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Wouldn’t it be awesome if Microsoft and JetBrains could come to an agreement, so that EVERYTHING needed to build an Asp.Net solution, could be resolved from within TeamCity so that we wouldn’t have to make separate installs of msbuild tools and .Net frameworks and, most ANNOYINGLY, the web application targets that so many applies the “manual copy workaround” for. 95 more words


Deploying multiple Git branches using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

A few months ago, I was asked to set up a CI process and system for a digital agency.

The agency typically produces smallish ASP.NET sites (in fact they use Umbraco, but that’s another, longer, unhappier story…). 686 more words


Configuring JetBrains TeamCity using HTTPs on Windows

We decided setting up TeamCity 9.1 for d-fens GmbH on an Amazon EC2 micro instance. Because the server will be accessible from the internet I had to configure TeamCity using HTTPS. 111 more words


New tcWebHooks release for TeamCity 9.1

The recent release of TeamCity 9.1 caused an issue with webhooks failing to be sent under certain specific conditions.
The Branch object supplied by TeamCity as part of an sBuild now contains references to the parent project, which then contain references back to the build which contains a reference to the Branch. 218 more words


Redgate Tools - Enabling Continuous Delivery for Database Changes with Octopus Deploy and Teamcity

I have been recently working with various client around enabling and adopting devops practices within enterprise organisations. It’s interesting to see many people think it’s just code development team and operations have to work together. 905 more words


Integrating TeamCity with Team Foundation Server - Part 2

In my previous post I introduced TeamCity as  an alternative build server to use in conjunction with Team Foundation Server. This post mainly focused on getting started with TeamCity and building sources coming from Team Foundation Server. 1,278 more words


Integrating TeamCity with Team Foundation Server - Part 1

In this cross-platform world, where everything integrates with … well everything, it is not unusual to come across companies that use more than one system for their Application Lifecycle Management. 877 more words