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A $14,284.82 Thank you!

It has been a month since the Best of the Best and time is flying by quickly.   We have a couple items to still take care of from the show and a little issue with the barns still open but all in all things are about back to normal.   237 more words


Tina and Red are a Crafty pair coming into the BOTB for the first time!

The Money Doctor (ECSIF Stallion) will be proud to know that his boy Red Rocket Bully is getting it done with his pilot Tina Craft!  They have been lighting up the arenas and ready to head to the BOTB to show off their talents. 253 more words

Barrel Races

Carley and Tubby - This Ain't no western song. This is a BOTB Team!

Friends being friends!  Watching them makes us smile!

FB Post from Baily about this picture!  “these girl in the picture with me had an amazing weekend at the show in Lima. 363 more words


Morgan Pugh will be riding for a win at the BOTB!

Morgan Pugh, the quiet little girl from Louisville with a riding ability of a superstar, will be shining bright on Saturday September 13, 2014.  Morgan and her Mom Cathy are 2 of the people that always bring a smile to our faces.  536 more words


Jason and Maynard are looking to get the job done in 2014

Jason and Valarie will be competing against each other for the title of BOTB Champion.  The cheers for both of these great people will be abundant!  212 more words


BOTB and The American - Goose better be talking!

The Best of the Best will be shining bright with the Qualifiers for 2014 – Read a little about them and what they have to say about their horse, favorite arenas and the people who inspire them the most. 322 more words


Kelly finally gets her Ohio License to run at the BOTB!

Kelly Pitts Stewart and Im Hannah Montana are looking better than ever.  She qualified last year but didn’t have the requirements to run but this year she got done what needed done and will be running at the BOTB! 352 more words