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Building Azure functions project on TeamCity

I would not reccomend for anyone to follow my steps described here while trying to solve similiar issue. It’s more to highlight a path I’ve taken than to give you a proper solution.

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Adding Build Statuses to Pull Requests with TeamCity and GitHub

I’m always looking for ways to improve our build server setup and improve our overall efficiency. So a recent change I’ve made is to get Team City to start building pull requests and pushing the resulting status back to GitHub. 583 more words

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Using AWS ECR as a Docker registry

In this post, I’ll modify the pipeline from the previous posts to use a Docker registry powered by AWS ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry). 989 more words


Adding code coverage with nyc

In this post, I’ll add code coverage to the build pipeline and configure TeamCity to break the build if the code coverage drops. 479 more words


Adding mocha unit tests

In this post, I’ll add unit tests to the example application that I’ve been fiddling around with in the recent posts. 409 more words


Adding WebdriverIO tests

In this post, I’ll add some automated browser tests using PhantomJS and WebdriverIO. 598 more words


Waiting for the correct version after deployment

In this post, I’ll implement a post deployment check that waits until the application is running with the expected version. 582 more words