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How to motivate your team

People do business. Cool team makes success. We know this. Today many managers read or visit different courses about human management, especially motivation. Yes, it helps to know about people and their psychology more but the real problem is a personality of a manager and his/hers intentions. 418 more words

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The Five Things Managers Need to Do More of That They Arn't Already Doing

Although it’s generally agreed that there is more “responsibility” as you move up the ladder, there is this misconception from the front line that there is less to do. 712 more words

"by Ivan Siladji"

The Job Interview – Reality TV? Really?

Recently Channel 4 has been showing a reality TV series called “The Job Interview”. They go to great pains to point out that the jobs are real, the companies are real and the people are real but in some respects this makes me even more dismayed! 1,157 more words


3 Time Management Tips to Boost your Productivity & Efficiency as a Manager

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of content published on Business Management Blog in the past couple weeks. I have been tremendously busy with work and also a side project that I have recently launched in “stealth mode” (more to come on this as the project progresses and validates itself…) I promise that I haven’t forgotten about my readers and I will make a huge effort to ramp up my writing going forward to make up for lost time. 841 more words


I never asked for this.

I get in on Friday, fire up my computer, open the spreadsheets, login to our system and after getting my morning out the way I hear a phone call saying you’re going to be speaking with our floor manager. 284 more words


Dylan Bednarz - Learning Business

While attending the Middlesex County College in Edison, Dylan Bednarz took various business management classes. These experiences paid out big time, as he reaps the benefits of these past studies in his current role as a Shift Supervisor at Panera Bread. 218 more words


Your journey has only just begun

Meg Kneafsey is a returned International Citizen Service (ICS) volunteer with Raleigh International, a trustee for the charity, and a campaigner. She now writes about how you can continue your ICS journey after placement… 418 more words