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Fostering Collaboration (Leadership Practice 3)

I’m in a series highlighting 9 Effective Servant Leadership Practices. Servant leadership is not just a good idea. It works! The 9 effective leadership practices highlighted in this series capture core leadership dimensions that are correlated with effectiveness in the team context. 372 more words


Nice bulldogs Teamwork

These 2 bulldog pups work together to get their favorite toy out from the bottom of a pool. Gotta watch this!

Evin College Case Study, by Ben Eastwood

The team is driven to help as many young people in Dar es Salaam as possible, therefore when we reached the halfway point and found that we had finished with Kilimanjaro University, and only had Saturday slots remaining with Ardhi, we decided to take on a 3rd and final university. 833 more words


7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

It’s hard to imagine a single career that doesn’t have a need for someone who can code. Everything that “just works” has some type of code that makes it run. 833 more words



Have you ever noticed that it’s very difficult to quit something if you have never quit something before? It’s a threshold we are hesitant to cross if we are used to finishing. 65 more words


Stuff I learned from Sports books. No, really.

So let’s start with a question. Do you think there is anything we can learn from the dreaded section of the bookshop called ‘sports books’? Now if you hate sport – and yes, I know there are some people for whom this is a badge of honour – chances are you jumped from the ‘Health’ shelves to ‘Travel’ without a sideways glance. 1,149 more words

Team work?

My cats and tortoises have a funny relationship: wherever the cat goes, she will have a friendly follower. 31 more words