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Review: Loot Crate May 2015-"Unite"

Loot Crate, the geek gear subscription box, took on the theme of “Unite” for May of 2015. Admittedly I purchased the crate due to a promotion from DC Comics. 153 more words


Overwatch Gameplay Videos Showcase Four of its Characters

Blizzard’s newest franchise Overwatch shows off four of its current characters with in-game 1080p 60fps footage. 202 more words


Oversight. Something lacking from Blizzards new shooter?

If you haven’t heard Blizzard is making a new game.

Overwatch is the stylized, class-based, black sheep of Blizzards other Intellectual Properties, like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Heathstone. 528 more words

Incoming Titles

Balancing Numbers

There’s an issue I’ve noticed comes up a lot in game design, particularly when it comes to balancing items and abilities against each other: The differentiation and conflation of absolute and relative values. 1,043 more words

Problem Machine

Good Grief: Unplaying in Online Play

“…are you a d*ck, or does it just come naturally?”

Play in online gaming has become increasingly popular, with most video and computer games including—if not focusing on—a multiplayer online element. 821 more words

The Paid Mods Scenario, Past, Present And Future

We all know what happened a couple of weeks ago. Valve tried to forcefully evolve the modding community by allowing mod authors to charge for their work on the Steam Workshop. 608 more words

Selling Strange Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.II in Team Fortress 2

Contact me : username in steam : The Power Within (previously ANON_P)

Estimated price : Rp. 15.000 or trade with item of similar value