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Back For Round Two

Well, here I am again! God has brought me back to JAX STP this summer to be a team leader! Leaving here last summer, I was fairly satisfied with the summer that I had experienced but I did not foresee myself coming back to JAX as a team leader. 935 more words

What if organizations evolved like people?

Based on Frederic Laloux’s inspiring book Reinventing Organizations, Peter Green has created a most enlightening visual arts video both summarizing Laloux’s work and translating it into a lesson of “Lean and Agile Adoption”. 58 more words


2B Adventures

Kansas City Team Leader Getaway. Somewhere around Week 3 I took a train out west to Kansas City, MO to visit fellow Sun Team Leader Brittany for her birthday. 1,858 more words


One on One Meetings ▬ Friend or Foe

Generally we think in terms of the whole group sitting down together when we hear the word “meeting” and most of the time your team will meet together, however, there is another meeting that is just as important.  503 more words

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