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A Hopeful Perspective for Tech's Future in Trump Era

A lot of what we used to call ink has been spilled in the 10 long days since Donald Trump was elected president regarding what impact his administration will have on Silicon Valley. 315 more words


Why Tech Policy?

Why tech policy? Because advancements in technology define the future. Technological advancements define our lives in all aspects —  live, work, and play. They make the future exciting in part because we believe the future won’t look like the past… and the past is boring. 177 more words

Artificial Intelligence

What will Edie do? Maybe she can be a lawyer, we will always need humans to argue on our behalf right? A writer? no computer can add soul to content like a human can — this is my thought process, as the idea of the inevitability of large swaths of jobs one day being completely automated by the time our two-year-old is of age.

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Tech Leaders: "Trump Would Be a Disaster"

Tech Leaders: “Trump Would Be a Disaster”

A who’s who of the tech community have signed an open letter from “inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, researchers, and business leaders working in the technology sector” denouncing Republican nominee Donald Trump’s vision for America.   1,375 more words


Dutch Government Backs Uncrackable Encryption

The Dutch government has released its official position on whether it should require tech companies to provide law enforcement agencies with special access to encrypted data and communications. 314 more words


Weekly output: 2015 tech fails, apps versus mobile sites, 2015 in tech policy, CES newbies, OS X Keychain, how to read CES stories

A few stories I’d filed earlier went up this week, lending a false sense of my output. Tomorrow, I depart for my 19th CES in a row, and even after all that experience I’m still not quite sure what I’ve signed up for. 198 more words

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