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I have this ongoing romance with edges,

The edge of a knife

Sharp, sweet and unforgiving

The edge of a cliff

High and full of endless possibility… 117 more words

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She held pearls within her palms,

Each a sphere of her trust.

She handed each over the pearls

And with it , her trust. 80 more words



She gently touched her

Drywall encrusted knuckles

The wall cried red tears


No more!

I cant trust anyone. Just hurt. Hurt and more hurt. I don’t wanna get hurt. Im just tired of getting hurt. Im tired of crying. Tired of all this pain in my body. 61 more words

Am I Weak Enough Yet?

What do you want from me? Whatever it is, whatever you hope to accomplish, hope to gain from me, i’m not so sure I can give to you. 523 more words

Empty Skies

rain fall like fingers slipping through my hands.

lost in the ocean of this never ending grey.

beating at the surface, licking at the wounds.

salt breaks, aching.