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Same Tunnel, Different View

Experience transforms us. Some people are changed into someone who will “never do that again” based on some unpleasant experience in the past. Others on the team understand the way a victory can erase the pain and scars that it took to achieve it. 49 more words


Scary Freedom

Freedom of thought is scary, but it’s the only way to break out of the self imposed prison of fear. Freedom to fail is a freedom to learn. 76 more words


When Identity is the Goal

When the preservation of identity is the goal of planning, then dissent is not encouraged and is often demonized. The result is an echo chamber with unspoken ideas held captive by the control that comes with the preservation of identity. 70 more words


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Winning requires a ruthlessness that not everyone can stomach. That is where the whole “nice guys finish last” idea comes from. I am not advocating being a jerk towards other people in order to win. 78 more words


day 1483 - gstringers bonderĀ 

took us long enough to finally have our gstrings season end get together. partying at eastside crafthouse thanks to our spirit award gift certificate. for those of us on the team who are straight, the conversation got really awkward at times and even uncomfortable; it’s never a dull moment with these girls. 18 more words

My 365

Pick a Saint, any Saint

This weekend we had confirmation at our church. One of the many things I love about confirmation is that each person chooses a Saint for their confirmation name. 271 more words