Configure a Visual Studio Online (VSO) Build Agent

When using Visual Studio Online (VSO) in your team or for your personal projects, it is very useful to integrate a compilation and a continuous deployment process. 355 more words

Tips And Others

Undoing Someone Else's Changes in TFS

Do a google search for “how to check-in another user’s changes in TFS” and you will find a couple of pages of MSDN documentation and a whole lot of forum articles questioning how to do this.   534 more words

Pending Changes

Agile@School - episode 5

It’s time to review the work done.

The web application the students are working on is reaching its end, speaking about development. It’s not so good to see, we know it, but starting from this sprint, we will apply some graphical stuff and we’ll be ready to present the tool to the “board”. 372 more words

Inherited Deny due to Access Levels

Yesterday I was building some logic against the TFS API and used impersonation to do that.

One of the things that is needed in order to allow a call to TFS to be impersonated is to give a user the “Make Requests on behalf of others” permission. 177 more words


What the heck is version control?

You might be wondering what’s this confusing thing that all the professionals use. What’s the point of it? Can it help me write code? No and no. 1,144 more words

Centralized Version Control

Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS & Source Control

This post shows you how to use Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Source Control with Visual Studio.

Here is a link to my Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS & Source Control… 8 more words


Migrating Issues from Jira to TFS WorkItems.

The challenge begins whenever a new company gets acquired or merged with your company.

We recently acquired company ABC, the ABC Company developers were using SVN as their source control system and JIRA as Issues and bug tracking system. 118 more words

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