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Drain the Swamp by John Stossel

Drain the Swamp!
by John Stossel

President-elect Trump says he’s uniquely qualified to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. He can do it, he said at one debate, because as a businessman, he understands American cronyism. 687 more words


China Office- Tea Party at CUFE

Today we attended an afternoon tea at a different university in Beijing called CUFE (Cental University of Economics and Finance). We arrived and met Quintina from the China office, and received warm coffee and biscuits. 261 more words


The Real Reason Donald J. Trump Must Win this Election

The American people have allowed themselves to be caught up in a reality show, starring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, instead of focusing on policy and issues. 531 more words


Classic Meets Contemporary in 'ManilArt 2016:Ushering in a New Golden Age of Filipino Art'

The ballroom is surrounded with extraordinary Filipino talent. Paintings, sculptures, displays and installations embody vibrant colors and present unique concepts. Now on its eighth year, ManilArt continues to reflect traditional and modern Filipino culture. 274 more words


I Want To Like This: Podcast #28, "The Tea Party" with Marcos Lara

Hello! We are back, and joined once again by Marcos Lara. You may remember Marcos from Podcast #16, in which he put me out of my depth talking rap feuds. 76 more words

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