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Step out of the spotlight and become your team's biggest fan!

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It is not always so easy to make the transition from individual superstar to becoming a team manager and have the responsibility of passing that spotlight you’re used to onto your team.  957 more words

Staff Morale

The Superhero Syndrome

We have all worked in that organization, wherein if you have a problem you know exactly who to go to. When the problem you have has an answer, but the answer is a person. 593 more words

Continuous Improvement

Failure or Further to Go?

The discussion with a management team about the importance of supporting a workforce in the effort to incorporate continuous improvement, is typically an uncomfortable one.  The issue comes down to a willingness to accept something less than the goal they have in mind. 220 more words

Continuous Improvement

Diving Beneath the Waves: Using the Waterline Method to Fix What's Not Working on Your Team

We are pleased to be able to offer you the recording of this presentation, hosted by Karen Kane, Principal of Still Point Leadership. Karen was one of our speakers at last year’s… 271 more words

Organizational Development

Beyond Workshops

There isn’t much simple about Motivational Interviewing.  Yes, there are ‘simple’ reflections, but, as Bill Miller points out, learning to form them isn’t simple.  Throw in using summary and double-sided reflections, mastering reflective listening, using open-ended questions, being continually aware of engagement with the client, listening for change talk, understanding ambivalence…  well it’s complicated. 425 more words


Time ... to What?

“Time flies when your having fun” or so the saying goes. If you’d asked me 12 months ago though if I was having fun, after I had just resigned from full time work due to sheer exhaustion, my answer would not have been easily given. 808 more words


The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team

What does a “good team” look like? How do you know if you are on a “bad team”? Teams are an integral component in many companies large and small. 627 more words

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