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Day 23

4 mile easy run 51:34

I was a little disappointed tonight until I realized this run was 40 seconds faster than last Tuesday’s identical run. So, incremental progress. 41 more words


Day 20 That's Funny

6.01 miles 1:20:33 13:24/mile

Six miles without stopping, 3 minutes faster than last Saturday! That’s more than :30 faster per mile which is pretty good for slow pokes like us! 84 more words


Day 18 Thank You!

3 mile tempo run 37:19

Had to run alone today. It was hot and I couldn’t take water. Still, I got my best time for the long course by quite a bit! 54 more words


Day 16 = 4

4 miles Easy Run 13:04/mile 52:14

Nice cool evening run. Had some knee pain earlier so had to run later alone. Still I managed to slightly improve my pace, even with going one mile more. 27 more words


Why Clean Water? Why World Vision?

“…Upward falling, spirit soaring…” I am listening to this Hillsong United song (see below) on repeat these days. I love the imagery, the freedom that comes with surrender. 866 more words

Day 15 On track...

3 mile Easy Run 13:05/mile

One good lap of our longer route with a couple of minor climbs. 3 miles without stopping, without incident. We are running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for World Vision, providing clean water to children who need it. 45 more words


Day 13 YES!!!!

Click here to deliver the water I carried today…

6.0 miles 1:23 13:56/mile Details

Short and sweet. We did it! We ran 6 miles without stopping, without incident! 14 more words