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Searching for my jiu-jitsu soulmate

Some romantics believe everyone has a soulmate.  I’m not sure if that’s true in love, but I think it is very much true in bjj.  You know the feeling.   719 more words

Brazil-021 Arlington Heights

Sanctus Bovinus

Every organization has a history and that history can create what some call a sacred cow. It’s a practice, system, method or object that has been deemed untouchable due to its nostalgic value. 90 more words


Show them where they fit.

Great teams don’t always wait for people to apply for open positions. The best people are not usually unemployed. Great teams need to go after great people. 98 more words


Handcrafted beats mass-produced.

Handpick a person that fits the position, transmit your enthusiasm about an “opportunity”, and pitch the vision of the team and their role on it. Many times we do an open call for positions on the team. 64 more words



Every team should have certain non-negotiables. These are attributes that every teammate must possess to be on be team. The best place to start when putting the list together is to look at the team values. 77 more words


Shoot for the stars...literally.

Once I identify complementary roles, I can now begin to create my dream team. These are the people that would be prefect for the roles available. 55 more words