What the heck is version control?

You might be wondering what’s this confusing thing that all the professionals use. What’s the point of it? Can it help me write code? No and no. 1,144 more words

Centralized Version Control

Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS & Source Control

This post shows you how to use Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Source Control with Visual Studio.

Here is a link to my Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS & Source Control… 8 more words


Migrating Issues from Jira to TFS WorkItems.

The challenge begins whenever a new company gets acquired or merged with your company.

We recently acquired company ABC, the ABC Company developers were using SVN as their source control system and JIRA as Issues and bug tracking system. 118 more words

Team Foundation Server

Installing TFS 2015 Proxy Server

Here are the steps I took to install Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Proxy Server.

Download the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 (with update 1) from MSDN. 355 more words

Improving Requirements, Associated Tests in TFS-based Team Projects

In working with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Team Projects set up as CMMI, several improvements sprung to mind. These improvements involve the ability to create categories within requirement types, have a clear and informative view of a requirement’s test coverage, and generate product documentation automatically based on customer’s preferences. 712 more words


Is TFS 2013 Accessible During Scheduled Backup?

If you are taking backup for your TFS 2013 through “Scheduled Backups Wizard” from TFS Administration console, is the TFS will be accessible or not? 37 more words

SharePoint 2010