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Love's Journal #58

I’m back! Did anyone miss me? No, eh, alrighty then! Moving right along!

Yesterday was er um a blur. I really do not know what happened yesterday. 354 more words


tech talk #2.1: spotify chromecast vs last.fm vs linux

a while ago i had written about a means of scrobbling our songs while using the spotify client for linux and commented in the footnotes that after some time there was some annoying delay (sometimes more than 30s). 46 more words


tech talk #4: bash and the operator "=~"

a couple of years ago i got an assignment: transforming some perl programs into shell scripts. what was supposed to be a simple script became a monster with more than 1000 lines in total. 319 more words


Mastering your integration: managing instances and projects with AdroitLogic IPS

IPS is the lightweight integration PaaS provided by AdroitLogic, designed to deploy, manage and monitor AdroitLogic’s high-performance UltraESB-X instances on a public or private cloud environment. 223 more words

Tech Stuff

Kill Bill Stunt Coordinator Says He Wasn't Scheduled the Day of Uma Thurman's Accident

The stunt coordinator for Kill Bill believes he would have been able to prevent Uma Thurman’s on-set car crash had he been notified that the scene was taking place. 307 more words