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Don't hurt the mother!!!

Dear Father,
Don’t go and tell a mother she doesn’t know how to take care of her kid. Don’t tell her she isn’t doing the right thing. 139 more words


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Such painful beauty here.
It rains with truthly tear.

The Essence, created by Emily Romano, is a short, structured form of two-lines, six syllables each with an end rhyme and internal rhyme. 123 more words

No Easy Answers: Praying for Peace in Afghanistan

Why are millions of people fleeing their homes to risk the dangerous ocean crossing to Europe? What is it like to live in Afghanistan in 2016?   2,044 more words

Wednesday What Is It?


They say you can’t really hold on to sand. But actually you can.
It is water you can’t hold on to. You think you’ll see a few drops of it when you open your hands, but you find nothing – nothing except a thin film of it. 242 more words


Conflict# by ARKHIVE

Took this picture in the street when a conflict emerged between this woman and a man who was making racist commentary about the way she dress. 8 more words


Bitter Tears

Week long misery
Little pills are not enough
To pick my head up

God, I need a sunny week
Instead of a bitter tear

-Clarence Holm