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Alphabet April: t - talking dirty, teacher, tickling, threesome, toys, tatoo, testicular torment, teeth, teasing, temptation.

There he was.

Standing there in front of me, my biggest crush.

I could feel the shiver run up my spine as he smiled at me, despite the cruel light in his eyes. 1,164 more words


Alphabet April : o - orgasm denial, oral fixation, orientation play

He tried to shake his head, but the pressure didn’t move away. He twisted, he turned, but he still felt that… that something slowly stroke over his lips. 593 more words


Drive in the country

We went to look at a new house in the country today. It’s about 30 min from where we currently live with a lot of space. 218 more words

Alphabet April: A - ass worship, art, after care

The room is warm.
It’s a strange thought to have after having spent over an hour in here, but everything’s a jumble. Concentrating is getting difficult. 922 more words


Sexy Dream 01: Mommy and Daddy have some fun.

The following is a recounting of a dream I had a few days ago, cleaned up a bit for your reading pleasure.

Look at the tags to make sure it’s what you’d like to see (or keep it a surprise if you don’t want any spoilers, I suppose.) 1,792 more words

Tease And Denial


You’d have me strip for you, so you can admire my body, in the way that you desire it, the way that it should always be for you. 529 more words