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Coaching vs Parenting Or Home Depot and Recovery

While reading an academic paper it made me smile when I came across this line:

“…coaching teams function like the Home Depot motto: “You can do it. 751 more words


Team Dynamics

Watch the video titled “Mark Zuckerberg on Team Dynamics” located at . Then express whether or not you agree with Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion on managing team dynamics. 35 more words

Academic Papers

I don't have a problem – YOU have a problem: When feedback fails

Have you ever given feedback to someone coming away with the feeling that it actually made things worse? It could be a matter of tool selection. 1,135 more words


The Zone of Acceptance

One of the challenges of an Agile Coach, or anyone in a management or leadership role is establishing what I have seen referred to as the “zone of acceptance” for individual team members. 1,311 more words

Agile Coach

Colourful Collaboration by Emily Gow

I’d like to introduce our PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Emily Gow, who works as an Operations Officer for Crown Simmons Housing

This is Emily’s first job in housing and she loves the fact that there are always new things to learn. 714 more words


Avoiding and managing a "Iwan Thomas" in your workplace

Every so often I get snared by popular TV and, shamefully, this month I’ve been glued to watching Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.   This extraordinary exposé of cringe-worthy team dynamics, painful character flaws and conflict has been riveting with the most entertainment undoubtedly coming from Iwan Thomas, former Olympic athlete, whose ‘self-appointed’ leadership caused pretty much all of the aggravation.   701 more words

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