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SEO: Trump is a troll, Conan has a soul & proves Haiti is not a 'shithole'

In early January of 2018, President Donald Trump voiced his frustrations with a potential bipartisan immigration deal.

According to the Washington Post, during a conversation with lawmakers, Trump questioned,”Why are we having all these people from shithole countries coming here?”. 512 more words

The COCO Con

“What!?” Archie shrilled, “Are you two doing here!?”

When Peter and I were trusted with The Congressman’s social calendar, there were two stipulations: not to crash any event The Congressman was likely to attend, and not let Archie find out. 301 more words


Senior Tech

“Senior Tech” was a web series I conceived, branded and produced for Team Coco. Directed by the brilliant Jeff Tomsic, the first three episodes attracted the interest of Best Buy, who sponsored production of a second run.

Team Coco Sync

I won a Primetime Emmy® in 2012 for producing this industry-first “second screen” app for Team Coco. Truth be told, I had a nagging suspicion that watching a second screen during a TV show would be about as appealing as reading album liner notes during a rock concert, and sure enough, the whole paradigm never really caught on — but it was a super cool experiment, and I was very proud we pulled it off.

If They Melded

In 2013, inspired by the SFX genius of my pal Nick DenBoer, I conceived, branded and produced this reimagined take on the “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” classic… 18 more words

Clueless Gamer

“Clueless Gamer,” which I conceived, branded and produced, began as a web series on TeamCoco.com, where it was so popular, it reverse-migrated to broadcast, becoming the #1 viral franchise of the “Conan” TBS show.

Pet Intervention

“Pet Intervention” is a (very dark and weird!) parody web series I conceived and produced for Team Coco, starring Jim Rash and directed by Jeff Tomsic.