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The Masochist's Lament: Why do I torture myself with underpowered things?

I swear it’s some kind of curse. In nearly every game I play I seem to gravitate toward the least powerful option as my favorite of the bunch. 922 more words


Tracing the roots and history of loot boxes

Microtransactions like any “good” supervillain in a superhero story, needs a good origin story. So I will be looking at who “created” the concept and where the concept originally found its roots, and who were some of its early adopters. 734 more words


Team Fortress 2

Hey guys, I done this piece of art here and guess what, it’s *drumrolls* TEAM FORTRESS 2!!!

For those who doesn’t know about this, I give y’all a simple summary of this game: 140 more words

7 Phenomenal Video Games Like Overwatch

Overwatch is a MONSTER when it comes to competitive FPS games. Released only 2 years ago it is crazy to see how quickly the game has gained immense popularity and that is achieved by continued support from developers and strong feedback from players. 910 more words


There's no "I" in "TEAM"! - OverWatch's Underrated Opinions

Why is it that team-based multiplayer first-person shooters become so competitive and repetitive over the past 10 years?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these games and I believe they are fun … to an extent. 877 more words

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Video Game Hour Episode 22: Ten Years Since Half-Life 2 Episode 2


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Also it’s officially been a decade since we’ve played any new Half-Life content. Just let that sink in….