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Day 39 Just Fine...

40 min 4min run/1min walk 3.0mi Click here to learn more!

What a perfect afternoon. We gave it our all today. The weather and our schedule kept us from running yesterday so it had been a few days. 95 more words


Day 37 Walka, Walka, Walka

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30min 1.81 mi walk

Hey what could be better than a 30 min walk with your wife? The off-days are meant for walking so a walking we did go. 71 more words


Day 36 Cool, Man

40 min 3mi 4min run/1min walk

First time over three miles on a Monday! Well it was late in the day so our energy was a little low but it was nice and cool so we were able to finish just fine. 82 more words


The invitation awaits - beginning the taper

The last few weeks since Big Sur have been a time of reflection and anticipation. After a week of relatively light activity to recover, I put in a last really long run of 3 hours and am now in the taper. 449 more words

Day 33 Hot, hot, hot

51:18, 3.77 miles 4min run, 1min walk

Our longest run yet in both time and distance was made more challenging by the sun and heat. We had a very strong start but the heat slowed down the last couple intervals. 48 more words


For those of you who don’t know, last week was Alex’s 20th birthday and as a result Facebook lit up with posts to Alex’s wall. Posts were filled with memories of Alex’s love and friendship, as well as what people are doing to remember and live like Alex. 133 more words


Day 31 Improvement

35min 2.69mi 13:00 pace 4:00run/1:00walk

Hey we did it! Colder weather and a little fatigue made us less eager today. Then we had cold conditions in one direction and hot facing the other. 62 more words