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Eye Candy: Computer games, worldwide

These are the most-owned games on Steam, a digital distribution platform (wiki). This was fascinating to me for a bunch of different reasons. You can come up with your own, I’m sure. 33 more words


Rick & Morty Announcer Pack


I replaced about 150 sound files with Rick & Morty announcer pack  from the Dota 2 Announcer pack, and a few (very few) from the show itself I ripped. 92 more words


Stanley Parable Announcer Pack


My first big mod, from mid 2015. I replaced about 150 sound files with Stanley Parable announcer pack from the Dota 2 Announcer pack. I also got some samples from the Stanley Parable itself, as the files used in the final build are just mp3’s. 68 more words


GLaDOS Announcer Pack


I replaced about 150 files of the TF2 announcer with Portal’s GLaDOS. Most samples are from the Dota 2 announcer pack.

Yes it’ll work on Valve servers, and servers that’re sv… 37 more words


TF2: Competitive Update Shipped!

We’ve just released an update that includes matchmaking improvements, a new community cosmetic case, lots of bug fixes, and more!


TF2: Copenhagen Games

This weekend, let the siren sound of mermaids draw you into a different kind of slaughter, the Copenhagen Games! For the first time in living history, competitive teams representing both 6s and Highlander come together to find out who is the best in Europe. 47 more words