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Tips for Deploying your .Net project

Over the last 20 years I’ve seen many a deployment, some good, some bad and the ugly, life’s too short for manual/long deployments.

Here is what I recommend… 239 more words

Pro Tips

Semantic versioning APIs of .NET assemblies

Some time ago I wrote a post on this topic, and decided it was time for an update.


  • Package managers are awesome.
  • Having many small libraries is good design.
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Integrating with TeamCity and .Net

TeamCity is a build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains.

In the following article I am going to show you how to get started with some simple integrations using TeamCity’s API. 465 more words

Deploying to Telerik Platform from Octopus Server

We have been suing Telerik Platform for a while now, while their platform is great, going from TFVC to Build to Platform for deploy always involved someone building for their local visual studio, which of course carries the risks of: 1,372 more words

DBA's and Developers in Database Continuous Delivery Pipeline (Tools: Redgate Tools, Git, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy)

In past few months I have been involved with various clients in enabling Continuous integration and Continuous delivery process within the enterprise organizations. When speaking about databases as part of this process there is lot of noise within the room as if this is a scariest part of the world. 635 more words