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Me And My Chum: Building a King Shark Team – 17/18 Modern

I made an announcement last week regarding the status of the blog, but before I sign off I want to bring you guys one more team build. 2,021 more words

Team Build

VSTS Build Definitions as YAML Part 2: How?

In the last post, I described why you might want to define your build definition as a YAML file using the new YAML Build Definitions feature in VSTS. 1,799 more words


VSTS Build Definitions as YAML Part 1: What and Why?

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has recently gained the ability to create build definitions as YAML files. This feature is currently in preview. In this post, I’ll explain why this is a great addition to the VSTS platform and why you might want to define your builds in this way. 1,651 more words


Mighty Son of Asgard | Building A Modern Chase Thor Team

Mjolnir generated a ton of talk, but it seems the Chase it comes with hasn’t seen any action. I want to change that with a somewhat serious team build for today’s article. 1,945 more words

Team Build

Allfather, King of Asgard: Building A Chase Odin Team -17/18 Modern

Most of the Chases from The Mighty Thor are really strong, but I feel like Odin hasn’t really been talked about as his kids and friends are all the rage. 2,457 more words

Team Build

How To Make A Monster: My LGS Halloween Event and Team

Last year I had a fun little article for Halloween, and I want to continue with that as I think holiday events and games are really fun and flex that creative muscle. 1,262 more words

Team Build

Continuous Deployment for Docker with VSTS and Azure Container Registry

I’ve been watching with interest the growing maturity of Containers, and in particular their increasing penetration as a hosting and deployment artefact in Azure. While I’ve… 1,127 more words


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