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Just How Long Can You Store Those Fine Teas

How and how long to store your fine teas is often presented in a very condensed manner, but sometimes in a fairly complex manner. And all sources that I have come across say a lot of the same things, most of which I agree with and some that I tend to disagree with. 240 more words


Slideshow: 4 Ways to Steep Loose Leaf Teas

As purveyors and enjoyers of fine loose leaf teas, we, of course, like to encourage you all to share in the experience. It even works well with herbals and chais (spiced teas). 729 more words

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7 Dishware Patterns for the Perfect Autumn Tea Table

I love Autumn. The cooler temperatures that bring relief after Summer’s heat. The lower humidity level that makes that cooler air seem refreshing. And the colors. 778 more words

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Pumpkin-Themed Items for Your Tea Time

Pumpkin season is upon us. Piles of pumpkins greet us at the grocery store entrance. Ads for you to come to a pumpkin farm and pick your own seem to be everywhere. 577 more words

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How to Tell When the Teawares Are Taking Over Your House

Invasions can begin small and grow so gradually that, before you know it, you’re totally taken over. No, I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about teawares. 710 more words

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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics is the science of studying fluids in motion. Although it has little to do with teawares, I always thought of this phrase when I see the carvings on yixings teapots and wares.   283 more words

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3 Ways to Display Those Teawares in Your Home

Teapots, teacups, sugar/creamer sets, and other teawares can tend to build up in your home. They deserve better than to be shoved into cupboards or stacked haphazardly on shelves. 566 more words

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