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What to Know About Google's Fight With Europe

A new antitrust complaint filed against Google by the European Union Wednesday could force the company to pay huge fines and change the way its search engine operates in Europe. 826 more words

This Country Just Banned Revenge Porn

The United Kingdom is cracking down on people who share nude photos of their exes without their consent, a practice known as revenge porn. 127 more words

Tech Policy

  1. Before and after school
    1. High school
      1. eh kinda, whatever (?)
    2. Middle school
      1. in a faculty monitored room
      2. individual gaming? (not disruptive)
  2. Time in between classes — phone = ok for time, communication, schedule, etc.
  3. 57 more words

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sits Down With Kara Swisher (Liveblog)

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a senator, first lady and secretary of state, but there is still one seat she has never occupied.

By which, of course, we mean the interview chair opposite… 79 more words


Here's Why Russia Is Cracking Down on Google

Google may be running afoul of anti-monopoly laws in Russia. The country’s regulators are investigating the way the search giant bundles its apps onto Android devices in response to a complaint by Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, according to… 160 more words

How AT&T Wants You to Pay For Your Privacy

The privilege of not having your every click tracked, saved and regurgitated in the form of targeted ads will only cost you $29 per month on AT&T’s super-fast Internet service. 186 more words

State of Starting Up in the Garden State

Entrepreneurship nonprofit LaunchNJ partnered with Publitics to conduct and release the first annual “State of Starting Up in the Garden State” survey aimed at assessing the mood of the entrepreneurial community in New Jersey.   562 more words