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10 Best Smartphones of 2018

Hello everyone. How have you all been? Thanks for all the support on my previous blog post, hope you liked it. So, here we go with another. 1,032 more words


How to Train Your Dragon 3 Trailer Introduces Toothless' Dragon Friend


  • How to Train Your Dragon 3 will release March 2019
  • First trailer introduces a new female dragon
  • F. Murray Abraham voices the main villain…
  • 393 more words


It was a Friday morning when NASA astronaut Alan Shepard climbed into the Freedom 7 capsule and blasted off to space to make history. Just 23 days prior, the Soviet Union had successfully sent Yuri Gagarin to space, a setback in the race for space for the United States. 1,140 more words


Moscow Court Blocks Telegram Chat App After $1.7 Billion ICO

  • Messaging app didn’t provide encryption keys to authorities

  • Almost 10 million Russians may soon lose access to Telegram

A Moscow court ordered telecommunications companies to block Telegram in Russia after the chat app refused to grant intelligence authorities access to users’ encrypted messages, in a blow to the company just weeks after it raised $1.7 billion from investors. 1,147 more words


Mozilla launches Facebook Container add-on to isolate your web browsing activity from Facebook

Mozilla was the first major brand to announce it was “pausing” its advertising on Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. Today, the organization announced a new tool it said will help keep Facebook from tracking your browsing across the web. 1,340 more words


Fatal crash with self-driving car was a first — like Bridget Driscoll’s was 121 years ago with one of the first cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board said March 19, 2018, that they were sending teams to Tempe, Ariz., to investigate an accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle that killed a pedestrian. 1,394 more words


Pocket now includes time estimates to read each saved article

Pocket is probably one of the handiest apps to have on your mobile device, as you can save links for reading later on if you don’t have time to read them right now. 1,321 more words