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Leveraging Lego Serious Play to promote creativity and strengthen team dynamics at Smith College

The Smith College Engineering department recently invited Team Dynamics Boston to lead a Lego Serious Play workshop for the Design Clinic, a two-semester capstone course for senior engineering majors, in which students collaborate in teams on real-world projects. 84 more words

Lego Serious Play

Knowing thyself - Comparative systems of personality categorization

Astrology is popular because people like to know about themselves. There is an inherent desire to know ourselves, whether ego-driven or soul driven in the quest for self-actualization, and the 12 character divisions in the zodiac give us a ready system by which to explore our natures systematically, at least on the material plane. 997 more words

Can You Catch Me In A Lie?

I’ve always been very interested in personality tests. I think it’s because I love the idea of teams working together and if I understand what makes individuals tick, I can more easily figure out how to get a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal. 246 more words

Diana Schwenk

8 Life Lessons from THE IDENTITY CHECK That Teaches Us About Working in a Team

For this round, I chose a more modern e-book to read – The Identity Check by Ken Merrell. This e-book takes us back to the more familiar present day time, although the book may have been first published earlier than today. 2,975 more words

The Identity Check

Final Four

Instructions: This is a version of Four in Four which works well as the final drill in a practice. The team is usually tired, and perhaps had diminished focus. 87 more words

Weight Control

Scrum Teams vs.Online Team Gaming Mechanics

In a great blog post from Coding Epiphany from 2015, cross functional Scrum Teams were compared to RPG parties, mainly focused team makeup, skill specialization versus crossing roles and forming a team as you go.   1,691 more words


Team DyNAmics© - The key to increased individual and team effectiveness and engagement

Often you know there’s something wrong with your team’s performance, however can’t put your finger on exactly what it is.

Team DyNAmics© is an effective tool that gets right to the heart of team engagement and performance. 144 more words