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Choosing a charity...

After choosing which marathons to run and my route around the world, I then faced an even harder decision: with so many deserving charities out there, which should I raise money for? 699 more words


Running away from it all...

A quick introduction; my name is Erin- I’m a 26-year-old living in a little seaside town called Seaford in East Sussex. In no particular order, I like gin, running (fortunately) and buying shoes. 489 more words


I would run 275.1 miles...

I would run 275.1 miles…

Hello to anyone who has accidentally or on purpose found themselves reading this.

I am new to the blog writing scene, but a few months ago, I decided it would be a good idea to run a marathon on every continent within a year. 248 more words


Answer the Call: Alice

I had a pretty sheltered upbringing. I’m ashamed to say I was very oblivious to the wider world around me and I had no idea of the extent of poverty in this world – until I went on a trip aged 12 that really opened my eyes to the world outside of what I knew, and began a passion within me for ending global poverty. 844 more words

Social Justice

The Alternative Christmas List...(I'm really not after the Miss World title)

Its around this time of year that people start to ask me to compile my Christmas list.

I’m by no means a saint (far from it)  but I always tell them that I’m not bothered; to buy me whatever and to not spend a fortune? 1,556 more words


The Relief Work of Ecuador Marching to the Second Stage

Pastor Julio Martinez distributing supplies and aids.

In the past April, Ecuador was struck by 7.8 and 6 magnitude earthquakes, leading to high death tolls and the urgent need for emergency shelters. 595 more words

New Activities

The circular economy in the developing world

The circular economy is usually described as a strategy for industrialised countries, often as a response to over-consumption of energy and resources. The name itself distinguishes it from the ‘linear economy’ that it replaces, re-using materials rather than consuming them. 518 more words