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The Real Day 37 = 5

5 miles easy 1:06:42 Details

Whew. On a very cool night, later than we had planned we managed to run 5 miles. My joints were not at their happiest. 140 more words


Day 37 Beasts

3 mile easy run 39:21 Click for details

Well I was a bit nervous to hit the streets after the knee pain Saturday. Sunday’s bike ride had helped a lot, so I warmed up on the bike today. 109 more words


Day 35 Ahhhh

6.2 mile 27:55 cross-training bike ride Click for details

Today was a great day! It started with a great morning in worship around the Lord’s Table. 144 more words


Day 34 Double Digits! (10 miles)

10 mile run 2hr 44min

Whew! This was a rough one, but I covered 10 miles for the first time! About a quarter mile into the run I had knee pain (first time ever). 198 more words


Running: A love hate relationship

I`ll admit it, running is not for everyone. Some people have a past of crippling knee and ankle injuries that stops them taking another bound on the road or trail. 519 more words

Day 30 = 5

5 mile easy run 1:02:41 12:31/mile Details

The last time we ran 5 miles it took almost eight minutes longer! Wow! Perfect temps and improved technique helped us over come the wind. 73 more words


Day 29 Just fine...

3 mile easy run 38:56 Details

About 14 seconds faster than the last easy Monday run. Considering the heat and humidity we will take it. I tried out a lighter pair of shoes I picked up super cheap from the outlet store. 57 more words