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"ADHD does not exist"

One by one, nearly all of Saul’s patients turned out to have some disease other than ADHD, such as Tourette’s, OCD, fragile X syndrome (a genetic mutation linked to mental retardation), autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, learning disabilities or such familiar conditions as substance abuse, poor hearing or even giftedness.

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VA ID cards can lead to ID theft

via This Ain’t Hell:

This is an insult to veterans. Given the govenment’s track record on PII (personal identification information), this is not a surprise.

Walk carefully, guard your info.

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Hot Crew! : Carrie Fisher

Carrie Frances Fisher (born October 21, 1956) is an American actress, novelist, screenwriter, and performance artist. She is best known for her portrayal of Princess Leia…

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The real war on science

“Remember: People still sell snake oil. They just put pictures of leaves on the bottle now.
—Cracked, “8 Health Foods That Are Bad For Your Health”

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Environmental Disaster!

For decades the left has pounded into the American popular culture and political discourse the idea that the planet is doomed. DOOMED!

Because of man (it’s always rich white men) and their mess. 287 more words

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What I've always suspected

“We have surveyed how well prepared in terms of disciplinary course work teachers at various levels felt for teaching various mathematics topics in what is a fairly representative sample of 60 districts.

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It's still stealing

“If you steal, you’re gonna lie, if you lie, you’re gonna steal.
1SG at Fort Jackson, 2004

“WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court cited First Amendment free-speech rights in striking down a law that made it a federal crime to falsely claim to have been awarded military medals.

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