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Throwback Thursday #2 - "May 2, 2013"

Last week’s Throwback Thursday was a jump all the way back to those halcyon days of 2009, before we even knew what double-digits were. Now we’re skipping forward a few years, to 2013, when Michael tried to teach his sister Mary how to play Team Fortress 2. 123 more words

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Impropmtu Recordings - Team Fortress 2

Well, this raw footage should clearly demonstrate that I am no good at Any FPS game that isn’t Metroid Prime, Regardless of how Hard I try, or which class I choose. 62 more words

Wear Gabe Newell’s face as headgear on the Heavy in Team Fortress 2

The Steam #workshop is full of great and rather #unique mods as in-game #assets for #Linux, Mac and Window PC. Team Fortress 2, was one of the earlier games to put this to work with some impressive  88 more words

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