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Six Goals of PR

The goals of PR are many but all come back to a desire to grow the business. For many small businesses and startups, PR is seen as a luxury, an activity better pursed by larger, well-funded companies, which is unfortunate. 758 more words

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When should you start a PR campaign?

There’s no right or wrong answer about when to start a PR campaign.

Actually, there’s definitely a wrong time. It’s after something newsworthy happens, something important for your brand with a degree of popular appeal or relevance to a trending topic, and you are two weeks late in getting the news to the local or national media and don’t have any timely pictures or video to share. 915 more words

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Should tech startups try PR before filing a Form D?

Normally I reserve my posts for general-purpose PR topics accessible by most any small business professional.

This time, however, I’m going to sound like a PR wonk and address whether a tech startup should pursue PR before or after filing a Form D, which is an SEC document that is filed when startups raise an Angel round. 1,412 more words


How to win more Awards, Recognitions and Top-10s for your company

When was the last time your company won an award? Were you called up to a pedestal during a formal ceremony, or sent a beautifully embossed certificate to hang on the office wall? 979 more words

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What are the goals of PR anyway?

PR is such a catch-all term in business these days. For some, it means getting into a newspaper by buying ads. For others, it involves social media and blogging. 637 more words


Eskenzi in the US

So Neil and I have returned after two blissful months in San Francisco with numerous trips down to Silicon Valley to see our clients, potential clients, clients-come-friends and analysts.  477 more words

Uber Controversy: How PR could have saved Uber from itself

By this time you have probably heard how Uber has gotten itself crosswise with many in the tech and business news media. Its latest controversy centers around Sarah Lacy… 1,390 more words