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Tutanota Adds +500,000 New Customers Since Start of 2017

Security experts around the world look at the recent string of leaks exposing mass Government surveillance as a major victory, proclaiming that such actions are propelling society into a new age of privacy and digital security. 515 more words

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Would it be possible for Linux to take over Windows and Mac Os, if alphaGo learned to program for Linux?

Wayne Boyd, Philosopher, blogger, published author

I very much doubt alphaGo would have any noticable influence on the Linux scene at all.

Although Linux is superior to Microsoft Windows, Mac OS already uses a Unix-like OS under the hood, much like Linux. 126 more words


When in orbit, astronauts experience weightlessness. What is this caused by?

Astronauts are not weightless. They experience micro-gravity.

As close to the earth that they are, gravity is a huge factor. You couldn’t, for example, step outside and just float away into space. 149 more words

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MACHINE LEARNING in 140 words.

Machine learning is a really big thing, capable of an unimaginable impact on our daily lives. We have been hearing a lot lately about AI implication, with Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and many more trying to raise awareness over the benefits and the possible dangers of developing  machines that exhibit consciousness. 354 more words

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Manjaro xfce

Inside another version of Linux tonight, and when I say inside, I don’t just mean a virtualbox. I reformatted the HD and went and did a proper install. 353 more words


5K iMac Madness

My new iMac is an incredible machine, but in the same way that all my past macs were incredible. It does the work I need it to do, with limited to no issues at all. 433 more words


5K iMac cause I can.

Every time I stepped foot in to our name brand electronics store, I would instinctevely make my way towards the latest Apple products neatly arranged for my viewing pleasure. 352 more words