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A tag team championship battle between Entity Framework, NuGet vs TeamCity, SQL Provider

Recently we have upgraded our entity framework through NuGet and had all our unit test cases passing locally. Everything started to fail on TeamCity build server and there was not much stack trace displayed in the build log. 137 more words


Octopus Deploy with Team City

Working with one other developer on a greenfield project we had no CI in place. Somehow over the course of a couple of sprints (and mainly off plan) I managed to get TeamCity configured and Octopus deploy to push out the 3 main apps we were building to Dev and 2 Test VMs. 294 more words


Watch out for exceptions in NUnit TestFixture constructors

Don’t do anything that might throw an exception in a TestFixture constructor: your tests will be ignored, rather than failing.

My colleague Chris and I have been playing around with polymorphous testing, taking advantage of the fact that you can pass parameters to an NUnit… 266 more words


TeamCity Dependencies

Whilst setting up a couple of Build Configurations in Teamcity recently I seemed to struggle with dependencies so I thought I best get this down. 181 more words


The easy way to push packages into HockeyApp from CI

As I mentioned in my last post, we use HockeyApp to distribute one of our internal mobile applications. As a platform, it provides many wonderful features including distribution, crash reports, feedback forms, analytics and team management. 480 more words

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What to consider when doing Continuous Integration on a Xamarin app

OK, let me set the scene… It was a dark starry night at the local watering hole (READ: pub) and I was discussing one of our internal systems. 1,119 more words

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ทดสอบ TeamCity

TeamCity เป็น Web Application สำหรับทำ Continuous Integrate


  • ฺBuild .Net Solution โดยใช้ MSBuild
  • Hot Deploy ไปยัง IIS โดยใช้ MSBuild (เพิ่ม Command line parameter)
  • รัน Unit Test โดยใช้ MSTest…
  • 15 more words