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Using GitHub Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with TeamCity

If you have two factor authentication (2FA) set up in GitHub and you also want to use TeamCity, the easiest way to set this up is to set up SSH keys to access the GitHub repository. 192 more words

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Part 1 (Source Control your Immutable Infrastructure ) : Microsoft Azure ARM Templates and Octopus Deploy in your Digital Pipeline

I have been recently working on lots of projects to enable the digital pipeline within enterprise organisation of various size. “No hugging of environments, so kill it when there is a misbehave and build from source control with trust and confidence.” 984 more words


Setup TeamCity on Windows Azure VM - part 1 on 2

TeamCity is a continuous integration (CI) server developed by Jetbrains. I have worked with CruiseControl and Hudson/Jenkins and, to my point-of-view, TeamCity is beyond comparison. 1,251 more words


Recipe - TeamCity v9.1.1 and SQLExpress 2014

Given you have installed TeamCity and have been using the internal data store HSQLDB in TeamCity and now want to follow JetBrains recommendations of NOT using… 569 more words


TeamCity Reset admin password

If you forgotten TeamCity admin password and trying to find way to reset it then please follow below steps:

  • Go to your TeamCity installation log folder (Example log file path where TeamCity installed in C: drive: C:\TeamCity\logs)
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[NoBrainer] Use SSH Key on JetBrains TeamCity

Instead of entering the username and password for every VCS root registered on JetBrains TeamCity it’s better to register an SSH Key for the communication with the VCS (Version Control System). 171 more words


[HOWTO] Create and Publish C# NuGet package with JetBrains TeamCity

Todays blog post shows how to set up a build configuration on a JetBrains TeamCity 9.1 server that creates and publishes a NuGet package of a C#/.NET-Project. 595 more words