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Rediscover Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon by Bonnie Low-Kramen

I’d like to introduce our first female PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Bonnie Low-Kramen, President of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting Inc. Bonnie’s passion in work is… 627 more words


TV Interview: The WHO and the HOW of high-performance teamwork

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Steve Hyland of Business Connections.  The focus was on the importance of not only knowing WHO is in your team, both from a technical and behavioural skills perspective but also, of equal importance, being able to measure and understand… 230 more words


10 Ways To Assess Your Team Members

10 Ways To Assess Your Team Members

Having and effective and efficient Team is not a gift, it does not happen purely by accident, there is no Divine Right to have an effective Team and the formation of the Team does not happen overnight – it takes real persistence and drive from the manager to make this happen. 546 more words

Team Chemistry: Is Kyrie doing the Cavs a favor?

In a move that happens often in the NBA on losing or middle-of-the-pack teams, a superstar demands a trade and in many cases, tries to create a… 1,225 more words

What If? Scenarios

How to predict venture performance through team composition - beyond intuition and gut feeling

Human capital and passion

Time and time again, passion has been cited as the key ingredient that drives venture performance. Like Paul Graham from Y Combinator states, … 878 more words


Team Dynamics

Portfolio Project Assignment Choice #1: Team Dynamics

Identify a project that would require team execution – a team that includes you as a participant.  (You may use a fictional or real-life example of a project.) Identify the role(s) you would play in that team. 104 more words

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Day 41: More arguments 

No, worry not. Scotch and I did not fight any more. We found a very amicable solution to her nibbling rubbish from the roads. You’ll find out soon enough how I had my way, while Scotch did her entire morning walk stick between my knees in embarrassment. 619 more words