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Relationship Series - Opposites Attract

Relationship Series – Opposites Attract

You know how the saying goes… “opposites attract”, and I think I would have to agree in our case. Jack and I are very different people, and whilst we do share some interests, this is not just what opposites attract means. 329 more words

Top coach praises swimming set-up

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With most of the crucial requirements already checked off the to-do list, the only thing left standing between swimmers based at home in Singapore and victory on the world stage could just be time. 441 more words

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The Power of Digital Storytelling - Part 1

Hey, I’m Leigh. I’m a digital designer at Comic Relief and this is my first post for the Comic Relief Tech Blog! I’ve just started working on a new digital storytelling product and thought it might be interesting to blog our journey, through our processes, what’s working, our challenges etc. 538 more words


It only works on the weak minded.

We all start projects with a vision of what can be done. Along the way, we have a little annoying Jedi in our mind that attempts to wave its hand at us and convince us that what we started is too hard, too boring, or not worth sticking with. 68 more words


MP Tin Pei Ling to work for tech investment firm from May

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SINGAPORE – MacPherson Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling will start work in May at an investment firm.

“Come May 2017, I will start to work for a Singapore enterprise – Jing King Tech Group. 273 more words

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armed with coffee, savvy, and "can-do"

When I was in the military, my role -besides ALL the other roles that I was given, was to maintain electronic communication equipment.  Really, this was an ironic career choice.    430 more words


Note from Uncle Dale: Swag Wow

Hello Everyone!  WOW.  All y’all got the Swag Godesses working overtime!  It’s turned into this whole Santa’s workshop meets 70’s message t-shirt meets finals week all nighter workgroup vibe kind of thing. 111 more words

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