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Toilet Seat Scale Tells You How Much Weight Is Lost After You Take A Dump

For those of you eating your breakfast when you read this, I apologize. How many times have you gotten done in the bathroom and feel like you’re ten pounds lighter? 141 more words


Love Talking: Be A Good Listener [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell talks about an old episode of Oprah that she caught, in which she was talking about why it’s important to be a good listener, attributing that to why people enjoy talking to her. 180 more words

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5 things I love about my Fujifilm X-A2

It’s been a while since I last bought myself a camera. And a lot has changed. In the age where everything is shared in the internet, it makes sense to shoot things BEAUTIFULLY. 357 more words


Love Talking: Embrace All That Love Is [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell points out that the true definition of love might differ from today’s popular ideas of what it is. 183 more words

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Love Talk: Parents, Don't Provoke Your Children [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about growing up in a family of nine children amidst some extreme financial difficulty. Despite that, she says, they were not necessarily adversely affected by that upbringing. 199 more words

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Love Talk: You're Not "Keepin' It Real," You're Just Rude [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition the Love Talk, Erica Campbell discusses the difference between simple honesty and just plain rudeness. Some people like to say mean things to others under the guise of honesty, especially in this new age of social media. 146 more words

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Hidden Figures = Tech Lady Awesomeness

I am so excited that “Hidden Figures” has been made and that the preview for this REAL LIFE Tech Lady (and other Ladies!!!) is finally out: 57 more words