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I don’t like to be drunk.

It’s not my thing. A little buzz, a little relaxed, cool. But drunk? Nah. Who needs it?

Still, I have gotten myself there a few times. 436 more words


Not Exactly

“She put her hand, which was a comfortable hand though roughened by  work, upon my hands, one after another, and gently took them out of  my hair. 774 more words


Will there every be a time

when the tears cease?

When this overwhemling sadness

choses to leave

will I still be here?

I feel lost within… 40 more words


Loud teardrops

If you read my blog post from Sunday then you’ll recognise the photo above as being from the end of that reflection.

Since Sunday I’ve been able to make contact with a counsellor who I hope to meet with in the next week or two to start unravelling and reconstructing some of the things I’ve mentioned previously. 1,215 more words


There is a little ache in my heart
Sometimes I try to ignore it
Sometimes I give it attention and acknowledge it
Sometimes a few tears fall from my eyes… 48 more words

So, what am I?

These are not my tears
these are the waters that come to drown me
sent by my soul, my guilt, my hurt,
on these the boat that is my sins .. 103 more words

Just like us


You had emotions,
Just like us,

Yet you faced your trials and sorrows
Without sin.

You loved,
Without possessiveness;

Got angry,
Without blaming other people; 104 more words