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2. The Poetic her

In my cab, I took the letter out and started to read what was there on it 282 more words


Forget-Me-Not Friday

On this Forget-Me-Not Friday we honor a fluffybutt that is not a dog or a cat but impacted mine and my sister’s lives nonetheless.  Tear was an adorable dwarf calf our dad brought home during a period when I was raising calves.  763 more words



My eyes imparted unuttered sensation

Tears was titled as tactic by you

My unspoken emotions still knocking

in your solitary aisle

Oh Tears!!!

Hi Tears !

Nice to meet you. Look at you, haven’t changed a bit since my knowledge of you. Might sound a little quirky, but I happen to call you today for no reason. 705 more words

Tearing Mask

Tearing Mask

It was Poor thing to find out this,
(Ini hal yang Malang untuk mencari tahu ini,)
Where everyone is Lying,
(Dimana semua orang Berbohong,) 1,392 more words

Arthritis and Your Feet

After the age of 40, the wear and tear on your feet can lead to such painful conditions as foot arthritis or osteoarthritis.

I Wonder. Part 3

Short story friday is here! Yipee!. From the stables of My Collage, I give you the concluding part of the story, ‘I WONDER’. ENJOY! 898 more words