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Review - Motorola Moto E 4G LTE

Smartphones are everywhere nowadays. As of 2013, over 60 percent of the U.S. population owns these super phones. Despite their immense popularity, smartphones are not exactly what you would call affordable. 1,215 more words


New Macbook is superthin and not for me

S/O to Gizmodo reviewing the new MacBook. The laptop gets thinner and thinner and all I can wonder is if Apple has ever heard of the law of diminishing returns?  199 more words


The Future of Healthcare: Big Data & IoT

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are poised to redefine many industries including retail, automotive and healthcare among others. Healthcare is the sector I want to focus on here. 614 more words


Chinese company Ninebot buys out Segway

RocketNews 24:

It’s hard to imagine life before 2002 when the Segway standing scooter thing hit the scene completely revolutionized the way we get about, just like everyone predicted it would. 260 more words


Phoning in an Internship

I bet you never thought a telecommunications company based in Finland could help you find your next internship or job.

But that’s exactly what Nokia (yes, that Nokia…) is aiming to do with their newest Windows Phone 8 app, Nokia Internships Lens. 312 more words




The foundering Blackberry corporation has recently released it’s famous BBM, Blackberry Messenger, app for non Blackberry devices. I decided to give the app a trial on my iPhone and see if they can remain competitive with other popular messaging systems like Apple’s iMessage. 191 more words


LA school district, shocked that iPad program didn't magically fix everything, demands money back

The plan to outfit every student in the Los Angeles Unified school district with an iPad has come screeching to a halt — and the schools want their money back. 486 more words