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The Lethal Combination

Objectivity is great for decision-making, but it’s terrible for motivation. Great teams need both. The best situation any team can find themselves in is having the ability to focus their emotion like a laser at the objective. 63 more words


The Science of Bench Warming

Growing up a competitive, hard-working, and talented athlete I spent little time on the bench… (there is more to that story so just keep reading) 1,098 more words

Perpetual Mediocrity

Wanting to jump back on to the field sounds noble but it’s actually quite foolish. It looks like a desire for excellence when actually it’s the practice of perpetual mediocrity. 99 more words


Video of Crazy Footballer Feeding Sleeping Teammates in a Bus goes Viral

This video of crazy footballer feeding hid sleeping teammates in a bus goes viral on the internet and is currently trending on Twitter.

Ben Boulware who plays for The Clemson University American Football Team made this video of how he was feeding his teammates with sour patch kids while they were deep asleep in a Bus. 26 more words


Correct Correction

We have all been at the place where a problem needs to be solved and we don’t necessarily have the resources to solve the problem correctly. 105 more words



We all need a band-aid from time to time. They made us feel better when we were kids. It’s cute when little kids ask for a band-aid, even when they are not bleeding. 100 more words


Doing Your Job

Doing our job seems like it should be easy. It is when it’s new and fun. Doing our job is easy when we get to do it with people we get along with. 109 more words