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X11: Server and Client

Since I always get confused about server and client in the X Window System, I decided to write this short post. Maybe it helps you aswell. 159 more words

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Love Talk: Love Is A Choice You Make Every Day [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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In a new “Love Talk” Erica talks about mature and grown love. She mentioned to listeners that love is a choice and that you have to put in work with love for it to develop. 96 more words

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Love Talk: Learn To Trust God [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Erica Campbell shares on ‘Love Talk’ how she gets through bad times. During miserable days and negative thoughts Erica shares that you must trust God will get you through this hard time. 76 more words

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so yesterday I factory reset my phone to make space for pokemon go, and I downloaded the game from a third party because it wasn’t out in norway yet. 125 more words

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Love Talk: Let Love Lead [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Erica challenges listeners to let love lead in her new ‘Love Talk’. In this time while the world is going through so much hurt if we had more love things would be different. 99 more words

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Essential Summer Apps

It’s Mid-July and summer is still in full swing. There’s plenty more fun to be had. Everyone has their favorite apps, and the “popular chart” section of the app store exists for a reason. 545 more words

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