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Executive Producer Tim Tebow Has a New Film

Tim Tebow Executive produced a new film called Run the Race and it should be out in February. I noticed there is no preview. Some previews of films have been having really insidious things attached to them. 66 more words

Saving Tim Tebow A Mission Not So Impossible

We are at a time where people are committing a lot of crime. I know that Tim Tebow is thinking about going into politics.¬† I advise against it because I don’t want him to get shot. 24 more words

Ten years ago today: Tim Tebow gives one of the best college football speeches of all time and I was a douchebag

The night was September 27th, 2008 and the #4 Florida Gators we’re set to square off against the 2-2 Rebels of Ole Miss. What should have been been an easy victory for the Gators quickly spiraled out of control as they fell to the Rebels 31-30 in one of the most shocking upsets of the year. 300 more words


This is the Day

This is the Day
Tim Tebow

While I have never been a huge sports fan, nor have I really followed any sporting team, I do know the name Tim Tebow, and I remember the “tebowing” phase. 224 more words

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Outrage Dominos

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Reading: Two Day Spurts Of Randomized Complaints About Who Is Protesting And How.

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