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If you want High-Performance, balance the Tasks with the Relationships

When your team gets together, what do you discuss?

This has been one of the questions that I have been asking delegates recently at various conferences where I have been keynote speaker.  551 more words


Leaders Take Action

Leaders take action.

We all know the sayings: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and “You are measured by what you do, not what you say you will do”, and many other that illustrate that accomplishing something is what leadership is all about. 376 more words

Self-Organisation vs Human Nature

I love the notion of self-organising teams, the belief that if left alone the team will pull together and solve the problem at hand. I also love the notion that a team doesn’t need named roles and that a team should be multi-skilled and can and will do any and all tasks necessary to deliver the work.   1,473 more words

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Leadership is an Active Sport

I once worked in a company where one boss spent most of his time behind a closed door. Not meeting with people, just by himself in his office. 510 more words

Qualities Of Leadership

All he does is state the obvious...

A few weeks into a new project and I was given the feedback that all I had been doing is stating the obvious and pointing out pretty much fundamental Agile principles and practices. 608 more words

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Don't give up

I don’t feel like writing at all tonight. It’s nights/days/weeks like this when I give up. It only takes a few bad days for me to fold up a project or long-lost dream. 283 more words

Swag – It’s more than an emblem on your chest… It’s a state of mind!

By  LaTisha Braddock, PhD.
From the moment you join a sports team, things become part of your identity. You LOVE certain colors and you are trained to HATE others (i.e. 501 more words

Team Dynamics