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Supercharge Your Marketing with Real Estate Micro-Targeting

Advertising’s original value proposition was simple: Get the word out to as many people as possible. One message had to work for everyone.

Maybe it felt like they were talking directly to you, but advertisers of old reached you by targeting a tribe or collection of similar people: people who drive cars, people who shave, people who run, fathers of young children, households of four or more. 525 more words

Whatsapp आजी

“हरवलेली वस्तू लगेच शोधायला जाऊ नये रे. ती तितकीच जास्त लपून बसते, आपल्यापासून दूर,  हट्टी मुलासारखी. आपण इथे आकाशपाताळ एक करतो तिला धुंडण्यात, आणि जेव्हा तिचा शोध थांबवतो तेव्हा थोड्या वेळाने ती आपोआप सापडते, अगदी अनपेक्षित ठिकाणी.

Oil firms learn to move an ancient product with new-age tech

BP’s troubleshooters here received a call for help from colleagues in Azerbaijan. Sand was invading oil wells from the rocks outside. To avoid damage, the operators were choking the wells back, reducing revenues. 251 more words

Deep Dark Web – Have you heard of this?

Despite the ease of locating information on the Internet, the value of that information is often suspect. Much of what we find with search engines may be unreliable, untruthful or irrelevant. 728 more words


Agents: Make Their Jaws Drop - 6 Starter Tips for Drone Marketing


Many online property listings have photos that fail to highlight the positives, often due to limited spatial ability. When trying to sell property with a six-figure value, a drone investment can be extremely worthwhile for real estate agents. 983 more words

Today's FACT!

Technology has always hated me,

And will always probably hate me :<

PS: I guess it is a reward fro liking everything the old fashioned way.

Just When I Don't Know Anything.