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317: Starting Up Networked FIPs Locally

Putting FIPs on a networked PC
could reserve system resources for the simulator but the FIPs on the remote computer have to be started manually. 411 more words


314: Connect FIPs from Networked PC

Running Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) will drag the performance of the simulator to some extent.   To minimize the impacts on some not so high-end PCs, off-loading them to a spare computer isn’t a bad idea. 676 more words


252: My Cockpit View 2014 Update Part 2

Although my cockpit display has already reached the widest possible angle from the aircraft.CFG settings (InitialZoom=0.3 and WideViewAspect=False) stated in last post, I still couldn’t help asking myself in the last two months if it is possible to further widen it.  527 more words


251: My Cockpit View 2014 Update Part 1

With the three 27-inch monitors in place, I’ve been able to bring up a glare-shield of the Cessna 172 panel that matches the size of 41 inches (105 cm) as if in the real cockpit. 286 more words


201: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Update

This is a quick update to the Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge developed three months ago in April.  Digital display and needle of True AirSpeed are now added. 39 more words


192: Cessna Citation AirSpeed Gauge

This new Airspeed Gauge is requested by Ray Marshall who would like to have an analog indicator that
goes up to about 400 knots with corresponding digital display for his favorite Cessna Citation. 107 more words


188: Cessna 172 AirSpeed Gauge

This Cessna 172 Airspeed Gauge has been requested by many fans of FSX Times.  So it finally arrives.  Despite its simple look, it did take me quite some time to layout it properly, however. 90 more words