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The new ifrontier - Cydia

Every new era since the dawn of our species has been written by explorers whom conquered what others thought impossible. The recent technological boom we have seen is no exception making the “new” frontier more accessible than ever before. 149 more words


'TowIt' App Publicly Shames Drivers Of Badly Parked Cars

(CBS SF) — A new app lets annoyed cyclists or drivers harness the power of crowdsourcing to report illegally parked cars.

“We’re not out here to ruin people’s lives or tow people endlessly,” … 271 more words


Google Takes On Apple With Free Unlimited Storage Photo App

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — It’s the moment Googleheads have long been waiting for: a standalone Google photo service that offers unlimited storage of images and videos for free, along with some fun new tricks. 272 more words


iPhone Text Hack: Save Your Phone

There is a text circulating among iPhone users that exploits a bug in the Apple operating system.  If you send this text to your friends, it will reset their phone. 102 more words


How to get your kid to pack up and go

You have kids so you know the following situation well. Dinner needs to be eaten in 30 minutes or bedtime will be hell, no matter how… 478 more words


Jailbreaking! What's the point?

Over the last two decades, the electronics industry has boomed. The development of cell phones and handheld devices has been sudden and intense. Through every tick and every tock of the chip industry, cell phones and handheld devices have advanced and their proformance improved dramatically creating one of the most powerful industry’s the world has ever seen. 259 more words