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Conan is the worst boss ever, terrorizes his staff (and Al Roker)

Working for Team Coco must be a real treat.

On Thursday night’s show, Conan went full Miranda Priestly on his poor staff, revealing himself as a ruthless dictator who trashes their office and grills each employee about who they think should be fired. 81 more words


Conan Decides To Give His Staff A Very Important Performance Review In His Latest Remote

It’s the day after David Letterman’s exit from late night and it would seem that Conan is using it to realign his show to better suit this new age. 86 more words


Adam DeVine Explained Why The Coast Guard Hates 'Workaholics'

Workaholics star Adam DeVine stopped by Conan last night and discussed the reason behind the Coast Guard’s hate for the Comedy Central show. In the “Dorm Daze” episode, Anders made the mistake of poking fun at the sea-going service, leading them to threaten him with a “Code Red.” 63 more words


Why Conan O'Brien hates the Apple Watch

No late night TV entertainer has squeezed more comedic juice out of Apple than Conan O’Brien. Lately he’s been getting big laughs out of the Apple Watch. 222 more words


Chris O'Dowd Let Conan In On The Long Game Prank He's Playing On His Infant Son

Chris O’Dowd — best known for his role as Roy Trenneman on The IT Crowd — visited Conan last night and let everyone in on a prank he recently started playing on his 15-week-old son. 78 more words