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An $81 Million Heist from a Hypervisor Introspection Perspective

October 2016 was security awareness month, however no one really needed to raise awareness with the year’s seemingly endless list of attacks on global businesses. October itself saw a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on DYN, leaving numerous global enterprises’ websites unreachable, and resulted in customer impact and lost business revenue. 728 more words


Technology Blog - Maintain Visitors Current

Within concerning the 12 months 2000, the concept found a large number of individuals at the same time: why don’t you location your individual diary on the web? 489 more words


Top 10 Education Tech Blogs

  1. The Innovative Educator

If you have ever felt that school was boring or irrelevant, the Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielson, understands how you feel. Motivated by her own disillusionment with the way public schools today approach teaching, Nielson focuses on showing other educators ways that they can use freely available resources and technologies already within students’ grasps to make classes more engaging and relevant. 796 more words


Blog 4

Smartboard technology was easy to use, but as a first timer it was difficult to trust what the screen would do. For me it was more distracting to me during the time I had to teach my lesson, probably because it was my first time using the software. 277 more words

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Personal Interest Project

For my personal interest project I will be learning all about Google Earth. I don’t know much about the software or how it works (some type of satellite technology I assume) but I’m really excited to learn about it!!

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Blog 3

I participated in #ruraledchat on tuesday, september 20th at 8:30pm

Don Wettrick was the chat mediator and he was one of the accounts I followed @donwettrick. 279 more words

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I participated in the #nhed twitter chat that occurs eastern time every sunday at 7:00pm. I followed John Martin @adventures because he started with the first question of the chat: “What did you learn this summer that will change your learning environment?” The theme of this chat is how we are learning even in our old age (for some teachers) how to better ourselves, what we need to work on, and how we will achieve our goals for our classrooms. 253 more words

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