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Boss of an Tech Firm? You want clients to outsource to you, but what you are doing in house may be hurting your business.

By Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency

As we approach the end of another business year, it’s an excellent time to look back at your year and see how you did, where you may be able to improve and maybe be a tad more innovative in your approach to success. 1,423 more words

CIPR role in development of tech pr

The CIPR ought to give direction to associations hoping to utilize tech pr staff; the CIPR ought to be viewed as the main body for… 395 more words

Basic purpose of PR and tech PR

PR remains for advertising. By and large the term tech PR utilized for the vital relationship which incorporates granting or trading of data by talking, composing or utilizing some other medium, which is commonly useful for associations and their clients. 392 more words

Is Facebook a good Tech PR agent?

We all know and love Facebook as the social networking giant. We think of it as the agent through whom we keep an update on our friends and family. 450 more words

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Benefits of Tech PR

Tech PR is the basically the means through which many companies and products are forming public opinion about themselves. They are doing this to ensure that the public gets a good idea about the company and how they re carrying out their processes.  415 more words

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Become a low budget tech PR specialist

In order for any company or small business to be successful, a company needs to have good public relations. Considering that technology and social media has literally taken over our lives, all of that is now possible with tech PR. 407 more words

Be your own Tech PR specialist

Quora is a great place to share content in the form of answers to questions. For people who don’t have time to read long articles or stories, they should use Quora. 431 more words