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The Beauty of Sniffing Cups

A welcome addition to your own personal tea adventure.

An important part of any true gongfu tea ceremony is the sniffing cup (also called the “tall cup”). 450 more words

Enjoying And Preparing Tea

Revisiting Some of Our Articles on Teawares

Over the years we have posted a number of articles here about the various aspects of teawares and how they can make a difference in your tea enjoyment. 434 more words


A Nation of Tea-Drinkers

Markman Ellis introduces his talk for the Immigrants of Spitalfields Festival – ‘A Tea-Drinking Nation: How Britain Came to Identify with a Migrant Alien in the Early Eighteenth Century’ on Monday 20th June 3pm, Hanbury Hall, Hanbury St, E1 6QR. 1,164 more words


Gaiwans vs. Teapots - 5 Points of Comparison

In chatting online with various tea lovers, we come across some very strong views on topics related to tea. A recent one was the relative benefits of infusing teas in a gaiwan or a teapot. 504 more words


Silvery Sparkly Things for Tea Time

Tea drinkers often appreciate not just tea but many of the finer things that seem naturally to go with tea time. And items with a bit of sparkle have always been appealing. 405 more words

Tea Wares

I Spy: TeaWares and AnTeaques

The collector’s creed must include a portion about field research. We can look at pictures in books or online until we are salivating all over the keyboard, but nothing compares to physical examination of the objects of our affections. 651 more words