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Deploying to Telerik Platform from Octopus Server

We have been suing Telerik Platform for a while now, while their platform is great, going from TFVC to Build to Platform for deploy always involved someone building for their local visual studio, which of course carries the risks of: 1,372 more words

DBA's and Developers in Database Continuous Delivery Pipeline (Tools: Redgate Tools, Git, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy)

In past few months I have been involved with various clients in enabling Continuous integration and Continuous delivery process within the enterprise organizations. When speaking about databases as part of this process there is lot of noise within the room as if this is a scariest part of the world. 635 more words


Concepts: ClickOnce Applications - Build via Teamcity and Deploy, Config Change, Re-Sign via Octopus Deploy

This article is born because of popular request from many community users I have met with. This article does not talk details about Click once application it’s all about build, deploy and apply config changes finally know about re-sign the ClickOnce applications. 577 more words


Building and packaging SQL Server Integration Services projects in TeamCity

At DrDoctor we’ve been using Octopus Deploy for about a year and half now, and in that time we have developed a very robust way of releasing the core of our system. 737 more words


TeamCity: it's free!

Well, up to a point. We use it at work, and I had always imagined it would be a premium price, even for playing/demos. Well, I’m… 16 more words

Continuous Deployment

TeamCity on Windows Azure VM part 2/2 - enabling SSL with reverse proxy

In the previous post we explained how to install a TeamCity server on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine. We used an external SQL Azure database for the internal database used by Teamcity. 1,082 more words


Using GitHub Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with TeamCity

If you have two factor authentication (2FA) set up in GitHub and you also want to use TeamCity, the easiest way to set this up is to set up SSH keys to access the GitHub repository. 192 more words

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