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The Engineers Who Would Win Big in a Clinton Administration are Social Engineers.

The Engineers Who Would Win Big in a Clinton Administration are Social Engineers.

Donald Trump’s is nonexistent, but Hillary Clinton’s technology platform is downright flaky. 993 more words

Tech Leaders: "Trump Would Be a Disaster"

Tech Leaders: “Trump Would Be a Disaster”

A who’s who of the tech community have signed an open letter from “inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, researchers, and business leaders working in the technology sector” denouncing Republican nominee Donald Trump’s vision for America.   1,375 more words


Dutch Government Backs Uncrackable Encryption

The Dutch government has released its official position on whether it should require tech companies to provide law enforcement agencies with special access to encrypted data and communications. 314 more words


Weekly output: 2015 tech fails, apps versus mobile sites, 2015 in tech policy, CES newbies, OS X Keychain, how to read CES stories

A few stories I’d filed earlier went up this week, lending a false sense of my output. Tomorrow, I depart for my 19th CES in a row, and even after all that experience I’m still not quite sure what I’ve signed up for. 198 more words

Weekly Output

Why Donald Trump Can't Actually Close 'Parts of the Internet'

During Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, frontrunner Donald Trump doubled down on his call for “closing off parts of the Internet” in order to stymie terrorist groups’ online recruitment efforts. 748 more words

Changes with my Yahoo and USA Today columns

Astute readers should have noticed that my Yahoo Tech column did not run as usual this Tuesday. At least, I assume they did, even if none actually e-mailed to ask about its absence. 308 more words