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Colourful Collaboration by Emily Gow

I’d like to introduce our PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Emily Gow, who works as an Operations Officer for Crown Simmons Housing

This is Emily’s first job in housing and she loves the fact that there are always new things to learn. 714 more words


Avoiding and managing a "Iwan Thomas" in your workplace

Every so often I get snared by popular TV and, shamefully, this month I’ve been glued to watching Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.   This extraordinary exposé of cringe-worthy team dynamics, painful character flaws and conflict has been riveting with the most entertainment undoubtedly coming from Iwan Thomas, former Olympic athlete, whose ‘self-appointed’ leadership caused pretty much all of the aggravation.   701 more words

Advice For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses

Learning Points from Tom Wujec's TED Talk on "Build a Tower, Build A Team"

The marshmallow challenge demands that individuals work together as a team to form the highest standing structure with the marshmallow on top using just 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of twine, and a marshmallow with only 18 minutes to work with. 235 more words

TED Talk

Day 78: Pettiness overload

It pains when me I see pettiness get in the way of action. I also hate back-biting and bickering. Between SrA and GD, we’ve covered both for the day. 388 more words


TV Interview: "Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork"

Do you lead a team or are part of a team?  Would you like to know how to achieve even greater success, effectiveness and engagement? If you do, you may find my TV interview “Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork” of value and interest. 303 more words


Rediscover Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon by Bonnie Low-Kramen

I’d like to introduce our first female PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Bonnie Low-Kramen, President of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting Inc. Bonnie’s passion in work is… 627 more words


TV Interview: The WHO and the HOW of high-performance teamwork

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Steve Hyland of Business Connections.  The focus was on the importance of not only knowing WHO is in your team, both from a technical and behavioural skills perspective but also, of equal importance, being able to measure and understand… 230 more words