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Problems are in fact a problem. I have noticed that people on the team that feel stuck need acknowledgement before they can move on to solving the problem. 85 more words


Sweet Potato Waffle

A few weeks ago, I purchased a new waffle maker to take back to school (and for future apartments), mostly thanks to Christmas sales and gift cards.   313 more words


Catching Up

My Christmas break gave me perspective from where I’ve been to where I am in life. College has been a unique experience to say the least. 1,755 more words


Am I a problem because I disagree?

Teammates do not always see eye to eye. Teams that agree all the time either have a diversity problem or a lying problem. Teams that are made of secure and mature adults can disagree and move forward. 49 more words


Comfortable with Mistakes

How comfortable am I with making a mistake? I have found that the answer to this question can be influenced by how comfortable the team is with making mistakes. 44 more words


Mistakes: Love Hate Relationship

I am going to make a mistake today. You are going to make a mistake today. The people around us will make a mistake today. Mistakes are inevitable. 79 more words


Working the Plan

Diligence helps us refuse to give in. Diligence requires a plan. It takes work, intention, and conviction. Those three requirements are the reason that the best result seems so difficult to accomplish. 116 more words