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Timeout on TFS Warehouse building job

Have you ever experienced the following exception?

“Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse.WarehouseException: TF221122: An error occurred running job Work Item Tracking Warehouse Sync for team project collection or Team Foundation server <TFS_COLLECTION>. 179 more words

Team Foundation Server 2010

KB2750149 causes problems on HTTPS connections behind TMG proxy/firewall

I’ve been experiencing a lot of troubles authenticating to Team Foundation Server of my company for five months, and today I’ve finally got the cause of them and the solution. 246 more words

Team Foundation Server 2010

team foundation server 2010 force unlock

Deleting the old workspace is probably what you want to do. You can do this with the tf workspace command ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/y901w7se.aspx ), but an easier method is to use the free TFS Sidekicks add-on which gives you a GUI to manage and delete workspaces: … 10 more words

Team Foundation Server 2010

Installing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010-Basic Configuration Step By Step

Installing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS 2010) is pretty simple, there are few types of installation available in TFS 2010/2012, they are: 105 more words


Execute remote SQL commands via Powershell on Amazon RDS

As I have been working with TFS2010 build automation for past few days, again I came across a dead end. The issue was all our application servers are on Amazon EC2 and the backend is on Amazon RDS. 262 more words


TFS build Get Workspace step fails with inter-method access error

I have been implementing TFS 2010 automated build for our company’ product and initially it was implemented in a workgroup environment. There were some custom Powershell scripts that has to be executed remotely and it took weeks for me to finally solve it. 315 more words