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Anatomy of Success

A vision is conceived in the light of Wisdom, imagination, desires and intentions.  A strategic roadmap is required to realize the vision, this roadmap is defined as a set of goals, and achievement of goals are measure by a set of milestones. 385 more words


Exposing the Blind Spot

True problem solvers are team oriented. Everyone has a blind spot so the best way to solve a team problem is to collaborate with a team of people to gain multiple perspectives. 100 more words



I am blessed to know a God of provision. A God who is love, who calls us closer before he calls us deeper.

Beginning this journey with going on a team I felt like a whole lot was against me. 266 more words


All 'round cowboys

To preface my following comments – I’m not a Broncos fanatic. I don’t listen to sports talk. I don’t really invest much in my time off work to the game. 168 more words



When we were younger stood in gym class we knew what place we stood in, and when it came to be picked for the basketball team all i could think about how much of a basket case I was and no matter how hard i tried someone would always get picked over me. 413 more words

My Part of the World

In local news this week, workers have started the process of the Demolition of Floyd Casey Stadium. I had many fond memories of watching games over many years there. 196 more words


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Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thinking about things going on in my part of the world today, I find it amazing how the Internet allows us to share with others on the other side of the globe. As mentioned in this post, we live in a very dynamic world and each day God gives us lessons we can apply in our life from the things going on around us. Have a great week my friends!

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The St Jude’s and St Simons Refugee Project needs you!

If you wish, you can fill in your Volunteer information below. Alternatively, you can download, print and submit the  38 more words