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Muda no nai gainen [The Lean Concept]

Another Sunday, welcome to your first Lean class. I am Sensei (Master) Oscar and I am a Lean Six Sigma white, green & black belt. So if anybody looks for your trouble, Run! 604 more words


Is There Even A Recipe?

Hey guys, another Sunday. I just got my lean six sigma black belt and it was quite a task but that aside welcome to August. This post was inspired by Okpa (A local Nigerian food made from bambara nut and goes with a bottle of sprite). 544 more words


Where Do I Start?

Hey guys, another Sunday. I have really been thinking of running a little training which led to certain conversations. Where do I start is a question many people ask, it shows enthusiasm some might say passion in some cases but from experience where do I start in 90% of the time is not. 470 more words


Some People Call Me Oscar Or Oscar-T

Hey guys, another Sunday. We are going to be seven months this week and I thought, “Why don’t I introduce myself?”. This is not like a professional bio or an essay about myself, it’s you getting to know me. 834 more words


Fixing the symptoms:- y = f(x)

If I had one hour to live, I’d spend it in Math class… It never ends.

Hey guys, another Sunday. So I had a Migraine two days ago which inspired today’s post kind of. 529 more words


Flaws of the Virtual Court

Famous Canadian author Naomi Klein in her book called The Rise of Disaster Capitalism proposed the ‘Shock Doctrine‘, which states that national disasters are used by the government to push through pro-big-business, neo-liberal policies, especially policies which are likely to meet with lot of resistance during normal time. 724 more words


What You Can Measure

Hey guys, it’s been a minute. We will talk about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to later but for now let’s talk about what you can measure. 694 more words