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Most of Monday was, in a word, uneventful for MrsL and I.  We both had work related things that kept us busy and our oldest son was up doing homework all day.   1,192 more words

Tease And Denial

One incredible week

MrsL still has not locked me back in her Steelheart.  I am starting to feel a bit naked without it and even though I want to go put it on myself and surprise her when I go help her pack up all of her stuff from the sales show, I am not going to do that.   626 more words

Tease And Denial

Edging for my birthday...continued...

MrsL is continuing to tease and edge me daily which is wonderful.  Even after two full orgasms buried deep inside her this week the edging is relentless. 233 more words

Tease And Denial

Life gets in the way of life....

Sometimes, life gets in the way of life.  That seems to be the pattern around here for the past couple of days.  Everything can’t and won’t always be centered around chastity or being teased and denied and I am okay with that…not that I have any real say.   1,136 more words

Tease And Denial

Communication is key

As I write this post this morning, the edging count sits at 14.  MrsL was busy yesterday preparing for a big sales show this weekend.  To make things easy for her yesterday she invoked the “naked” rule:  when it is just the two of us in the house I am to be completely naked…the only exceptions:  the Steelheart and socks.   1,009 more words

Tease And Denial

Edging for my birthday

This morning as I woke up MrsL with her normal back rub she turned over and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss…reaching down to grab my rapidly growing manhood.   360 more words

Birthday happenings...a little early...part II

For the first time in 2 or 3 months, I did not wake up when MrsL came to bed late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  Later in the day I found out our son didn’t come in until around 3:30 and she had fallen asleep while waiting on him.   1,756 more words

Tease And Denial