TFS Build Error: Invalid path for filesystem 'path': The data area passed to a system call is too small.

Today TFS was throwing very different error while creating a build for source code in a Git repository. The build agent failed to pull the code from TFS Git location and the log was updated with following error; 38 more words


Failing TFS build with .NET Core 2.0

With the release of .NET Core 2.0 I wanted to explore the new features and created a small test application where a .NET Core 2.0 WebApi used some functionality of a .NET Standard 2.0 assembly. 144 more words


VSTS - Package Manager with NuGet

As our project has grown we have identified a number of occurrences where the same assembly is being used across a number of different branches. To improve the management of this single assembly I have been using the VSTS Package Manger to create a NuGet package that we can consume within these projects. 714 more words

Team Services

Visual Studio 2017 Update 2 to support Microsoft Teams with On-Premise TFS

Well it appears my TFS¬†work-around will no longer be needed. Buck Hodges has posted that TFS 2017 update 2 will support TFS integration with Microsoft Teams when it is released… 43 more words

Team Foundation Server

TFS/Teams Integration Performance & Issues

Since my first post the node.js bridge between On-Premise TFS and Microsoft Teams has been up and running with no issues and Slack has now been completely removed from our business. 121 more words

Team Foundation Server

Adding Some Colour to Microsoft Teams Notifications

Now that the basic link is in place between On-Premise TFS and Microsoft Teams it’s time to tinker.

The first thing that I wanted to do was add some visual feedback to the notifications, specifically notifications for builds. 126 more words

Team Foundation Server

Experience with Scrum and Microsofts Team Foundation Server

I’m supporting many different agile Scrum teams with totally different requirements to the Scrum method. So as a Scrum Master I have to find a good way of using Scrum in perfection for the DevOps teams, the classic waterfall for the middle and top management and a Scrum flavored reporting for the customers with pie-charts. 98 more words