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What you learn working at a tech startup in London

Working in another culture teaches you how to cope with a new surrounding while developing yourself. Meanwhile, entering into the startup realm equips you with an entirely new set of skills that make you valuable to future employers. 416 more words


Why Tech IPOs Don't Have to Be Money Losers

There was a time when a company could not sell its shares to the public unless its revenues were growing and it was turning a profit. 511 more words


Tech interns at Facebook and Snapchat make significantly more than almost all Americans

Interns at tech companies make more money on an annualized basis than workers in the vast majority of occupations, according to a new online survey. A lot more. 468 more words

She Started It — a film about entrepreneurs that happen to be women

She Started It – a film about entrepreneurs that happen to be women

Is a film that highlights resilience, perseverance and grit of five entrepreneurs. Their companies, approaches and backgrounds are different, but they share one thing in common, they are young women pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams in a male world. 586 more words

To get things done, first make your work visible

One of the difficulties of working in a tech startup is that the engineering team comes under immense pressure from every other team. Product, Marketing, Content, Finance, BI – all these teams need support from Engineering in order to get features built, get content published, get SEO fixed, get data in front of the right eyes. 359 more words

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7 Reasons Why Engineers Should Move to And Work in Japan

The US Presidential Election is over and the choice has been made. Whether you are happy with the result or not, US is probably going to face some changes which may adversely influence your job prospects or your mood. 580 more words

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Slack's Response to Microsoft Teams & The Startup World's Overemphasis of Missions

If you follow technology news, you probably heard about Microsoft’s release of “Teams”, a chat-based communication and collaboration tool. In the same article, you probably also heard about Slack’s… 690 more words