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“you have a pulled (torn) muscle. a pulled muscle, or muscle strain, occurs when a muscle is over-stretched and some muscle fibers are torn.”

it took me a few days to even read the diagnosis i was given by the er physician. 556 more words


Crying is not a sign of your weakness.
Since birth, it’s the sign of your liveliness.


We live. We die. We love. We learn.
Life teaches us lessons everyday. Every happiness , everytear, every joy, every emotion teaches us something and we abide by it. 49 more words


a thunderstorm
never born far
never far gone
a gentle smile
so gently smiled
a gentle tear
so gently cried
by lovers only

at gentle dawn


The Country is a Bride's Tear


To the man full of wisdom, principle and bravery,

This verses are dedicated to you.

This phrases express the natural state of the country, 174 more words

Doom's Got A Reference To A Comic Book Meme From 1996

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image Credit: Doomworld

Doom was a cultural phenomenon in the 90s, which meant movie deals, action figures, novelizations, and comic books. A line from the comics has become a meme over the years, and it’s slyly referenced in the new game. 292 more words


Baby's reaction to Her Moms Song

I am sure this video will have you bring out the tissues as although its not a sad video it will bring a tear to your eyes. 21 more words