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Healthcare communications agencies offering best practices

Healthcare communications agencies are designing programs specific to each client. According to industry experts, a number of recommendations have been made related to successful healthcare communications… 370 more words

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Does the size of healthcare communication agency matter?

Certainly, today there are big and successful healthcare communications agencies which are referred to as monster conglomerates with office around the world. These healthcare communications agencies frequently have numerous offices with layers of departments that have been filled with outstanding and qualified employees. 359 more words

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Understanding the importance of effective healthcare communications

Healthcare communications is an effective topic which is widely being discussed as effective communication impacts patient safety, quality and patient satisfaction. Given the healthcare environment today, nearly all caregivers have to face challenges related to limited time for patient interaction and increased medical complexity. 361 more words

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PR JUST FOR PR’S SAKE: How fashion and tech companies attract massive coverage without the real story?

If a special event or PR stunt receives massive coverage, it’s good for the company, it not it? Actually no. PR just for PR’s sake should not exist, as in long-term perspective it does not lead to sales, reputation improvement or any other benefits for the company, and the massive attention, conquered with a lot of affords and money, may lead to nothing. 645 more words


Benefits of using social media as part of your healthcare communications

Social media has changed the way people communicate and interact online. It has affected the corporate sector as much as it has our personal lives. One of the less talked about aspects of social media is its impact on… 428 more words

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A comparison between Tech PR and conventional PR firms

Tech PR firms need to set a standard and hone their aptitude. This will help realize the difference in value it gives in comparison to a specialized PR firm. 431 more words

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Trade Show Marketing Tips

Many B2B companies look to trade shows as a way to find new business and expand their brand awareness. It should come as no surprise then that the average B2B brand invests nearly 40% of its total marketing spend on them. 710 more words