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TWV Day 6...together


Today a few of us ran together on the longest run yet in our Team World Vision marathon training plan. We make a little more progress each time, which is a bonus. 56 more words

Spiritual Formation

TWV Training Day 5

A nice evening run with my wife tonight! We covered a tiny bit more distance and felt better doing it so I guess that’s progress. But real progress will be eliminating the need for fresh water in our lifetimes. 14 more words

Spiritual Formation

Beautiful Day 4...

What can I say? It’s so beautiful today! Such an incredibly small sacrifice so that others can have access to the source of life. I’m thankful today for God’s grace. 22 more words

Spiritual Formation

Prayers appreciated...

Watch the video above for some testimonials about the decision to invest in people who need clean water. I can’t imagine waking up each day wondering if my family will have clean water to drink. 86 more words

Spiritual Formation

A perfect training run!

I was scared of this marathon training run, especially given the heat forecast. After all, since when were mountainous marathons considered “training runs”? I’m a mere mortal and my last name is not Karnazes, so this was nuts. 448 more words

Where Feet May Fail

This month I said yes to something that I’m not sure I can accomplish. I don’t like to do that. I think it has something to do with the feeling that if I say I am going to do something, then I better well do it, because my word is on the line. 427 more words

Are you triskadekaphobic?

I must admit that I don’t usually have any fears of Friday the 13th, just as I don’t fear black cats or small dogs. In fact, I’m not a person who lives with fear at all. 336 more words