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4 Things to Consider When Splitting Equity in Startup

Beginning a venture with friends is a great idea. Even if you aren’t super close to your partners, it’s great having someone to share in the process of creating a business that you are passionate about. 419 more words

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Equity At A Startup: How It Works, What You Need To Know

Founders Shares

The first equity that is obtained in a startup company is the founders shares. These shares are divided amongst the first few starters of the company. 618 more words


Interviewing the Interviewer to Land Your Dream Gig

A major hurdle to landing a new position is of course acing the interview. And, while the interviewer is often seen as having the upper hand, the interviewee can be just as powerful. 618 more words

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Keeping Kindness Professional in the Start Up Scene

When getting started with your business, sometimes you over compensate for the sake of building clientele and partnerships. This is not always a bad thing because you do have to “pay it forward” in the beginning of a start up, especially when it is just you and funds are low. 412 more words


Should You Join A Startup?

The startup lifestyle is fun and exciting. Startups have made a name for themselves filling the news with major headlines of companies raising billions of dollars and images of office spaces that look more like arcades than work spaces. 395 more words


26 Mistakes Russell Buckley see's Founders Making When Pitching to VC's

Are you a founder looking to pitch to a VC? Then don’t make these mistakes, as listed by Russell Buckley. 718 more words


No-nonsense advice for young people: success is a zero-sum game

Angel investor Jason Calacanis—a Silicon Valley veteran who has invested in more than 60 startups—has some pointed advice for young people who are just starting their careers: Success is a zero-sum game.  415 more words