condominium, the materialistic Singaporean man has sought to fulfill these attributes to be deemed successful in the eyes of the opposite gender. 60 more words


Skyline Targeting Microbots: Building Modern Technocrat Theme Teams

Technocrat seems like a fun piece to build around and has some real potential for high damage for an uncommon. Let’s take a look at what kind of builds we can make with him. 2,000 more words

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