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Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony join forces to create Global VR Association

After a couple years of being driven primarily by the startups, the virtual reality industry is growing to be one increasingly dominated by the big dogs. 247 more words

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A post about naming

Naming things is quite hard. See, I didn’t find a name for this blog post. And apparently if you get a child, you’ll realize how much people you actually hate when choosing a name. 287 more words

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Google says it will hit 100% renewable energy by 2017

Green energy projects for data centers and other facilities are goals for a lot of tech companies, but one of the largest – Google – now says it’s going to tip the scale at 100% renewable energy powering its entire global operations by 2017. 432 more words

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4 scientifically proven methods to increase your productivity

The way we are working isn’t working anymore, and hasn’t been for some time. Checking email in bed the moment we awake, chugging too much coffee, hour-long commutes twice each day…they all take a toll on the quality of our work and our lives. 1,127 more words

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What is AI ???

“Cogito, ergo sum. We’ve all heard that famous assertion, foundation for a modern philosophy of self, consciousness, and individualism”

But Descartes had it easy: for him, thought was self-evident — he didn’t have to define it. 1,256 more words

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10 gifts for the data-driven driver or car lover

Cars are okay on their own but they can be better. We have the technology. And this is a gift guide of that technology.

You can spend a lot or you can spend a little, but the items on this list should all enhance the vehicular experience – without also providing unnecessary distraction or additional risk. 573 more words

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