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Beyoncé debuts 'Spirit' music video ahead of compilation album release

On Tuesday evening, the much-anticipated music video for “Spirit” — a song of from the compilation album inspired by Jon Favreau’s remake of The Lion King… 490 more words


Print Quickly And Clearly In Black And Color With Reliable And Affordable HP Cartridges

When it’s time to buy ink for your HP printer, the options are clear – HP printer cartridges. While many companies produce knock-off printer cartridges that may fit your HP printer, there are several reasons why sticking with the trusted brand will not only give you better quality print jobs but also save you money in the long run. 163 more words


This Is The Best Copier Paper For Everyday Print Jobs

There are three major components that affect the quality of any documents you print. The ink, the printer, and the paper. While there’s a wide range of differences in the quality of printers and ink, it isn’t always easy to tell what sets good printer paper apart. 139 more words

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From Journaling to Note Taking, Doodling to Drawing, These Pens Do It All

The pen is mightier than the sword, but depending on your writing (or fighting) style, the type of pen you use is up to personal preference. 201 more words


Still Using Dull Scissors? Cut It Out, And Get These Instead

If you’ve ever used a bad pair of scissors, you understand the value of a good pair of scissors. And yet, scissors don’t get the love they deserve. 131 more words


Move, Repair, and Ship With Confidence With These Durable Packing Tape Rolls

Whether you’re preparing for a move, shipping products for your small business, or need to hold together a torn item, packing tape is always a great product to have on hand at home, at work, in your desk, in your workshop, and even in your car. 182 more words

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Class Is In Session With These Scientific Calculators

Technology in classrooms may be evolving, but one item that has remained a constant is the need for scientific calculators. Approved for use in most major tests, including SATs, ACTs, AP exams and more, scientific calculators continue to not only be a valuable aid in completing complex math equations but also in providing an additional teaching tool in the classroom and at home. 155 more words