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Why You Are Not As Indispensable As You Might Think You Are

After being involved with a lot of team dynamics over a span of time, in various capacities, I learned one thing.

People overestimate their importance when it comes to team building. 405 more words


When was the last time you PERSONALLY checked-in with your boss?

When I facilitate learning workshops with both teams and leaders or speak at conferences, I regularly ask the question, “How much time do you spend discussing the relationship you have with either those you lead or with those who lead you?” 781 more words

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Knowing When and How To Challenge Others

I had some feedback from a coaching client recently that prompted this post. At the end of each of my coaching sessions I usually ask how the session went and whether there is anything that I could do that would make our work together more effective.  1,095 more words


Bulldogs and Chargers and Steelers. Oh My!

For the past six months myself, Coach Dave, and Coach Brooks have been meeting with a local architecture firm to discuss the new McNeese basketball and volleyball facility.   758 more words

Team Dynamics

What makes a good teammate?

A few weeks ago, I read Jon Gordon’s latest book The Hard Hat.  I read Gordon’s Energy Bus with my Drury kids my last semester there and found it to be a neat way to bring my team together to focus on the “soft skills” related to our team’s success.   847 more words

Team Dynamics

Step out of the spotlight and become your team's biggest fan!

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It is not always so easy to make the transition from individual superstar to becoming a team manager and have the responsibility of passing that spotlight you’re used to onto your team.  957 more words

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The Superhero Syndrome

We have all worked in that organization, wherein if you have a problem you know exactly who to go to. When the problem you have has an answer, but the answer is a person. 593 more words

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