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Tapioca Shoot Out: Bubble Tea

Taiwan’s innovation to tea has been a great one to the tea drinker’s world.

Not only did Taiwan tea brewers invent new recipes of tea drinks with fruits and other flavors they made drinking tea fun! 202 more words


Hong Kong Innovation

East meets West in Hong Kong style milk tea.

The concept of milk tea was brought to China when England colonized Hong Kong.  England brought over new black teas different from the teas in China.The taste of black tea was enhanced by adding milk and sugar something not done with Chinese teas. 245 more words


TeaTock News: New Chilled Teas

Ice Tea is not limited to the citrus flavor commonly known to all or the type of ice tea that use to be warm until a few ice cubes were dropped in. 192 more words


10 Things to Love About Tea

Good news for tea lovers, there are lots of health benefits for drinking tea!

Here are just 10 of them (from iVillage.com):

1. Tea contains antioxidants… 409 more words