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Proving Telepathy

Some people doubt that telepathy is a real phenomenon. Even I do sometimes, and telepathy has been proven to me more than once. Not from empirical evidence but through numerous life experiences. 724 more words


Elmo the Telepath, the Nurse

My brother Elmo is a nurse in a psych ward. He’s 6’2″ with red hair and looks a lot like our father, Kermit. The two of us are half siblings because we have different mothers. 217 more words


Kermit the Telepath, the TV Star

Let me introduce you to my father, Kermit. I chose that name for him because I asked him what name he doesn’t like and that’s what he said. 294 more words


SEO: Trump is a troll, Conan has a soul & proves Haiti is not a 'shithole'

In early January of 2018, President Donald Trump voiced his frustrations with a potential bipartisan immigration deal.

According to the Washington Post, during a conversation with lawmakers, Trump questioned,”Why are we having all these people from shithole countries coming here?”. 512 more words

The COCO Con

“What!?” Archie shrilled, “Are you two doing here!?”

When Peter and I were trusted with The Congressman’s social calendar, there were two stipulations: not to crash any event The Congressman was likely to attend, and not let Archie find out. 301 more words


Senior Tech

“Senior Tech” was a web series I conceived, branded and produced for Team Coco. Directed by the brilliant Jeff Tomsic, the first three episodes attracted the interest of Best Buy, who sponsored production of a second run.