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Install new TeamCity build agent on Windows

TeamCity is an awesome tool that can be used to build a lot of different variety of projects. In its free version, it comes with a maximum of 100 build configurations and 3 configurable build agents (note that these values have been considerably increased quite recently as before it was only 20 build configurations and 1 build agent). 789 more words

Deploy to Sitecore website using TeamCity with Web Deploy 4.0 (or SMB)

In this blog post, I will explain how I setup TeamCity to build and deploy my Sitecore Visual Studio solution to my Sitecore website using… 2,296 more words

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Posting to Atlassian Stride from TeamCity

Stride is the new collaboration and communication tool from Atlassian. It is the replacement to the old hipchat system which was one of the first chat programs that tcWebHooks supported. 153 more words


Types Of BizTalk Deployment

Using this blog, I just want to throw some light on different ways of BizTalk deployments.

Manual Deployment: This is pretty known style of BizTalk deployment by exporting MSI, Binding files from local environment and import the same in target environment. 358 more words


Playing with TeamCity on Azure

I spent the past two days playing with setting up TeamCity on Azure. This is just a poc more than anything else, but it’s always fun to do something new. 1,095 more words


FileFormatException: Format error in package

OK so we’re all completely clear on what this error means and what must be done to resolve it right? I mean with a meaningful error like that how can anyone be mistaken? 757 more words

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Bundling with Gulp in TeamCity

Like most, our front end developers write CSS in LESS or SASS and then use Gulp to compile the result. This is great but up until recently both the compiled and source style files would end up in our source control repository. 471 more words