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For A Friend

Remember, when the Universe pulls you in to the black void
it’s pulling you closer to Itself
In these moments,
it is betting that you can survive the dissolution again. 257 more words

An Unshed Tear

An Unshed Tear

The look on my friend’s face as he

told me a snippet of his childhood

has haunted me for nearly

twenty-five years… 258 more words


Long for Me?

With love, (with vulnerability)

“You stood up, I stole a glance,
Only to realize I was now staring.
I buckled up, and advanced,
To know whom you were. 73 more words

Rape is not manhood

बलात्कार करना

कहाँ की जाबांजी है।

ये तो बस खुद की

कायरता को शाबाशी है।

किसी को पाना है

तो उसका मन पाओ ।

चाहत रखना गलत नहीं

पर पहले उसे जीवन बनाओ।


Is Harry Potter Feminist? (pt.3) Gendered Emotion

J.K Rowling’s ability to present the unusual as normative doesn’t end with the distinction between magical and muggle life (as discussed in pt.2). A key issue in traditional ideas of femininity and masculinity revolves around the display of emotion. 1,026 more words


Alone Now

warm tears, red brimmed eyes
strange to be left here alone
coffee served next door

                          -Clarence Holm
TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge
Strange / Tears

Grandma Lynn's Deviled Eggs

Those deviled eggs, you love them so,

but they hold stories, don’t you know.

Of times when grannies couldn’t hold back tears,

they’d tell you stories of painful years. 130 more words