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I have inspired someone...!

Now there is an achievement. I have been catching up on things and one of them are discussion threads on the Source SDK page of the Steam Community. 127 more words

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Considering what should I do for my next live stream...

I know nobody will ever read this, but I’m wondering what should I do for my next live stream. Feel free to chime in, But I’m deciding on four games. 103 more words

Competitive matchmaking

So, I’ve been playing Splatoon a lot lately and it reminded me of some things, most notably matchmaking. Splatoon has a ranked matches which hosts competitive game play where you play with players of your skill level. 399 more words


One You Should Keep Your Eye On - Preview: Overwatch

While Blizzard announced it’s new team shooter Overwatch quite awhile ago, I just opted in for the Beta today, so I figure we can discuss it. 508 more words


Back Again

I have been away from the blogosphere for many months, but here I am, back again. I stand by what I say in every new blog: I seem to have issues committing to a single blog, and every time I return from a hiatus, a new blog is born. 974 more words


The Passion Project

I need to work on DR_Islands. I mean I first had the idea for it back around May/June 2014, and put together the foundations of the idea a few months after that. 151 more words

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New beta mode for Team Fortress 2

Valve and Bad Robots teamed up to make a new mode for TF 2, called PASS Time. 236 more words