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Our Office Operations Team!

For those of you who have visited our office, these may be some familiar faces. If you haven’t been able to make it in, we’d like to show off the people that really run the operation around here! 216 more words

A wee bit noisy.....

A few weekends a go was a wonderful noisy weekend with much music and emotion. I’m always amazed at the power music has to move people just like a language can. 425 more words

Week Two- Mapping the Problem Landscape

What did you find challenging or rewarding about this week’s task?

This week we tried to find the underlying causes of our problem, increasingly poor mental health among students. 164 more words

One-on-one with Antoine Dupont Issalys

Today Boneshaker presents you Antoine Dupont Issalys who contributed his wonderful art to the second volume of Encounters with the Imaginary ! Checkout Antoine’s website… 826 more words


Cadavre Exquis - the result!

She had always hated Halloween. For some reason, all the death themed decorations spooked her. Plastic skeletons and fake spiders didn’t scare her, but she knew the build up of black, white and orange house ornating knickknacks was the countdown to the actual celebration… 500 more words


But I don't like my co-workers

I say that a lot. Especially when I’m forced to participate in team building or employee engagement activities. But that statement isn’t entirely true. I’d say, 90% of the time… uhm… maybe 80… or… uhm… you know what… let’s go with most… Most of the time, I like… er… uhm… get along with my co-workers. 402 more words


Courage: Dachshund or Deerhound?

As Kathryn Stockett famously penned, “You is smart, . . . ”

If you were a dog, where would your ‘woof’ register on the “speaking-out” spectrum? 544 more words

Soul Food