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25 Things You Need To Thank Your Teammates For

1. For eye-rolling alongside you when coach scheduled Friday 5:30AM weights, but always showing up and working hard.

2. For rubbing out that huge knot in your shoulder when you just couldn’t handle it anymore. 281 more words

8 Valuable Life Lessons You Learn From Playing Softball

Sh*t doesn’t come easy. If it was easy, they’d call it baseball. (Just kidding.) But softball really sucks sometimes. There’s 259 things you have to be thinking about and anticipating all at once. 525 more words

A Crybaby and the Hulk

The first three months on the field are language months. Extremely brutal days filled with throaty gibberish that my throat just can not imitate. During these days, the relationship between my partner and me was strained. 352 more words


There's no "I" in Team...or Cancer

One of our favorite Sundays of the year has finally arrived. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you all had a chance to watch the NFL Honors show last night. 698 more words


Quote of the day: Carli Lloyd on Crystal Dunn

“I’m so proud of Crystal, she’s really raised her level. She could have responded in a few different ways when she didn’t make the World Cup roster. 51 more words


Week 4

Whenever you’re feeling terrible and tired, always remember: the worst has yet to come.

I’m surprised that I’m always thinking that in life there will be tons of shitholes that you will step into, and somehow the thought about something worse coming my way would make me feel better almost instantly. 787 more words