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Tanzania - Week two 

Hey everyone. Sorry for the typing still on the old apple tech and it’s hard to reread things, wifi is so the temperamental I just want to get it online ! 1,502 more words


The Restorative Economy

A week ago today, Tearfund launched their latest report and campaign. Both are to be strongly commended. While the latter focusses on what we as individuals can do as ‘Ordinary Heroes’ to tackle climate change, speak up for justice and live simply the former is a courageous and substantial contribution to a debate about the kind of global society in which we want to live. 641 more words

Why you shouldn’t Live Below the Line (and why you should)

I’ve done Live Below the Line a couple of weeks early this year and today is the final day. I need about 4,000 calories a day in order not to lose weight. 951 more words

Just Love

The Beginning of our South African Adventure

With so much going on this week it has been difficult to stop long enough to breathe, let alone write. But here it is, the first (of many) posts about our time here. 647 more words


The Restorative Economy

One of my most interesting freelance jobs over the last couple of years has been a series of background papers for a new Tearfund campaign. I’ve been waiting to see what would come out of it at the end of the process, and last week the campaign finally launched. 683 more words



1.2 billion people in the world live on less than £1 a day. For everything they need, not just food. This is unspeakably unfair. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on food and aim for a weekly shop of approximately £40. 742 more words


Live Below the Line Day #5

No ‘fancy’ editing this time, just a quick vlog to round off the Live Below the Line challenge, and to say thank you to you awesome people!

Live Below The Line