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Become a low budget tech PR specialist

In order for any company or small business to be successful, a company needs to have good public relations. Considering that technology and social media has literally taken over our lives, all of that is now possible with tech PR. 407 more words

Be your own Tech PR specialist

Quora is a great place to share content in the form of answers to questions. For people who don’t have time to read long articles or stories, they should use Quora. 431 more words

Do Tech PR companies have advantage in the market?

These days, everybody needs esteem on their venture, however esteem is not being conveyed as it would be sought after. The reason is that amid the recent years an immense change has been seen as far as responses from customers, purchasers, customers – by and large the group of onlookers of a business. 456 more words

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Tech PR firms revive the x-factor back value to the Industry

Around 10 years ago, the idea of Tech PR didn’t exist. PR firms would run for all specialties of the business. A standard model for PR existed, however this model had a lapse. 441 more words

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Tech PR firms are showing better results than others

Businesses need to overwhelm the industry and capture market, which must be accomplished through a decent marketing and branding. Because of this shared relationship amongst marketing and business, Public Relations (PR) holds a great deal of significance. 495 more words

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Decoding Tech PR

Technology is changing the way we live our lives, it is integrated into almost every aspect of it. We constantly hear stories in the news about the latest technology and upgrades such as… 280 more words

How innovation organizations can take advantage of Tech PR firms

Humankind has seen extraordinary changes subsequent to the development of innovation in the last century. For science has been on the move which has made a transition occur in the corporate sector where specialties like the advertising business has been birthed. 418 more words