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Privacy Oriented Phones

My old dumb Flip Phone is dying. It can hold a charge about 1/2 a day, maybe, and the indexed orientation collar on the charger port is now loose and comes out with he plug 1/2 the time. 1,078 more words

Tech Bits

Notes On RockPro64, RockChip

Just a few notes on what I’m doing with my RockChip64, and anything using a RockChip in general.

First off, I’m typing this on the RockPro64, so it isn’t like I’m abandoning it. 1,511 more words

Tech Bits

Chrome / Brave / Vivaldi Zero Day Attack

I’m a few days after the actual Zero Day announcement, but it’s still early enough to matter.

Chrome has an exploitable bug in it. A patch does exist, but until you apply it / upgrade your browser, you are exposed. 701 more words

Tech Bits

SBC OS Choices & Opinions

Some notes on Slackware, Devuan, Armbian and other options for Single Board ARM Computers. SBCs.


First off, Slackware does install easily and does work for basic browsing and office type stuff. 2,631 more words

Tech Bits

Making XU4 Devuan Starting From Ubuntu Kernel

I’m doing a “do over” of making a working Devuan, but starting from Ubuntu for the boot loader, kernel, etc.

Why? Because I suspect that the use of a FAT file system /boot may be common between the two, where Armbian has a very different approach. 3,694 more words

Tech Bits

XU4 Devuan 2.0 Progress

Well, having spent a few days fussing around with Gentoo USE flags, and still lost in the woods, I decided to try Devuan 2.0 grafted onto the Armbian kernel. 1,437 more words

Tech Bits

For Every Action, There Sometimes Is An Opposite Greater Reaction...

Yesterday, the YouTube App on my Roku stopped having a “recommended” block. That was where I’d pick up most of the “stuff” I’d watch in the bedroom while doing other stuff, like making the bed (sort of happening now ;-), or sorting books on the shelves, or working on the tablet, or… It tended to have a pretty good set of Real News sites with a modest centrist / right leaning. 1,252 more words

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