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Week 2


Wedding was GREAT! Food was EVEN better! I really am glad I managed to attend a South African wedding :)

“Leave all expectations at the door.”

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Tearfund ICS

Week 1

Dreams take faith.

Don’t just set small goals; dream big, audacious dreams!

Sawubona! Unjani? (Hello! How are you?)

Ngiyaphila! (I am fine!) I’m here! Ive made in in South Africa!

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Tearfund ICS

Bake Off

In partnership with Tearfund the guys from CVM Torbay and others will be baking cakes to raise money for the ‘ No child taken ‘ campaign to help protect the worlds most vulnerable children. 26 more words

Tearfund Big Bake with CVM Torbay

Do you like people? Do you like food? (In particular, cake?! silly question!)

CVM Torbay are hosting a Tearfund Big Bake event, to raise money for the #nochildtaken campaign about vulnerable children who are at risk from trafficking. 140 more words



Hello! Welcome to our house. It’s situated on a terraced street just outside the historic city of York. It’s a Victorian two-up two-down with a loft conversion. 416 more words


How can we respond?

Early on Sunday morning, I sensed the Holy Spirit tell me to lay down the sermon I had written and instead preach on how we can make a positive, biblical response to the rapid movement of people displaced form Syria and Iraq through the brutality and evil violence destroying the place they have called home. 1,680 more words