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Smiles all round

This weekend just gone, I helped volunteer on the café team for Tearfund at the Youth Work Conference, and it was incredible! This isn’t a long post, however, I’m writing it because of the joy it brought, especially with some incredible things that God did! 379 more words

Dessert Night

It was a full house – or flat – when 23 of us went to Margaret’s last Friday for a dessert night.  This was a female only event (sorry guys!) and we enjoyed a lovely evening with lots of delicious puddings and cakes. 57 more words

London City Presbyterian Church

Bake to Normality

Is everyone else wondering what to do with their Wednesday evenings now, or is it just me?! 529 more words

Week 3 yo!

I’ll be your heart to the ones I meet,
I’ll show love to the least of these, I would have never known if you didn’t first love me.

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Tearfund ICS

Week 2


Wedding was GREAT! Food was EVEN better! I really am glad I managed to attend a South African wedding :)

“Leave all expectations at the door.”

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Tearfund ICS

Week 1

Dreams take faith.

Don’t just set small goals; dream big, audacious dreams!

Sawubona! Unjani? (Hello! How are you?)

Ngiyaphila! (I am fine!) I’m here! Ive made in in South Africa!

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Tearfund ICS

Bake Off

In partnership with Tearfund the guys from CVM Torbay and others will be baking cakes to raise money for the ‘ No child taken ‘ campaign to help protect the worlds most vulnerable children. 26 more words