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Farewell Imagery

This is a post containing some farewell imagery and poetry. I begin with lines of poetry that are part of a historical anecdote, and then mention two other pieces that pick up on the imagery of those lines. 424 more words

Suheil Laher

a poem i wanted to post somewhere else

i wanted to post this elsewhere, but i’m scared of the things people are going to say back. don’t want the ‘are you okay’ attention. don’t want the ‘why are you so sad’ comments. 28 more words


We were to hold and not tear each other apart
But we let the world sink us too deep
we couldn’t keep our promises till the end… 43 more words


seeing you two again

You know what?
I deserve to be happy
and I deserve to be loved.

I don’t know how you two
can pretend nothing ever happened, 192 more words

Feeling sorry for me😢

Everytime I said I wasn’t gonna cry

They uncontrollably fell

I know I couldn’t make you love me

I know you didn’t

But I can’t stop breaking… 104 more words


if we loved at twenty

feeling a little nostalgic for the new year, time flies by so quickly and i’m not sure i’m catching up… at all.