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Tech Tuesday Archive: Where Have I Been?

You might ask yourself: Where has this blogger been? I have been working to improve the programs in our library, and I have some exciting developments. 104 more words


Humble Hubs: The 7 Best USB Hubs Under $30

* Convenient and fast data transfer
* Ethernet, HDMI and USB compatibility
* Some offer multiple USB support and even camera card readers

The USB hub may be the unsung hero of the modern workstation; a versatile and handy accessory for connecting and charging multiple devices, some USB hubs also facilitate ethernet hook ups and speedy data transfer. 649 more words


The Case for Returning Tech

Every time I walk in to my local Best-buy store, I can only imagine what the employees must think of my habit of returning tech. I mean, it’s not an exaggeration when I say that I must return MOST of the things that I buy and try. 404 more words

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To the Drawing Board: 5 Essential Whiteboard Supplies Under $15

* Ideal for the home or office
* Jot down ideas and reminders
* All under $15

Whether you’re a student looking to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming presentation or a working professional in search for an efficient way to increase productivity and creativity, whiteboards are an affordable and easy solution when it comes to organizing your thoughts, reminders and ideas all in one place. 550 more words


Creative Writing: The Best Novelty Gifts for Writers & Calligraphers

* Yes, writer’s block is a real thing
* From games to journals to quill pens
* Inspire the writer in your life

This holiday season get any one of these eight novelty gifts for the writer or calligrapher in your life. 798 more words

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Restrictive practices

The longer I’m a global citizen, travelling the globe and finding what differences there are between countries, the more amazed I become. Today’s object lesson came from those jape-a-minute practical jokers, the main Canadian cell (Mobile, whatever) phone companies. 1,011 more words


Virtual Team Events - Gaming Night

If you are working in software development it is likely that your team is somehow distributed, eigther due to local distance or home office work. Outsourcing coding tasks to countries with lower labor costs looks promising to many managers, but often the challenges of communicating over a large distance and in a different language are underestimated. 719 more words

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