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Love Talk: Learning To Love Jesus More Deeply [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Erica Campbell talks about how we have to learn to love Jesus more deeply. Often, we find focusing on Jesus and living according to his word really difficult. 190 more words

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Love Talk: The Importance Of Receiving Kind Words [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

This edition of Love Talk has to do with receiving kind words well. Often, when we are given compliments and kind, positive words, our instinct is to somehow reject it, however politely. 193 more words

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Chromium malware

Those accursed eHippies at Google have done it again (may they be consigned to eternal hell fire). Today they have wasted my time (On Victoria Day!) whilst I got rid of a browser I never consciously installed that did not show up in my Windows 7 machines Control Panel. 361 more words

Love Talk: When You're Anti-Love [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Erica Campbell talks about how sometimes, when we’re upset about something, we can be resistant to the positivity and the love around that is trying to penetrate your bubble of sadness and lift you up. 200 more words

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Satellite navigation

I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch screen tablet and a very useful piece of kit it is. I use it for handling email when away from base, Instagramming and Skyping with family. 372 more words


Science doubleplusungood

In between donating stuff to the Salvation Army Thrift store today I was amiably sifting through the news and found cause for hope in this world. 1,115 more words