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A positive result

Today, Saturday 22 October 2016, was officially Election Day for local Councils in Victoria.  With postal voting now closed it is time to reflect on my campaign for election to Monash Council.  165 more words

Monash Council Election

Stand Up to Cancer

Cancer, why are you still here? No-one wants you and it’s time for your existence to end.

Today isn’t just any old day, neither is it just a normal Stand Up to Cancer post, seen in previous years on John’s Road to Volunteering. 337 more words


Meet The Team-Angie Jo Lockwood

Every month, the leadership at KMG Consultants Inc. selects one of our peers to feature in “Meet the Team”. For the month of October, Angie Jo Lockwood receives the honor.  250 more words

KMG Consultants

A guide to terrorism for young nurses

Yeah, I’m not joking about the title. This week saw me sitting for one whole hour of a two hour lecture on morals and ethics within nursing listening to the terrorism act, and situations in which we should not co-operate with the police. 929 more words


Leadership Lessons from the Pink Corner: Hold your Feedback; Get on your knees.

Leading is tough but following is even tougher. She sat there all German efficiency, rolling off our names to determine if we were really part of her team. 474 more words

There's no 'I' in Team, but there is a 'me'

First of all I will make sure you know I mean business by using a generic Team Work image. Ants lifting a twig over a hole. 583 more words


Team Work

Team work is one of the most important components in a hospital. Everyone needs to be on the same page and be able to work well with your co-workers. 365 more words

Team Work