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I'm Not A Team Player (But Neither Are You)

Disclaimer: Before this post gets under way, I want to provide my perception of the Americanism team player. Team player is a noun that originated in the late 19th century that describes a person who willingly works in… 1,852 more words

Quote of the day: Abby Wambach

“I’m not saying that I’m not a good soccer player any more. I’m saying that A) there’s other things I want to do — start a family, the whole bit — and B) there’s always a time … that you need to walk away and hand over the reins to somebody else.” 31 more words


Ali Krieger sorta kinda almost comes out. Maybe.

This is as close, I think, as Ali Krieger has come to publicly declaring that she’s gay.

Last month, she made this “Q&A” video with her brother, … 270 more words


Quote of the day: Jill Ellis on having to cut 2 players for World Cup roster

“Both of them were incredibly professional. They understood the process, understood how competitive it was and they were a class act, both of them. It was an extremely tough decision.” 44 more words

2015 World Cup

A quick message

Day 109

Hey everyone.

Here I am, just finished practice sitting on the bus typing out this little message to all of you. Knowing me this post wouldn’t be written once I made it home because I would end up passing out on my semi- comfy couch with my snuggie…. 246 more words


the 100 day project - day 14 - keep on running

Yes, it’s another running post. As previously mentioned, running seems to be becoming a larger and larger part of my life at the moment. And so there will be more and more posts about running. 696 more words

Those Golden Teammates

Lately I’ve been thinking about the value of faithful service when it comes to ministry. Especially within the context of a worship team. There may be many things that motivate you to sign up – passion, excitement, calling… – but if you really want to minister to others with your service, it’s going to hinge on your level of commitment. 518 more words

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