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Puddles of tears

When things go wrong, I tend to seem strong

my worries hidden deep down.

Behind a closed door, alone on the floor,

I cry puddles of tears. 212 more words


You forget what you want to remember

And remember what you want to forget ..

This is fate and we all regret.

Forgot the taste you left on me… 103 more words


I want to be

I don’t want to dwell in worldly load
but would make kind hearts my abode

I want to be the songs of the old
and would reflect in rare smiles of the chilly cold… 137 more words


Silent Murmurings of a Lost Child

How does life fly by so fast? By the time, we begin living it’s the end and we missed so much joy in-between.

Seems like yesterday I was in dad’s old ford truck headed to school or riding go-carts without a care. 324 more words


Through tears and grief.

When I was a young amateur, society’s words
and thoughts got deeply imbibed in my mind
that men aren’t supposed to cry.

That men come from a stronger background… 64 more words


Melancholy (Fiction) 

​She kept sobbing, shivering, whimpering hard that night. The night, emotions and her life brought her such melancholy that she couldn’t cease herself shedding those piquant tears filled with ineffable dolor and wretchedness. 89 more words