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The Cost of Fear

Mistakes that go unreported out of fear are a waste for two reasons. First, the team never gets to truly resolve the problem as mistakes are never owned and discussed in a way that finds a solution. 77 more words


Kyrie Irving pulled a fast on Lebron James

LeBron James while a Great basketball Player and a All time Great Player

and Arguably the  Greatest or close to it depending on whom you ask… 103 more words


Response to Mistakes

The way a leader responds to a mistake will set the tone for their team’s response to mistakes. If the leader sees a mistake as an opportunity for the team to learn, then the team will have a culture of development and innovation. 47 more words


Frantic Frustration

Falling behind on tasks can create an overwhelming amount of anxiety that doesn’t help us rally to overcome the situation we find ourselves in. The best comebacks in sports history happen when someone decides that they won’t quit, panic, or lose control. 86 more words


Winning... like Buses

So it’s been a while since I last did an entry in the PPRT blog, to be exact I think it was a review on my awesome week in Calpe. 954 more words

Rally Strategy

Every great team that falls behind has a clear idea of how to mount a comeback. It usually requires a little luck but also some timely execution. 77 more words


Falling Behind

Everyone is busy. We all wake up every day with something to accomplish. We all fall behind on our tasks at times as well. The key is to remain calm about it. 60 more words