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Mrs. Banks baked the most delicious Blueberry Cobbler that an eight-year old boy could be served. Its plump, juicy berries oozed from beneath the lightly golden topping. 516 more words

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It is 7:59 on June 5, 2016 and I am writing this as a tribute to my old basketball coach, Jerry Farrior. Why 7:59? That is because for three seasons, Saturday morning practices started at 7:59am. 570 more words


Relentless: The Ryan Rossano Story

A cancer diagnosis midway through his junior year baseball season could have derailed his dreams and aspirations – but with his faith, family, and the support of his coaches and teammates, Ryan Rossano chose instead to be relentless. 14 more words


Night of Shattered Silence

We were quite an unruly bunch, my teammates and I. If we weren’t up late making ridiculous dance videos, playing Call of Duty, or pulling Vanilla Coke and Copenhagen fueled all-nighters, we were doing anything else, except studying. 1,178 more words


Paintshop Politics: Is it business as usual when your hotel changes hands?

Even within large companies, shifts in property ownership and management are common. A hotel may be placed under a newly-formed brand, or switched to another existing one. 537 more words

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