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TeamCity - Superuser access to UI

The Scenario

Our developers use TeamCity. This instance uses the built-in authentication model, i.e. no LDAP authentication.

The Problem

A team of developers forgot the password to login to their TeamCity server UI. 134 more words


Using TeamCity To Raise Octopus Defects

In my previous post, I shared a script that used the Octopus API to create a defect, with the aim of it being added to a TeamCity build and chaining the build to a deploy/test build step in TeamCity: the aim being to raise an Octopus defect if a test fails whilst the deployment to the environment succeeded. 764 more words


Integrating Ranorex with TeamCity using PsExec

The problem

As part of our ever increasing effort to automate more of the builds and tests that we run on our applications and thereby detecting defects as early as possible, integrating our UI testing solution… 532 more words


Creating and Resolving Defects Using Octopus API


I’ve been using Octopus and Team City together as a build/deploy solution, and the more I use them together the more I like them. I have a lot of experience in using the TFS Build process, and used a combination of MSBuild and MSBuild to create semi-automated deployments. 484 more words


TeamCity LDAP authentication with JumpCloud

JumpCloud looks like a great service to use LDAP without using LDAP. And I have just managed to find an error in the documentation, precisely the file “ldap-config.properties.dist”. 87 more words


Continuous Integreation - TeamCity or Jenkins

Are you continuously integrating your development efforts into a stable pipeline? Are your teammates doing the same? Is that practice encouraged inside your organization?
I hope it is. 350 more words

Coding Is Fun

Displaying Build number on Sitecore Home Page & Tagging Git

You know the saying that you never stop learning.

I have decided to make this part 9 of the series of post that I am doing about building a Continuous Integration Environment using Sitecore, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, and Unicorn. 560 more words