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Nintendo's Splatoon (sort of) comes to PC - Get your squid on in Splat Fortress mod

Nintendo’s Splatoon, a new IP for Wii U, was released in May to wide critical and user acclaim. Apparently the combo of squid and kid is a winner… 481 more words


Scenes, and their references - Source Filmmaker Video, Coming Soon!

(Sources are included! Simply click on the images to go to their sources).

Team Fortress 2.

Yes, this again. I played it yesterday, and I haven’t really been able to think of much else. So, here’s an actual fight based on Valve’s Team Fortress 2. 438 more words

Thanks For The Memories, But Your _____ Is Evolving!

We all possess gaming memories of some sort, but the question is, how much have our memories and nostalgia warped our perception of these games? Secondly what does the evolving nature of online games mean for this? 1,737 more words

Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for May 2015

Continuing on with the super-late unboxings, today we have the Loot Crate box for May, for which the theme was “Unite”. Take a look at the unboxing video first: 812 more words

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Pictures From a Sony Camera and Steam Screenshots

I have a love for photography. But sadly, I lost the card reader for my Sony Camera. So to make up for that, I used other means of screen capture. 56 more words