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In time. 

How did a walk become conquering a mountain? Because my friends are adventurous and fun.

I wanted to walk off yesterday’s ride. A nice walk through the snow. 119 more words

Big Tower

Simple. Use lots of buckets to create the tallest tower possible.


lots of buckets; cycle helmets if desired


Big Games - Operation

One Scout lies on floor with, for example, a cup of water placed on various parts of their body. Task for the rest of team is to lift off the cups of water using broom handles. 21 more words


Big Games - Buckaroo

One Scout is the ‘horse’ and either stands or kneels. The rest of the team have a time limit to see how many items they can balance on the ‘horse’.


lots of items


Successful Supervisor Part 9 - Motivation

Many supervisors make some fundamental mistakes in the area of motivation, and it costs them dearly. It seems paradoxical that the actions intended to improve motivation actually have the reverse effect in many cases. 1,068 more words

Enabling Actions

Am I a problem because I disagree?

Teammates do not always see eye to eye. Teams that agree all the time either have a diversity problem or a lying problem. Teams that are made of secure and mature adults can disagree and move forward. 49 more words


Project Me: 2017

I have grown tired of the stuff floating around in my head!  The past hurts that I have caused!  And, the past hurt inflicted upon me! 517 more words

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