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Apple Shares Go Down Despite Great China Sales

The shares of the iPhone makers have been going through a much dreaded downfall despite increasing sales in China.

Apple stock has observed a massive fall on the stock index despite the known fact that the software giant has been doing quite well in the Chinese market, where the sales have only been going upwards only making a wider way for the firm to succeed in the region. 386 more words


Analysts Do Not See A Bright Future For Apple Music Service

The software giant might be facing some trouble as analysts believe that Apple Music might not be able to take its rivals down once the free trial period offered to the users ends. 434 more words


GoDaddy Expands Seattle Office

GoDaddy web-hosting company will expand its Kirkland, Wash. engineering office with room for more than 225 employees.  Construction growth continues in the area, Jesse Tam. The Kirkland office was opened in November 2013 and has grown from 14 to 127 staffs in two years.   50 more words


Meet 10 Indian-Origin CEO's Of Global Tech Giants

India-born Sundar Pichai has been recently named as Google CEO. Pichai’s elevation is another milestone for Indian-origin CEOs — of whom at least half a dozen are in Fortune 500 companies. 730 more words


When a Tech Startup Is Not a Tech Company

Jim Kerstetter, The New York Times | Last Updated: August 03, 2015 | ND TV|

After Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927, a company called Seaboard Air Line Railroad attracted an unusual amount of attention from investors who thought it was in the aviation business. 923 more words

Reasons I should work at a tech company

I thought it would be a good time to revisit the reasons I should and should not work at a tech company while also attempting to explain my absence. 178 more words


Google Decides To Recruit More Women For Technical Departments Than Before

The tech giant has decided to hire more women staff in the technical department of its company which is being taken positively by the analysts. 451 more words