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The Best Example

Upon the sound of rain I reminisce

in my love you have given no notice

as my passion only felled tear drops;

Semblance akin to nature’s rain drops… 120 more words

Poem: Lacrima

Salty or sweet, the meaning’s the same, an outburst of emotion, that’ll put laughter to shame.




Why do we cry?

When a loved one did die? 135 more words


Unemployment diary: tear control

Sept 2, 2017

I can’t stop crying.

Everything seems to be a trigger to my tears: a dark song, a friend’s social media post, a nice family mean that I don’t think I deserve, or my dog’s face perplexed by my sadness. 314 more words

Bits And Pieces From My Life In The US

Thought for the day

“God’s grace and mercy will wipe away every tear, heartache, and disappointment.” – Lionel



With smiles, let us play the band,
As we hold each other’s hand;
With love, let’s make today
A very special day;
It is gold too dear, 80 more words

I pour out my thoughts to you

Reminding myself God is with us all through everything. A few words of wisdom I scribbled myself this morning.

The wisdom of God’s word
Permeates my soul… 309 more words



spilt ink cries onto
scribbled apologies
and crumpled teardrops
that decorate the floor.

the ink-stained clouds
and moonless sky
swallow all the names of hope… 8 more words