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Pakistan: Farmers protest for land rights

Thousands of farmers protesting for land rights in the Okara district of the Punjab province were met by riot police, tear gas, and arrests.

Witnesses said one protester, a seventeen-year-old boy, was killed after having a bad reaction to being gassed by police. 50 more words


Israel arrests settlers who attacked Palestinians


© AFP/File | Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian demonstrators during a demonstration against Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, in September 2015… 339 more words

Egypt: Protesters met with riot police and tear gas in Cairo

Protesters in Egypt rallied on Friday to denounce the government’s decision to give control of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia staging one of the largest demonstrations inside of the country in over a year. 69 more words


Militant leftists arrested in greece

Two British citizens are amongst multiple arrests in Greece. The activists were whipping up a frenzy in migrant camps, encouraging the illegal immigrants to storm the Greece-Macedonia border. 48 more words

Daily Express

Warning! Eccentric Political Rhetoric Ahead:

This is the point at which I tend to turn some folks off with some pretty outlandish ideas ….. but it is also the point at which some people find they tend to agree with me ….. 1,093 more words

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Χημικά κατά των προσφύγων από τους Σκοπιανούς στην Ειδομένη

Διαβήματα από την ελληνική πλευρά για τα επεισόδια

Επεισόδια μεταξύ προσφύγων και των αστυνομικών Αρχών της ΠΓΔΜ εξελίχθηκαν χθες στη σιδηροδρομική γραμμή στην Ειδομένη. Οι αστυνομικοί της ΠΓΔΜ έκαναν χρήση δακρυγόνων και χειροβομβίδων κρότου λάμψης, ενώ οι πρόσφυγες πετούσαν προς το μέρος των αστυνομικών πέτρες και διάφορα άλλα αντικείμενα.


Caught on Camera: Protesters hurl tear gas during inauguration of Kosovo's president

Opposition supporters threw gas canisters to try to disrupt the inauguration ceremony for the new president, Hashim Thaci on Friday.

The canisters were released before the start of the ceremony at Pristina’s main Skanderbeg Square. 144 more words