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Een beknopte inleiding in het begrip organisatiecultuur.
Om de leesbaarheid te bevorderen gebruikt ik regelmatig de term ‘cultuur’. Waar dat het geval is wordt ‘organisatiecultuur’ bedoeld. 1,722 more words

People And Teams

Lessons In Leadership: Trying Too Hard To Be Liked

I’m starting a “Lessons In Leadership” series. These are real lessons I’ve learned starting out as a leader in the Canadian Armed Forces. As I reflect back, I think of all the mistakes and errors I’ve made, the way only time and experience can truly illustrate how naive I really was.The best part is, most of these lessons were actually taught to me in some briefing or lecture before I learned them the hard way. 565 more words


The Command Team Concept: Combining Executive and Experience

The leadership function when leading team is traditionally seen as a 1 person show. I would like to propose something slightly different….

What I’m getting at is the concept of the Command Team. 352 more words


Don’t Let Your Ego Get In the Way Of A Good Idea: 3 Ways to Collaborate Better

There is a notion that people shouldn’t question their leader’s direction. Questioning direction has been viewed as not being a team layer, undermining, or having a bad attitude. 1,025 more words


Avian Assault Market Analysis

Avian Assault is the bird-themed tower defense/time management game I worked on in Junior year. In the game, players must defend their forest from deforestation while also tending to their bird ‘troops’ needs for food, ammo, and morale. 1,622 more words

Video Game

Is it safe to dance?

Have you ever found yourself alone listening to music and you take a look around wondering if it is safe to dance?  Safe because your dancing is so bad it is unfit for other eyes, in fact it is so bad you are not sure you should look.   1,102 more words

Agile Coach

Office Dynamics: Can't We Just All Get Oolong?

Today we are exploring dysfunctional team dynamics, while we sip chocolate cake in liquid form. A hot chocolate detox of barely pourable bittersweet ganache with a gigantic marshmallow is in order because the team isn’t getting oolong. 1,521 more words

Leadership Development