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Independence Day Triple Down!

For a while we had been planning our annual beatdown before the Sunshine Festival 5K on Tha Island.  Ya boy Twinkle Toes thought it was a good idea to ruck before the beatdown and we did!  302 more words


Getting Tim Tebow Ready for Baby

Tim Tebow has been vocal about his desires for a family and it’s time for him to get ready for baby. God has a tendency to prepare the path for his children. 120 more words

A Chat With Sue About Politics

Today, I was talking to a friend named “Sue” who used to work in government, and had done a lot for the community. She told me, in the past, of how she was targeted for years after helping, and being a valuable contributor to society. 276 more words

Tim Tebow Visits Trenton New Jersey

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Tebow has a wonderful nonprofit called The Tim Tebow Foundation.

I care about kids more than politics, so if anyone has a political issue with Tim, let it slide for the sake of the beautiful families he oversees.

Tim Tebow Banned From My House After New Photos Surface.

In a shocking display of disrespect to our nation’s flag and the armed forces who are sworn to protect every American flag ever created with their lives, new photos have surfaced of Tim Tebow (world renowned philanthropist and Christian) taking a knee during the playing of America’s greatest creation, “The Star Spangled Banner”. 254 more words