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Great teammates know how to support decisions that they don’t agree with. There are so many directions a team can take at any given time. It’s nice to think that consensus is necessary to move a team forward, but the reality is that it should be much more rare than some teams expect if the team is made of the necessary diversity to succeed. 70 more words


Punctuate my narrative.

How I disagree with a teammate demonstrates my quality as a teammate. Do I see a different opinion as a threat to my security? Do I have to be agreed with? 70 more words


Everything in common?

A team, by definition, is a group of individuals that work together towards a common purpose with common values. That’s where the common should end. Ordinary teams recruit too many people that look or think too much like them. 63 more words


Embarrassment Backlash

Great teams leave nothing to chance. They take care of the little things and the little things take care of them. Have you ever been on a team that had leadership that was too afraid to be overbearing? 117 more words


Co-Workers; How You Make It Work

Whether you work at a small, medium or large-scale business, there’s likely going to be some co-worker(s) that you prefer working with over others. If we’re honest, we might even go so far as to say there are some that are positively annoying; possibly some that are…well…just the kind that subtract rather than add to your day. 862 more words

Job Search Advice

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

At Nelnet, we believe in our youth as the future of America. That’s why we are so invested in their success and education. From involvement with TeamMates to participating in Junior Achievement events, mentoring the future leaders of tomorrow is a key component of who we are. 459 more words

Giving Back

Subtle Lack of Discipline

I am always amazed at a certain type of teammate that sees the discipline of others and scoffs at it as if they have a better way of staying on track. 105 more words