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Jason Rozacky - Tips For Being A Team Player

Jason Rozacky owns his own company, but he is a team player. Here are some tips provided by Jason Rozacky for being a good and responsible team player. 169 more words

Jason Rozacky

New Team Leader qualification added

Being a Team Leader in SFI is of course supposed to be focused on building and leading a TEAM. And, in fact, these activities–DUPLICATION–are absolutely… 704 more words


Jason Rozacky - Qualities Of A Leader

Jason Rozacky owns his own security and emergency operations company and has what it takes to be a leader. If you are looking for a leadership position, make sure you have the same qualities. 219 more words

Jason Rozacky

"You are an attack dog..."

I was promoted to Specialist at the beginning of November, 2003. This would mark a fundamental shift in my role within my unit and my outlook on life itself. 643 more words

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Ten Sales Tips

Its holiday season – your sales should be at peak level. But what do you do if they’re not? Get the hell off facebook! Facebook is a great tool. 741 more words

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5 reasons to choose direct sales

Has this ever been you? Waking up in the morning dreading going to work? Or getting frustrated because your income is restricting your lifestyle? If this is you, and you’re wondering how to change it all, direct sales could be the answer. 421 more words

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