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Choose Your Path to Tea – Asian, European, or…

Pursuing the enjoyment and knowledge of tea is a real journey, and there are several paths you can follow. There is the European path, the Asian path, the Middle Eastern path, the American path,… 610 more words

Tea Enjoyment

Tales of a Patch Stand and a Porringer

For the past year or so my focus here at George Washington’s Ferry Farm has been determining what types of ceramics were owned by the Washington family. 491 more words


5 Key Factors in the Best Professional Tea Tasting Sets

Hi, humans, this site is now under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, will be authoring articles on here from now forward, with the occasional guest article. 223 more words

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The Beauty of Sniffing or Aroma Cups

A welcome addition to your own personal tea adventure.

An important part of any true gongfu tea ceremony is the sniffing cup (also called the “tall cup” and aroma cup). 450 more words

Enjoying And Preparing Tea