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#Views from the World Junior Championship

You may not get the reference above, but for those that do, I’m sure Drake will be calling me for royalties.  Below will be some of my “#views” of how things went at the 2016 World Junior Championships and the results of my first experience as an international coach. 835 more words


Knowledge is POWERful!

I do not like questions because it means I have to answer, and when answering, it means I might give away some little nugget of great knowledge.   411 more words

B2B Marketing

Caution: Gloomy Days Ahead

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“Happiness is only real when shared”. 

It’s Wednesday. It’s May. It’s dark and gloomy. What’s new with me; not a whole lot. 309 more words

Kimmylea Konsel

Title: Owner, Designer
Company: LimeLight Expressions
Location: Omaha, NE United States

Helping people is Kimmylea Konsel’s passion, and LimeLight Expressions allows her to do just that. 228 more words

Graphic Design

1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something

2. traitorous cooperation with an enemy.

Collaboration. Where do I start? It’s such an icky soft word… let’s all love each other and make flowers and never get anywhere.

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Would you rather...?

The fear of micromanaging can cause the pendulum to swing from oppressive to confusing. Confusion is just as bad as micromanagement, so let’s agree to strengthen the leadership of our teams by communicating clear desired outcomes and leave the methods to the teams responsible for those outcomes.