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Microsoft To Kill Paint In Latest Update

In a press release at the beginning of this week, Microsoft released a list of programs that the company plans on “removing” or “ 452 more words

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China Requires Muslims To Install SpyWare On Their Phones

China has a long history of oppressive technological laws, but the countries most recent measure is beyond reprehensible. According to a local report out of China dated July 13th 2017, the Government is now requiring residents of Urumqi, a Muslim majority region in the country, to install spyware on their phone under penalty of law. 314 more words

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Atypical Types: 7 Krazy Keyboards for a Unique Computer Setup

Want a unique look for your desk or home office? Or need a portable keyboard that travels light and folds up for handy storage in a bag or backpack? 417 more words

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Seats of Power: Command the Office From These Classic Chairs

* High-back, mid-back and recliner options
* Materials include keep-cool mesh and executive leather
* Find a chair for your needs and price point

How are you supposed to do your best work if you don’t have a comfortable chair? 464 more words

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Half Baked

I get bored. I get REALLY bored at times and need some kind of project to keep me from losing my flipping mind! There’s only so much Facebook, Youtube and Netflix any one person can stand, and they do anything but challenge the mind. 797 more words

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If Swearing Makes You "Smarter," Then The Deep Web Makes You "Wiser"

One of my favorite sayings of all time is that there is a difference between wisdom and knowledge and far too often, gaining one comes at the expense of the other. 1,019 more words

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Adrian Peterson on doubters: 'You want to do things people say you can't do'

Adrian Peterson has been so physically extraordinary for so long that it’s impossible to imagine him not being the focal point of an offensive system. Still, it’s equally hard to believe that his body can still do what it used to do. 577 more words

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