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Good Games Podcast: Episode 173: In With the Old and the New Too


Frank and Alex discuss the ongoing adventures in Cuphead, the fizzling drive to continue playing Destiny 2, getting good with Street Fighter V… 161 more words


TF2 "Jungle Inferno" Update Released

The new Team Fortress 2 update has finally arrived, not too long after the 10 year anniversary of the game we’ve been blessed with the “Jungle Inferno” update. 403 more words


Encroaching Microtransactions in Games

This post has become a long one, so I have decided to organise it via headings. You can use control + f to skip straight to any of the headings that interest you. 5,183 more words


The problem with Mobile gaming (part 2)

Some of you may have heard of F2P, or Free to play games. A lot of people see it as bad game design and exploitive to the consumer. 265 more words


Question of the month: September 2017 edition

It’s that time again: the question of the month is back and will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since it first brought it on like… 977 more words