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New tcWebHooks release for TeamCity 9.1

The recent release of TeamCity 9.1 caused an issue with webhooks failing to be sent under certain specific conditions.
The Branch object supplied by TeamCity as part of an sBuild now contains references to the parent project, which then contain references back to the build which contains a reference to the Branch. 218 more words


Redgate Tools - Enabling Continuous Delivery for Database Changes with Octopus Deploy and Teamcity

I have been recently working with various client around enabling and adopting devops practices within enterprise organisations. It’s interesting to see many people think it’s just code development team and operations have to work together. 905 more words


MSTest Not Honoring [ExpectedException] Attribute

Our project (.NET 4.0) has grown over a period of time, and while we’re using VS2013 these days, many of the projects in our solution were created using Visual Studio 2010. 395 more words


[HOWTO] Maven Release on JetBrains TeamCity

In one of my last posts I wrote about setting up a C# build job on JetBrains TeamCity 9. Today I’ll show you how to set up a java build job for building and releasing a maven artifact. 479 more words

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Part 5: Continuous Delivery of SQL Server database by Source controlling in Git (Using Red-gate Tools, TeamCity and OctopusDeploy)

Most of the time in many organisation people are involved in shipping the code faster into various environments like Test, UAT, Staging and Production. After a while many hit the point of bottle neck in deploying the database changes where you cannot delivery continuously. 636 more words


Part 3: How to Implement Continuous Delivery for Windows Services Using Octopus and Teamcity

In the Last Post we have seen how to use the Octopus for Cloud Service deployments, now in this post its all about build , deploy and promote windows services by using octopus deploy without any bespoke scripts. 372 more words


Part 2 Octopus Deploy & Teamcity - Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy and Promote Azure Cloud Service (Cloud)

Now we have chosen the tools sets and there are lots of documentation already exists on how to install/configure the tool sets hence I’m not going to discuss those aspects. 607 more words