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Swag – It’s more than an emblem on your chest… It’s a state of mind!

By  LaTisha Braddock, PhD.
From the moment you join a sports team, things become part of your identity. You LOVE certain colors and you are trained to HATE others (i.e. 501 more words

Team Dynamics

What Drives Your Leadership Patterns?

As leaders, we are presented with problems (or opportunities, depending upon how optimistic you are) every day that need to be addressed.  Your superiors have requested the impossible by tomorrow, your team has been upset by another team’s request, your order of supplies didn’t come in on time and you have a deadline, the caterer didn’t show up for the event…the list goes on forever. 555 more words


Leadership is Respecting Your Team

The beginning of great leadership is having respect for the people around you, especially those you lead.  The people on your team have chosen to spend their time and talent helping you accomplish your goals.  326 more words

Puzzle Me This: An activity for team dynamics

Effective working groups thrive on healthy team dynamics.

Over the past month or so I’ve opened several different multi-day workgroup sessions with an activity that has gone over quite well with audiences that have ranged from executive teams to frontline staff. 533 more words


The Art of Providing Employee Feedback

One of the hardest jobs a leader has is providing feedback to someone who reports to them.  The anxiety of what to say and how to say it can keep many leaders up at night.  795 more words

Rethinking the Silo: New Designs for Structure and Flow in the 21st Century Organization

In our monthly #orgdna chat, we’ve been discussing the future of the 21st century organization. Some have begun to rethink what is possible. Some have argued, … 635 more words


How to make a team/department implode

Traditional management gurus recommend boosting team performance in any field (e.g. academia, business, sport) by hiring well-known talent. High profile directors and managers with commensurate pay are brought in and installed in different departments. 216 more words